Haul: Trying Out Metallic Lipsticks!

Another lipstick haul???

Haha yes! #Sorrynotsorry but hey, this is not my typical lipstick haul. I went a little bit out of my comfort zone for this one!

Kwento first!

I don't know if you've noticed in my FOTD posts that when it comes to lipsticks, I rarely go with shimmery or frosted finishes. I just don't think they look good on my lips. But seeing Mesijesi's swatches of ColourPop's Ultra Metallic Lips recently made me forget that. Her lips are so perfect, and every lipstick looks good on her. ColourPop's metallics looked so good on her, I thought I had to try at least one for myself. That was around the same time that BeautyMNL, one of the biggest and most popular local shopping sites for beauty products right now, announced that they're now carrying ColourPop items. Perfect timing, no? But so many women were so excited to get their hands on ColourPop as well, the stocks went out really fast. By the time I got to browse through the site, only a few items were left. Fortunately for me, 3-Way was one of them. Perfect timing, indeed.

Along with 3-Way, I decided to try the Stannic Matte Lipsticks I'd been hearing about lately, and they're from a new (to me) brand, Detail Make Over. I saw a swatch of one of the colors on Instagram a few weeks before they were released and got intrigued by the matte finish. I mean, a metallic but matte lipstick? I had to see what that's about. The ColourPop Ultra Metallics aren't matte, btw.

Detail Make Over Stannic Matte Lipstick (Shade: Canopus)

The shades are gorgeous! They are wearable enough for me. I've worn louder shades to the office (haha). The finish, I think I can get used to. 

Stay tuned on my social media accounts for the lip swatches. Loving how 3-Way looks on me so far! It's very Effie-Trinket! I've yet to try the other two.

Ordered all these from, and they were shipped, delivered and received the very next day. My orders from BeautyMNL (this is my third) have all been smooth and hassle-free so far. Their site is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. I like that they have a waitlist feature for sold-out items as well. It's pretty useful! And I just love how quickly they get my items to me! If you love shopping online as much as I do, you'll be bookmarking this site in no time.

It still amazes me how much shopping I can do without even leaving the house. I mean, I could be lying down with my phone and spend so much more than when I'm actually outside the house. That said, I'm sure this won't be my last BeautyMNL order.

Oh and btw, if you love taking selfies, BeautyMNL has a #selfieMNL contest going on right now where you can win a printed Printster polaroid of your selfie and a BeautyMNL GC! More deets *here.*

Stay tuned for more lipstick-related posts! There's more coming!

Disclaimer: Credits used to shop were provided by the site for free, but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the service and the products.