Haul: Shopping in Korea!

Ok, ok. I have so much to say about my Korea haul, so expect a longer post than usual, with lots of exclamation points here and there. I actually filmed a looong video for this but scrapped it because the quality was not the best (and I'm shy lol).

Shopping for beauty stuff in Korea is so much fun because 1) you can get products for really good prices there (especially when compared to getting them here), 2) everything is so cutely packaged, 3) they give away lots of freebies, 4) there are so many shops to check out (I was a bit overwhelmed haha), and they're just right beside each other. I can go on and on, but I'll save more about our Korea trip for some other posts!

Before my trip, I wasn't able to list down specific items I wanted to get, so I was just kind of looking around for stuff I could use. I don't know if it's a regular thing there or if it's just the timing, but most of the shops I visited had promos going on! Some even had 50%-off discounts on all items, which is just... I can't even. Ugh, I love it there.

Note: I don't remember the exact prices of most of the items here, but I'll list down what I do remember!


Let's start with one of the two brands here that I have not yet tried before - The Saem. I first heard about this brand from the Korean hauls I watched before my trip, and I heard their concealer was nice, so I had to at least check that out.

The Saem Eco Soul Essence Cushion Matte Longwear (16000 KRW)
The Saem Saemmul Oil Control Cushion
The Saem Mineralizing Pore Concealer (64000 KRW)
The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer (~4400 KRW, if I'm not mistaken)

The Cover Perfection Tip Concealer, I've been hearing a lot about lately. And if I'm not mistaken, I got it for a little over 200 PHP. When I realized how cheap it was, I decided to go back and get more but ended up getting a different concealer.

Got two cushions from the brand as well. Honestly got the Eco Soul cushion mainly because of its very pretty, mermaid-y packaging huhu. Crossing my fingers that I got the right shades! I mostly relied on the sales ladies' recommendations on what shades of the cushions and the concealers to get. For the concealer, they said I was a 1.5.

I also got some skin care items from the brand.

The Saem X Disney Minnie Essential Mask Sheet (freebie)
The Saem Chocopie Hand Cream (freebie - which is cray because this is like 400+ PHP on Althea!)
The Saem Healing Tea Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water (4400 KRW)
The Saem Healing Tea Garden White Tea Cleansing Foam (6400 KRW for a pack of 2)

LOL quite a few cleansing stuff here, no? You know, I only just realized how great of a deal I got the cleansing foam for! I got the pack of two for only less than 300 PHP (which means each tube is only ~150 PHP), but on Althea it's priced at 500 Php (discounted from 761 PHP)!

The Saem Heating Mask Sheet
The Saem Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet
The Saem Natural Skin-fit Mask Sheet
The Saem X Disney Frozen (Olaf) Essential Mask Sheet

Also got face masks because they had a 1+1 deal! A pack of 20 (10 of each design) for only 10000 KRW, which translates to less than 25 PHP per piece! No choice but to hoard! These would make great pasalubong and gifts this holiday season!

Ohmygosh, guys, first brand pa lang 'to, pero super excited na 'ko, 'di ba? Haha


Ok, the next brand is something we actually have here in the PH - Banila Co. I have tried just one product from this brand before (the Clean It Zero cleanser), and I actually liked it!

Banila Co Clean It Zero sampler (freebie)
Banila Co Clean It Zero (large size, 25000 KRW)
Banila Co X Taeyeon Happy Cushion (17500 KRW)

I did not have any intention of buying a back-up of the cleanser at first since, but I really wanted to get the really cute mini samplers that you could only get if you purchased two regular-sized Clean It Zero (18000 KRW each). I thought that would be too much for me because I already had a back-up at home, but I was able to talk the kind sales lady into giving it to me if I purchased just one large size instead and the cushion. Guess I won't be buying make up removers for a long time haha.

The cushion, I got because of the packaging (again). It's one of the products from the Banila Co's collab with Kim Taeyeon, which I'm honestly not familiar with. But again, packaging was cute! I checked Banila Co's website, and this is priced at 1730 Php there, and I only got for an little over 800 PHP!

I only bought two items from this brand, but ironically it was my most expensive store total during the whole trip. But still, I walked out of that store feeling satisfied because I got the large Clean It Zero for less than 1200 PHP. For your reference, the regular-sized jar is priced at 890 PHP on Banila Co's site, while it's 1040 PHP on Althea.
Banila Co Clean It Zero S-M-L

Next brand is yet another familiar one because we have it here in the PH as well - The Face Shop.

LOLs so I only entered the TFS store that time because we were kind of in a hurry, and I didn't have time to walk around. I wanted to buy something because it was our last night there and I had money left to spend, so I settled for the nearest store I could find. And I don't regret it at all.

The Face Shop X Disney Monsters, Inc. CC Long-Lasting Cushion (10000 KRW)
The Face Shop Oil Clear Smooth & Bright Pact
The Face Shop Easy Gel nail polish
The Face Shop Trendy Nails Glitter Brilliance nail polishes
The Face Shop X Marvel Trendy Spidy Nails Duo

I am in love with the cute packaging of the cushion I got! It was on a 50%-off sale, so  I got it for less than 500 PHP only. It's priced at 823 PHP on Althea (50% off). There's a Sully version as well, but there's no shade of that available for me, so I chose the Mike Wazowski one instead.

I don't think I've shared this here on my blog yet, but I love love love The Face Shop's base coat. It's my favorite! I wanted to buy back-ups of that but realized it's hard to buy back-ups of a nail product because it would just become goopy by the time I'd be using it. So I chose a couple of glitter polishers instead!

Got a few skin care stuff as well - mostly masks.

The Face Shop Aqua Refreshing Black Face Mask
The Face Shop Hydro-Lifting Silver Foil Face Mask
The Face Shop X Disney Sleeping Beauty Recovery Face Mask
The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Ash Nose Strips (~1670 KWR)
The Face Shop Chia Seed samples (freebie)
The Face Shop Rice Water Bright samples (freebie)

The sales lady was so nice, she remembered I mentioned I was from the Philippines and included samples of the Chia Seed Cooling Gel Water and the No-Shine Hydrating Cream, which she said would be perfect for our climate here.


Next brand is something we have here but I don't visit often like I do, say, Etude House - Tony Moly. What really made me enter their store was the 50%-off promo they had going on!

Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Mist
Tony Moly Gel Light nail polish
Tony Moly Cherry Blossom Natural Green Hand Cream

I forgot the price of each item, but the total for all three was 9090 KRW, which is just less than 450 PHP! The 50-ml mist alone is priced at 428 PHP in Tony Moly boutiques here, so this is already a really good deal, right?


Next up is a brand I have not yet tried but I've heard about a few times before - A'pieu.

A'pieu Essential Source Micro Foil Mask
A'pieu Skunk-Poo Mist
A'pieu Waterful Aloe Soothing Gel

I only got three items, the total of which was 10400 KRW, which is a little less than 500 PHP. The Skunk-Poo Mist is probably my funniest purchase so far! Upon seeing it on the shelf, I knew already what it was because I came across these types of products on the internet before (don't ask me how!). It's something you spray on the toilet water before you poop, and it creates kind of like a scent barrier, trapping the stink inside. I had to get one, of course! I can't even count the number of times I wish I had something like this. This will come in handy fo sho, especially when you're in a public place or in the office or something!

Oh, and by the way... I saw in Robinsons Supermarket a similar product from local brand Chic, just in case you were interested in getting one for yourself ;)


Ok, we've come to the last part of this haul - my purchases from Nature Republic.

Nature Republic Orange Real Nature Mask Sheet
Nature Republic Acai Berry Real Nature Mask Sheet
Nature Republic Chamomile Real Nature Mask Sheet
Nature Republic Royal Jelly Real Nature Mask Sheet
Nature Republic nail polishes (3500 KRW for the glittery one, 1500 KRW for the regular one)
Dabo Red Ginseng Essence Mask Pack (freebies)
Dabo Potato Essence Mask Pack (freebies)

Again, there was a 1+1 deal on the masks - two packs of 10 each for only 9500 KRW! This was actually my first beauty purchase in Korea. On our first two days there, I didn't really buy anything except for food. My back hurt a little carrying all these masks, but it's worth it!


Aaaaand that's all the makeup and skin care items I got during our trip to Korea! Like I said, it's so fun shopping there, I can't wait to go back! I'm thinking of doing a series of posts about our trip, so let me know if that's something you would want to see.

Also, I'm thinking of doing a giveaway for you guys! Just let me finalize the prizes first, but I hope you stay tuned for that. I'm thinking one beauty-related, one planner-related! :)

What are your favorite Korean beauty items? Let me know below, so I know what to check out next time!