Hipster Face Mask Series: Natural Pacific Metal Aqua Mask

Ok, ok, ever since I tried out the really cute animal-print face masks I got at Sasa years ago, I have been into collecting more not-the-usual face masks. Remember my recent Althea hauls *here and here,* where I got quite a few (*ehem* okay, a lot) of face masks? I'm gonna show you in a series of posts what they look like on and also share my first impressions on them. 

Today's post is about the Natural Pacific Premium Metal Aqua Mask.

I got this from Althea PH during their 2nd birthday promo.

It's my first time trying a metallic sheet mask!  

Description (from *this* site):
Natural Pacific - the leading natural cosmetic line that utilizes pure ingredients and testified scientific research to leave your skin healthier, brings you the METAL MASK! Watch your skin transform in a mere 10 minutes with this skincare product fondly known as the #RobocopPack.
1. Metal Mask Sheet - ensures perfect adhesion whilst the silver coating prevents the serum from evaporating
2. Moisture-Glowing - hyaluronic acid penetrates deeply into your skin for a potent hydrating and anti-wrinkle effect
3. Wrinkle Improvement - Prevents the onset of premature wrinkling for smooth, plump skin
4. Long lasting hydration - offers a sustained moisturizing effect in a single use 

The metallic sheet is really interesting. It looks like it wouldn't absorb liquid, but it does. This metallic coating is said to help keep the serum from evaporating.

The sheet itself soaks in a lot of serum, actually, but it doesn't drip. And there's quite a lot of left over in the pack for the rest of my body. Texture-wise, it's feels like foiled/metallic paper towel - weird but I can't describe it in any other way haha. It also has slits in certain areas to help fit the curves of the face better, I guess.

On the face, it feels... normal, just like the usual sheet masks. It doesn't slide off that easily (though I bought one of those silicone masks that you can wear to keep your sheet mask on haha).

I actually like the serum - it moisturizes quite well but doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It also smells really nice - pleasant but not strong.

That's all I have to say, really. I mean it's a good moisturizing mask and has that cool metallic factor to it, so it's alright in my book.

It's priced at 80 Php per single sheet right now at Althea for only . I got mine in a 6-pack because there was an option for a buy-5-get-one set when I ordered.