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A Week in Taiwan: Part 1

Last November 2018, we—the Four Sisons—went to Taiwan for our annual family trip. Our flight tickets had been booked as early as December 2017, so that's almost a year of waiting!
Naturally, almost my entire 2018 was spent scouring the internet—mostly YouTube—for Taiwan travel vlogs, looking for the best places to go, food to eat, and places to shop. My sister, who's always our designated itinerary planner, had been there twice for work, so she already had some ideas. We had seven full days to spend in Taiwan, and I will be sharing here our day-to-day itinerary in a series of posts. 

First things first, though! Before we dive into the actual itinerary, let me share some important info regarding our trip.

Pocket WiFi For internet access, we rented a pocket WiFi device via Klook. All I had to do was download the Klook app, search for 'Taiwan wifi,' and then choose the best one. Tip: Don't forget to read the package description for important information like pickup loca…

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