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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Unboxing: 'Pure and Simple' July BDJ Box

We're back to basics with BDJ's July box, guys. 

And before I even tell you more about said box, I'm gonna tell you this now - I like the concept of this run. We're all so busy that sometimes, all we can afford to do is the most basic of the basics when it comes to skin care and makeup. But that's alright. With their July box, BDJ is reminding us that it's the basic stuff that makes the strongest impressions. So even if the basics are all we could afford, that's ok. The important thing is that we are taking time to take care of ourselves. That's how I like to look at it, anyway :)

Now, onto the box itself. Did you notice anything different about this one?

The size of the box, maybe? The July box is twice the size of the regular BDJ Box, yes! How awesome is that?!

Anyway. Why is this box so huge, you may ask. Well let's take a look inside and find out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NOTD and Tutorial: Too Much Color?

Who says you can only wear bright nail colors during summertime? You know I love my neutrals, but there are times when I need something colorful to brighten up stressful workdays, even the gloomy and rainy days to come.  

Yes, after what felt like decades, I'm back with a nail art post! Woot! (I update more often on Instagram, though. Hope you follow me on there as well.)

I used the 2014 GirlStuff summer collection for this nail art. 

As you can see, this collection screams FUN! I'll show you swatches in another post.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Unboxing: 'Be Your Own Heroine' Elite BDJ Box (Heroine Make-Exclusive)

Remember those Japanese cartoons you used to love watching? Nope? Well, I'm sure you will once you see what the first Elite BDJ Box for 2014 is all about!

The Elite BDJ Box isn't your ordinary BDJ Box. This edition costs 1480 Php instead of the usual 580 Php, but its overall value is way more than the usual. It's released every few months or so, and when BDJ opens it up for purchase, they post a photo of the contents. So yey to those who don't like the 'surprise' factor that usually comes with beauty box subscriptions.

My first Elite BDJ Box was the Colour Collection-exclusive one. Click *here* for my post on that.

Moving on... This Elite Box is another brand-exclusive box. The products are all from the Japanese brand Heroine Make. 

I, for one, am not familiar with this brand. This is my first time to try out their products. It's always exciting to try new brands and products. Especially ones that claim to be long-lasting and budge-proof for makeup that no sweat or tears can defeat, so we can all feel like the heroines from our fave Japanese cartoons!