Review: Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint

Today's post is about something I was very, very excited to try. I actually first wanted to try the Etude House one, but when I saw that my fave drugstore brand had their own brow tint now, I just had to try it. Any brow tint would do, actually. I just wanted to try one for my upcoming trip hoping that it would cut my makeup-time shorter.

A little background about my brows first. I use *this* brow pencil everyday to fill in and shape my brows because they are naturally quite short and sparse in some areas. The time I spend to do my brows on the average is not that long, really. I can do my brows in two minutes because my fave brow pencil is so easy to use. I really don't go out without doing at least my brows.

Anyway, I was really excited to try this product because 1) imagine waking up with brows on fleek and not have to do it in the morning, and 2) I heard lots of good reviews about it. I don't remember the price I got it for anymore (I believe I got it on sale, *haul post here*), but it's priced at 599 Php on BeautyMNL.

The product itself is a little gooey, but it's not really sticky, so it's quite easy to apply and spread. The hardest part for me is getting the edges of my brows clean. But since the product does not dry down immediately, there's plenty of time to fix any lampas using q-tips or to reapply on areas that I feel need more.

The brush applicator is ok, I find. It does the job although it can be a bit flimsy. Also, it's a bit too thick for my liking, especially for the tail part of my brows. But like I said, you can always erase the stray marks before the product dries down.

The instructions say to leave it on for 20 minutes before peeling off, but I leave it on a bit longer because I feel it would help increase the longevity of the color (does it, though?). I have oily skin, so I was kinda worried that this wouldn't last too long on me.
L: One coat; R: Two coats
*Both peeled off after ~20 mins

They only have a few shades available, and fortunately this shade Dark Brown is a good match. I noticed though that there's a tiny hint of green that shows up the more coats I apply.

Peeling it off is really easy. It doesn't hurt at all! Sometimes it takes just a couple of brow strands along, but that doesn't happen often, and it doesn't really bother me.

Here's how it looks on me a couple of hours after application, without any other brow product on.

And here's what it looks on me well into Day 1 (taken on a different day than the photos above), but with a bit of retouching just the edges using brow powder (washed my face twice since application, so the color has already faded a bit).

I do like how it looks over-all. The color looks natural, not too strong, and I like how smudge-proof it is. Even if you accidentally scratch your brows, the color wouldn't transfer. But avoid touching it too much right after application to help really set the tint. I tried wiping it with wipes right after peeling off, and the color faded although not completely.

As you can see, the shade is quite a good match. I actually don't mind too much that the inner part looks a bit boxy. It's nice to have good brows but not worry about smudging them accidentally throughout the day.

Maybelline claims this tint lasts for days, but on me it only lasts for two max because of my very oily skin. It fades so quickly on me. After washing my face (carefully pa 'yun, ah), the color would already fade a bit. By Day 2, there would still be a good-ish amount of color left, but I would need to at least touch up with brow powder. Otherwise, the color would be uneven, and it'd be too obvious I'm wearing a tint. By Day 3, there's almost nothing left, so I'd need to either reapply the gel or go back to using brow pencil. The instructions say to avoid using cleansing products on the brow area within 24 hours after application for optimal results, but I just can't not wash my face for a whole day (haha). When I do wash my face, I try to avoid the brow area but still get the same results.

If you have dry-to-normal skin, I believe the color would last longer on you. FYI, light brown stains from the swatches I did on the back of my hand are still visible after four days and counting. And that's after frequent hand washing and intentional, aggressive rubbing off with soap, wipes, etc.! 

I've been using this product quite often since I got it, and here are some tips and tricks I've learned from experience and from watching other people's tutorials on this.
  • Always keep q-tips handy when applying this. I like using ones with pointy tips for more precise "erasures."
  • I don't recommend applying this way over the natural edges of your brows because the tint by itself would look quite obvious when applied on skin without hair, especially once it starts fading. You would have to cover it with brow pencil or powder to make the color even again.
  • I haven't tried this yet myself, but if you want the inner parts to be lighter, you can try peeling off the tint earlier on those parts. Some people also use a lighter shade on the inner areas and a darker one on the rest of the brow. 
  • For more precise application, I've seen some people use an angled brow brush instead of the applicator this comes with.
  • Because the tint fades easily, I try to apply this product after washing my face, just before I put makeup on, so I can get maximum tint for at least a whole day. Not for days when I'm in a rush, though.

Over-all, it's an ok product for me. It works, but on my oily skin, not as well as I expected. Naturally, the color would fade over time, but I just didn't expect it to fade so quickly on me. Which is too bad because I really like the concept. Still, it helps cut my brow-time shorter, so I'll give it that! Like I said, if you have not-so-oily skin, this should work better on you.

For overnight trips, this would work great, but for longer trips I'd definitely have to bring the tube with me so I could retouch every couple of days.

Which brow tattoo should I try next??? Comment below and share your brow tattoo stories! I've got Etude House and K-Palette on my list :)