Swatches: ColourPop KathleenLights Ultra Satin Lips

I have been eaten by the liquid lipstick craze, so don't be surprised if my next posts will be all about the lipsticks I've been buying. I've talked about some of them already in my recent haul posts, but I still have a few to show you. 

Anyway, these three lipsticks I'm gonna talk about here are actually part of my very first ColourPop order, which you can read more about *here!* 

T-B: Alyssa, November, Point Zero
These are the three Ultra Satin Lips from ColourPop's latest collaboration with YouTuber KathleenLights. I watched her video talking about this collection and couldn't pick among the three because they were all so pretty, so I ordered them all. And it's a good thing I did!

T-B: Alyssa, November, Point Zero
I love neutral pinks and browns in lipsticks, which is probably the main reason I couldn't pick among the three.

Here's how ColourPop describes these shades.

Alyssa: Neutral dusty pink
November: Mid-tone warm peachy pink
Point Zero: Cool toned grey brown

All these are in the Ultra Satin formula and are opaque even in one swipe. Although not necessary, I like wearing these over my favorite Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner. 

I love love love Alyssa! It has become my favorite everyday lipstick. It's the perfect neutral pink for me. On days when I need a little bit more color, I go for November. It's just a bit peachy and brighter than Alyssa but still pretty toned down. Point Zero is not like my usual browns. I like how cool-toned it is, making it unique. I don't have any color like this, so it's a great addition to my collection. It's perfect for when I want to look fierce without going for a vampy shade. It's kinda like a low-maintenance bold-ish color.

L-R: Alyssa, November, Point Zero
I've tried both the Ultra Matte and the Ultra Satin formula, and I must say that I like the satin formula more. They are just so comfy on the lips! They are easy to apply and have a moussey texture that smoothly glides on the lips. They do transfer and fade more easily because of the satin finish, so I need to retouch once in a while, but they can stay on the lips for a good period as long as I don't eat heavily. But in case they fade, they're easier to retouch with compared to the Ultra Mattes, anyway. 

One thing I don't quite like about these, though, is the brush. 

Compared to the old brush, this one's fluffier, which I heard was made to pick up more product at once. I still prefer the firmer, less fluffy brush for more precise application, though. Fortunately, ColourPop seemed to have switched to the old brush for their newer lipsticks.

Anyway, here's how the Alyssa and November look compared to my other neutral pink liquid lipsticks. 

The three shades on top are on the peachy side. November looks similar to Sleek's Matte Me in Bittersweet although they have different formulas (November is satin, Bittersweet is matte), and Bittersweet is a tad darker.

Needless to say, I really like these shades and the satin formula! Satin has always been my favorite finish in lipsticks. What a good first order from ColourPop! And definitely not my last. I think I've placed like three ColourPop orders since!