Unboxing: Mini Happy Planner and Deluxe Cover

One of the few things I look forward to every new year is getting a new planner! But before one can get a new planner, one must first choose a planner. And guys, I know that you know that when it comes to choosing a planner, THE. STRUGGLE. IS. REAL.

For 2018, I decided to go back to using a Happy Planner, but this time I chose the MINI instead of the CLASSIC (which was what I used back in 2016). I did not use a mini last year because I preferred planning vertically, and the mini had a horizontal layout - I still wasn't ready to switch! But I missed using and decorating a HP soooo much, I just couldn't say no anymore. And the 2017-2018 minis were (and still) on sale! How could I resist?!

Ok, so after choosing which planner to use, I then had to make another decision - which style/design for the mini I should go for. Guys, andaming choices po! And all of them were so nice, I really had a hard time choosing. I originally wanted the simple black-white themed one because it would be easier to decorate, but there's this colored one that was so pretty as well! I even had a poll in my IG stories about it, but the results were inconclusive (haha Divergent bigla?). I ALMOST ORDERED BOTH, GUYS. But good thing I saw the "Stay Positive" style, which was a mix of black-white and color! It's perfect <3
Undated Happy Planners come with tab and months stickers

Monthly view
Weekly view

And I loooove the holo print on the cover and the dividers. And even on the stickers! <3

This is a major change for me, planning style-wise. It's been a long while since I last planned horizontally. But so far, so good! My first spread here in this planner turned out nice! And the rainbow-ish theme kind of goes with everything, don't you think?

You can watch my unboxing video below for a quick flip-through of the rest of the planner :)

So far, I'm really loving both the planner and the cover! Stay tuned for more posts and videos featuring this planner because there will be a lot <3

By the way, I ordered these straight from me & my BIG ideas' website.

*Stay Positive MINI Happy Planner (undated)*
*MINI Deluxe Cover (Rose Gold)*

I used my My Shopping Box address for this, which I can't fully recommend FOR THIS SPECIFIC ORDER because these two items came in a large-ish box. The shipping fee ended up being way higher than I expected (like 3x my usual because of the volume of the box). I think it's cheaper if you get it through local resellers (I kind of did the math, but I'm not so sure). But for smaller items, I'm really really happy with MSB! (posting review soon)

What planner are you using for 2018? Share in the comments below! OH and stay tuned because I have a planner-accessories giveaway coming really soon (like mamaya na) :)


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