Hipster Face Mask Series: Cute Animal Face Masks!

I've already talked about these in my Sasa haul post *here,* but then I realized I haven't shown you enough proof of how cute these Berrisom animal masks really are. Haha. So here!

A little backstory... I got these during our trip to HK last year at one of the super many Sasa outlets there. They looked so interesting, and it was my first time seeing printed facial masks, so I got a few to try. After seeing how cute they were, I regretted not hoarding. So when my friend went to HK a few weeks later, I asked him to get me more!

Berrisom, I believe is a Korean brand. I've heard of their lip tints but haven't actually tried other products from them. 

Each animal corresponds to a special type of mask. Like dog = hyaluronic acid mask; cat = collagen mask; monkey = snail mask; panda = blackberry mask, and so on.

The mask itself comes pretty saturated, I find there's more than enough essence for one-time use. I don't face-mask that regularly, honestly, so I can only comment on the immediate results. I usually use this before I sleep and leave the mask on for 20 mins. After removing the mask, I let my skin absorb the remaining essence, leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Honestly though, these are just regular face masks, just cuter! 

I was worried I wouldn't be able to restock on these since I got them abroad, but I've seen a couple of brands on Althea PH carrying animal facial masks as well (Holika Holika and Skin 9), so yey.

Ending this post with a few snaps of me while wearing these cute animal masks!

OHHH! And they don't only have animal masks. There's also one that's perfect for Halloween!