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Mission: Shop a lot without spending a lot

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sale Alert: Crocs Mega Sale

Hey guys! Just dropping by to let you all know about this huge sale on Crocs footwear!

What: Crocs Mega Sale
When: Filinvest Tent, Alabang
Where: April 24-26, 2015; 10am-7pm

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Unboxing: March BDJ Box (Pond's Exclusive)

Heeeey you guys! Just woke up from the longest sleep I've had in a while, and that sleep was badly needed! Anyway, I'm not gonna bore you by talking about why I haven't been getting enough sleep lately. Let's talk about something happy like... like last month's BDJ Box! Yes, yes, I'm a bit late again in posting my unboxing, but at least it's here now.

Back when I was in late elementary to early high school, my skin wasn't good - let's just leave it at that. I was really insecure about it back then, and I hated talking about skin. Pond's was one of the brands that helped clear my skin, and I've been a fan since then.

That's why I got so excited when I saw this March BDJ Box!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil

I can't believe I'm only writing about this now! Etude House's Drawing Eye Brow is one of my favorite brow products EVER along with the Easy Brow pencil (also from Etude House) and the In2it brow kit. I can't not write about it.

Scroll way down to my oldest posts and you'll see how bad my brows were before. It took me years (and lots of YouTube videos) to figure out how to properly groom my brows. I'm actually still learning! The first ever brow product that I really liked was the Etude House Easy Brow pencil in shade #4. Yes, the shade had to be mentioned because the first time I tried the same pencil, it was in a different, browner shade, and I ended up not liking how my brows looked with it. I thought it was the product itself, but with a little help from a blog post I saw, I realized I was just using the wrong shade! So I gave the pencil another try but in a different shade this time, one that's a closer match to my hair color - #4 Dark Gray. I used it together with the In2it brow kit and ended up loving that combo. And that's when my love affair with Etude's brow pencils started.

Fast-forward to when I decided to try the also well-raved retractable, angled Drawing Eye Brow instead of repurchasing the Easy Brow. And booooy, was that a good decision! Not that it's better than the Easy Brow. They're both great pencils, and I love them both. I like using the Easy Brow-In2it combo when I'm going for more defined and neatly-outlined brows, and I like using the Drawing Eye Brow for everyday, casual looks because I can just slap it on and go.

Ok, that's the longest intro ever, I almost forgot what my point was. Anyway, let me tell more about this Drawing Eye Brow pencil.