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A Week in Taiwan: Interesting Buildings, Interesting Food (Day 2)

Day Two. 
After about a 30-min train ride from our hotel and one quick transfer, we arrived at our first stop for the day—Beitou, a mountainous district north of Taipei, famous for its hot springs. 

We particularly wanted to visit the Thermal Valley, but to our surprise, a lot of business establishments in Taipei were closed on Mondays. Lesson learned: Don't forget to research opening hours next time!

Although we were not able to go to Thermal Valley that day, we were still able to walk around, take some photos, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of Beitou Park.

Don't worry, we made sure to come back to Beitou a few days later to see the Thermal Valley. I'll tell you more about it in another post :)

After our quick trip to Beitou, we went back to the city for lunch, and after that, we just walked around to take pictures of some more interesting landmarks and buildings.

Taipei 101 is probably the most famous Taipei landmark. It's one of the tallest buildings in the…

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