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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Haul: A Very Pink One

Hey hey! Just a quick post for those who miss me. If there are still any, that is. Anyone????????? 

One of my few beauty-related purchases for the first quarter of this year was something that I had been wanting to get for foreveeerrr. Imagine my excitement when I saw that it was included in Beauty and Minerals's 2016 Summer Sale (which is still ongoing, by the way)! Shout out to Shiela Marie for letting me know about this sale. Hey, girl!

It's the Charm Pretty in Pink 14-Pc Vegan Makeup Brush Set that everyone was raving about when it first came out! 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Unboxing: Althea Philippines - Your New Korean Beauty Go-To Shopping Site!

Hi guys! Sharing with you one of the newest online shopping sites to launch in the Philippines. 

If you love Korean beauty products, I'm sure you'd be thrilled that Althea Korea, a popular Korean beauty online store that ships internationally and directly from Korea, now also ships to the Philippines! 

Now, I know what you're thinking - how 'high' the shipping costs would be and how long shipping would take. Right? Well, let me tell you that Althea PH ships for free for orders above 1500 Php, which is a great deal already, if you ask me. And right now, actually, they're shipping for free for orders above 999 Php as part of their grand launch promo. Shipping also only takes approximately 5-8 days, which is not bad at all for an international order. And my fave part is that your orders won't go through the post office anymore and will be delivered straight to your doorstep! It's just as easy as ordering from a local shop, isn't it? I was impressed, myself!

The shop is now live at You can now go and create an account on there and enjoy Althea PH's opening promos such as free 300 credits, discounted prices(!), free items(!!) and free shipping.

Now on to my haul!!!

I got to test the site before it launched, and here's what I ordered.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Belle de Jour Power Planner

New year, new planner!

Don't you just love the feel of a new planner? The crisp and clean pages just waiting to be written on.?I've been a Belle de Jour Power Planner user for three years now. This coming year 2016 would be my fourth. I first learned about BDJ planners way back in 2012. I came across their page on Facebook and saw photos of the planner and the lots of coupons that came with it, and I knew I wanted one! Unfortunately I wasn't able to buy that year, but I made sure to get one for the next year during the 2012 BDJ Fair, which I posted about *here.* Since then, it's been part of my December tradition to get a BDJ planner for the next year. 

I've only ever tried the Power Planners, but BDJ also has other planners you can choose from. They have notebooks and calendars too. To view BDJ's whole catalog, you can check their website *here.* 

If you're still thinking about what planner to get for yourself or maybe for your sisters or girl friends, maybe this post can help. Let me walk you through the 2016 Power Planner edition.