Giveaway: Which Belle de Jour planner is for you?

Heeeey, guys! Thank you so much to everyone who joined parts 1-3 of my planner giveaway! For the fourth and last part of this giveaway series, I will be giving away three more planners to three deserving readers! But before I tell you the mechanics, let me babble on for a while about the planners I've been featuring in this giveaway series.

I have been using the Belle de Jour Power Planner on and off for a few years now but quite honestly have not explored Viviamo, Inc.'s other planners yet 'til recently. I have already posted about the Power Planner a few times (2017 edition, 2016 edition), so now I'm gonna introduce you to some of Viviamo's other planners, just in case this one's not your style.

Belle de Jour Power Planner

Description (from the brand): Designed for Bellas who need to balance a million things. Has weekly affirmations, informative editorials and special worksheets that all work together so a Bella can achieve a sense of self-fulfillment at the end of the day.

Includes #PerksOfABella coupon booklet.

NAVI Planner

Description (from the brand): Showcases must-see destinations for 2017. Encourages users to open their minds to places they never thought existed. Includes special worksheets such as Backyard Excursions, Goals and Bucket Lists, Pre-Trip Checklist and Travel Guides, which aim to provide mental workouts for users so their respective plans and adventures can be visualized and carefully planned for.

Includes Travel Curious coupon booklet.

Everything is Possible Planner

Description (from the brand): Designed to help its users determine their goals and stay headstrong in their focus to accomplish these one step at a time. Comes with monthly dividers that have memorable quotes surrounded by eye-catching geometric shapes and special pages, such as Vision Board, Timeline of Goals, Priority List, and Positive Reinforcements to teach users how to simplify their lives and be more mindful of their goals so they can truly envision that everything is possible.

Focus Journal

Description (from the brand): Has a minimalistic design that helps users eliminate internal and external noise in order to zero in on what’s important. Complemented by clean, straight-to-the-point pages and monthly dividers that highlight power words. Special pages like the Monthly Check-up and Year-End Workbook support meaningful reflections, mindfulness and real-life applications of these power words.

Here's a (very) quick flip through of the first three planners I mentioned.

Viviamo, Inc. has more planners and journals to choose from. You can view all of them and their inside pages at BDJ's site,

I'm using the Power Planner right now for my main planning, and this is the one I actually decorate with stickers and calligraphy, etc. But honestly, I am actually liking the design of the EIP planner more. I may just use it as my work planner.

Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have been really into glam planning lately. And since I already post about planners here on my blog anyway, I have decided to post about my planner spreads in here as well :)


Alright, now for the giveaway. Like I said, there will be three winners, and each will get one planner (his/her choice from these three in the photo).

All you have to do to join is leave a comment below with the following information.

Full name: 
Email address (active and checked regularly):
Your choice of planner and why (Power Planner vs. Navi vs. Everything is Possible): 

Feel free to share about this to your friends on social media! :)

*This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only. It will run until the 25th of June, and I'll be announcing the winners in the comments below and notifying them through email (so make sure the email address you leave is one you check regularly!).

Thanks, everyone! And special thanks to BDJ for the prizes for all the giveaways :)