Review: Banila Co Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser

I ran out of my go-to makeup remover a few weeks ago, and since then I haven't had the time to go to the mall to repurchase. But then I remembered that I had two jars of this Banila Co Clean It Zero cleanser!

I ordered these from Althea Ph months ago. The first time I ordered this, I got the green variant (Resveratrol) for oily skin type in full price. A week later, Althea had a buy-1-get-1 promo, so me and a friend got one each for half the price. I decided to try the pink variant for combination/normal skin type this time. Right now I'm using the pink one, and after I finish it, I'll move on to the green.

Cleansing balms and creams aren't really my go-to makeup removers. I prefer either wipes or liquid cleansers (like Biore's micellar cleansing water, Bifesta's cleansing lotion, Etude House's lip and eye makeup remover, etc.) simply because they're easier to use. Having said that, I still decided to give this product a try. Because of the hype, mostly. Plus, the idea of a sorbet-like cleanser sounded so deliciously inviting!

And I have to say, I am actually liking the packaging, considering. The jar itself is made of a very sturdy-feeling plastic, and it's got an over-all matte frosted finish that matches the cap. There are four variants available, and each comes in a different color.

Description from Althea's site

The product comes with its own spatula, which you can rest inside the jar thanks to the plastic separator it also comes with.

The balm itself is easy to scoop out and holds its form quite well (which can be expected from a balm as opposed to, say, a cream). It has a subtle nice scent, which I like.

This is my first balm-type makeup cleanser, but I have tried cleansing creams before, and although they are formulated quite differently, they're applied the same way. To apply, use the spatula to take a small amount of product, massage it onto your skin gently in circular motions, then rinse or wipe off. The balm sort of melts into what the brand calls a silky oil and takes the makeup off as it gets massaged onto the skin.

Above is a short video demonstration on how this product works. (Side note: I'm actually considering doing more short clips like this for my posts!)

Before (T) and after (B) cleansing with Banila Co Clean It Zero

On my hand, I had what I usually use - foundation topped with powder, matte liquid lipsticks, a deep black eyeliner and brow pencil topped with brow powder. The product was able to take off my lipstick, face and brow makeup quite easily. Even the eyeliner, which at first looked like it wouldn't budge, could be removed easily after a few wipes.

My go-to 'special' makeup, freshly applied

My makeup after about 12 hours and my face after using Clean It Zero

I always wash my face after using this product because it leaves my skin a bit oily (which is a good sign actually - it means even though the product can remove makeup and cleanse, it doesn't strip moisture off the skin). I always wash my face after removing my makeup at night/before I sleep, anyway, so that part's not a big deal for me. But I guess if you're super tired already, you can just wipe the product off really well instead of rinsing.

The packaging says to 'avoid contact with eyes,' so I guess it's not really meant to remove eye makeup, but it can. It can remove my usual eyeliner and waterproof mascara combo without leaving me with panda eyes afterwards. But note that if you really want or need to use this for the eyes, be very gentle. It has a tendency to leave my sight blurry for a few minutes or until I wash it off with water. That's the main thing I don't like about this product.

That said, I still like this. Yes, it takes a bit more effort to use at night than liquid makeup removers but that's a given for any balm or cream-type product. It's more expensive than my usual makeup removers, I have to say. But a little goes a loooong way with this. It's gonna take me a while to finish these two jars. I also feel that it takes more makeup off than the other cleansers I've tried based on what I see on my cotton pad after toning my face (lol yes, the good ol' cotton pad-toner test). If it could take my eye makeup off with no problem, then I'd like this even more. But I know eventually I'd go back to liquid makeup removers. Personal preference! I just find them easier to use! And I'm tamad like that.

Again, I haven't tried the Resveratrol variant yet, but I'm not expecting it to be way different than the pink one. If it ends up working even more effectively for my skin than the normal variant, I'd surely let you know!

This is definitely one of those the-internet-made-me-buy-it things, and I'm happy I tried it. I think it's good to step out of my comfort zone once in a while and explore my options. (Hahaaaa. Ok fine, that's just me justifying a purchase.)