Haul: Sasa and Princesses

Ay, I'm back again! So early in the morning, I actually have time for breakfast. 

Anyway, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you'd know that I recently went to Hong Kong with my family. One of the things I was looking forward to do there in HK was, let's face it, shopping at Sasa, a huge health and beauty retail chain in Asia. Before I left, I asked you guys for brand/product recommendations, and thanks to my girls Jaws and Kath on Facebook, and also a bit of internet research, I had come up with a to-buy list.

I only got a few stuff, but I was so happy I got everything in my list, which wasn't really that long in the first place. 

K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Set - 98 HKD (~600 PhP)
K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in Natural Black - 98 HKD (~600 PhP)
K-Palette 1-Day WP Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in Brown Black - 98 HKD (~600 PhP)
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner III in Deep Black - 95 HKD (~580 PhP)
Sasatinnie GEL LAC nail polishes in Grey and Nude - 48 HKD each (~300 PhP)
Berrisom Animal Masks - 19 HKD each (~115 PhP)
Perfume samples - 25-59 HKD each

The top item in my list? K-Palette liquid eyeliner. I had been wanting to try K-Palette for a looong time now, what with all the raves I'd been hearing.

Ok, I was so excited when I saw these that I didn't notice that there was a WP variant, which apparently meant waterproof and what I'd prefer. Fortunately, two of the three I grabbed were WP. The mascara base-eyeliner set was on some sort of promo and was the same price as the eyeliner alone, so I decided to get one as well.

I have tried Natural Black twice since, and I have to say... I'm quite sad because this transfers on my monolids like crazy! First time I used it, it smudged big time after just a few minutes of walking outside. But I'm still trying to work things out with it, and will definitely be giving it a third chance. Di ko matanggap, eh. Maybe I just need a better lid primer or something? I am looking forward to try the WP ones, though, hoping they'd last a lot longer.

Second item in my list: Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner.

So far, it's performing way better that the first K-Palette liner I tried. It doesn't transfer as easily, but it's not the best I've tried. The color fades easily on the part where my lids fold, right at the corner of the eyes, so I find this isn't a good winging mascara. I find the L'Oreal Ultra Sharp Super Liner a better choice. That said, this still is a good eyeliner, and I will continue using it because as long as I check on it once in a while, it can actually last for hours.

Next up are a couple of nail polishes from a brand recommended to me on Facebook.

There were regular polishes, I believe, but I got these gel ones because I didn't have something like them in my collection yet. These claim to give gel manicure-like effects without the need for a UV lamp. I liked the sound of that, so I got two - one dark and one nude shade. I've already tried the gray one, and I actually liked it - the formula and the shade itself. Forgot to post a swatch, but I'll do so sometime soon so you can see.

Next are perfume samples, also recommended to me by my friend Kath.

Sasa is apparently known for its perfume samples. They have lots! So cute these tiny bottles, right? I did have a hard time choosing which ones to get, though, because I had no idea what they would smell like. I just picked a few and hoped for the best. It's nice that they have sample-sized bottles like this. This way I can try more at a time and switch scents depending on my mood. My favorite among the three so far is the Innamorata Lovely Rose one. And since it comes in a tiny bottle, I can carry it around in my makeup bag for touch-ups throughout the day.

Last but not the least are facial masks from a Korean brand (LOL). I got these in a package promo for 59 HKD/7 pieces (vs. 19 HKD/piece). There's also a 10-pack promo, but I can't remember the price.

These are not just boring ol' facial masks, ok? The mask itself has a fun animal face print to make facial masking more fun! These come in a few different prints. I tried the dog one first (posted a photo *here*), and it was so cute I regretted not getting more. So when my friend went to HK recently, I asked him to get me moooooore.

AAAAfhahfaoihgahog. I'm so happy right now! Excited to use these! Especially the panda ones. And the horror mask! Perfect for halloween hahaha. My friend's the bestest.

Ok, let me stop myself there before I cry in excitement.

One of the MANY Sasa branches we saw

That's it for my Sasa haul. It's been so long since my last haul post, I've almost forgotten how fun it is to talk about new, exciting beauty finds! Leaving you with a photo of myself (hihi) with my fave (though not beauty-related) HK purchases.

Snow White Toddler Plush and a Minnie headband (which, by the way, was part of my to-buy list. I mean you cannot go to Disneyland and not get a Disney headband!). I asked my friend to get me another princess, so now I have Snow and Rapunzel!

I love theeemmmmmm. My babies!