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Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Belle de Jour Power Planner + GIVEAWAY -CLOSED-

Ahhhh. It was not easy for me picking which planner to use this year (the struggle is real, guys), but I have come to a decision. For the year 2017, I have decided to use the Belle de Jour Power Planner again. 

Why 'again?' Well, I had been using the BDJ planner for a few years now, but last year, I got really into glam-planning and got sucked in by the planning community. I didn't expect I would enjoy it a lot that I would even try other planners! I did use the 2016 BDJ planner but only for like a month, just while I was waiting for my undated Happy Planner to arrive. When it finally did, that's where I did my main planning. I also used a personal-sized Kikki K with SewMuchCrafting inserts for on-the-go planning. I loved decorating and glamming up my Happy Planner spreads with stickers. It's addicting! It's a really relaxing hobby (though it can be quite an expensive one), and it made planning my weeks more fun. After using it for almost a year, though, I realized that the Happy Planner was a bit too huge for my weekly needs. So, as much as I'm gonna miss my pretty HP spreads, I decided to switch back to BDJ (it's what I have on hand). The size is just perfect. I can still use my planner stickers in it, so all the pretty stickers I bought last year won't be wasted! At least, that's what I tell myself haha. I intentionally did not go looking for a planner this year because I knew if I had a lot of choices, I would go crazy and get them all. Haha-huhu.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Swatches: ColourPop KathleenLights Ultra Satin Lips

I have been eaten by the liquid lipstick craze, so don't be surprised if my next posts will be all about the lipsticks I've been buying. I've talked about some of them already in my recent haul posts, but I still have a few to show you. 

Anyway, these three lipsticks I'm gonna talk about here are actually part of my very first ColourPop order, which you can read more about *here!* 

T-B: Alyssa, November, Point Zero

Cute Animal Face Masks!

I've already talked about these in my Sasa haul post *here,* but then I realized I haven't shown you enough proof of how cute these Berrisom animal masks really are. Haha. So here!

A little backstory... I got these during our trip to HK last year at one of the super many Sasa outlets there. They looked so interesting, and it was my first time seeing printed facial masks, so I got a few to try. After seeing how cute they were, I regretted not hoarding. So when my friend went to HK a few weeks later, I asked him to get me more!