Review: Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Quick post before I go back to work! 

Today let me blab on about my current favorite hair product.

The Pantene 3MM conditioner that everybody was raving about when it came out early this year. And yes, I was one of those people! I've been using this for about four months now, and I've actually repurchased a few times already.

Description (from Pantene): Smoothens 3 months of damage in just 3 minutes. Newly-formulated with improved conditioning agent or cationic polymer that neutralizes damaged portions of hair and forms a shield to protect hair from future damage. This protective layer also reduces friction between individual hair fibers, resulting in easier rinsing and reduced tangling. Compared to Pantene's regular conditioner, the 3MM conditioner contains 80% more key conditioning ingredient, which helps flatten and smoothen the outer layer of the hair and helps protect its inner structure, preventing future damage and moisture-loss from styling, and transforming brittle and damaged hair to touchable, soft and beautiful hair.

Ok, two things you need to know before I tell you more about this product:
  1. I used to be an on-off conditioner user. I find a conditioner that works, use it 'til I finish the whole tube, 'forget' to repurchase, and justify my 'forgetfulness' by saying I'm always in a rush every morning to use conditioner, anyway. 
  2. My hair's at its longest so far right now. I'm way overdue for a haircut, actually (huhu soon, promise). My daily hair routine involved only shampoo-cleansing and fan-drying every morning because I was always in a rush. My hair felt dry, especially the ends, and combing it after every wash was a hassle because of all the tangling going on.

The first time I used this conditioner, I only used a relatively small amount and didn't even leave it on for a full three minutes. But boy, oh boy... I still felt the difference, and it was huge. My hair is at its softest and most manageable every time I use this, and my ends look less damaged.

No filter! My hair after fan-drying.

This conditioner's so good that a few people actually thought I was wearing hair extensions or that I ironed my hair because it looked straighter and longer than usual! The effect lasts throughout the day, too. 

The product itself smells really nice, but I wish the scent lasted on the hair longer. I can barely smell it on my hair, but I feel that it does keep my hair from smelling bad even after my usual commute. Anyway, the moisturizing effect can make up for that. I used to dread combing my hair in the morning because of all the tangles and how hard it is to smooth out, but thanks to this product, my hair's less tangled after showers and easier to comb. Now I actually look forward to hair time. My scalp also feels less dry when I use this, but that's when I don't skip shampooing for a day.

Ever since I tried this product, conditioning has become part of my hair care routine. I'm still rushing in the morning - that hasn't changed- but I don't skip conditioning anymore. Every few days, or on days when I don't need to go out or when I'm just running errands and stuff, I use a different conditioner or none at all, because as with all hair products I've tried, I'm afraid this would 'lose its effect' if I use it straight for a long time.

Thumbs up:
  • Makes my hair noticeably softer and smoother and straighter
  • Makes my hair easier to detangle and comb after washing - Lesser hair fall caused by tangles
  • Affordable - Priced at 159 Php for the 10-ml tube and 259 Php for the 340-ml tube; available in sachets, too
  • Widely available - Available at supermarkets and department stores since February 2015

There's nothing much that I don't like about this product, but I do wish the scent were a little bit stronger. Anyway, I got my samples from my favorite sampling sites - Sample Room and BDJ Box. You guys should check those out. I've discovered lots of good products through them!

Disclaimer: Product was received for free, but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the product.