Haul: Not Your Usual Face Masks

Back with another haul! But this time, no lipsticks, just face masks haha.

I got these from Althea Korea! They had a promo on facial masks a few weeks ago. I usually turn off my shopping app notifs, but I think I'm gonna leave it on for Althea's app, so I wouldn't miss any great deals they might have in the future. That's how I found out about this promo, btw.

Got two of each for me and a friend, plus a freebie (which was part of the promo).

23 Years Old Rose Gold 24 Mask 
Let Me Skin Gold Honey Jelly Hydrogel Mask
Let Me Skin Ultra Moisture Cream Mask
Let Me Skin Ultra BubbleBubble O2 Mask

These masks are so... hipster, no? They're so not the usual! Like these two, for example.

I am so excited about these because GOLD. How fancy?!

I waited for this rose gold mask to be back in stock (it sold out before I got to checkout haha), and thank goodness it was back in no time.

These two are from the same brand but have different formulas.

The pink one is a cream-type mask, which is new for me because I've only tried essence-type face masks before. The blue one is essence-type, but it's got some bubble action going on, which I'm excited to see.

So excited to try these! Oh, and Althea's shipping is still as awesome as ever. Got my order shipped directly from Korea in just a week :D

Disclaimer: Product advertisement photos are from Althea's site