At the Crocs Mega Sale 2015

Hiya! Remember a couple of posts back, I told you about the Crocs Mega Sale at Filinvest Tent, Alabang? Well... I went, and I'm glad I did.

Crocs everywhere!
Ok, ok... honestly, the commute to the venue from where I live was an adventure. For reals. I had no idea how to get there except for the few tips from the net I had gathered. But at least I had a friend with me, and we made it to Filinvest Tent at around 3 pm in one piece. 

Based on the blog posts I had seen about previous Crocs sales, I knew there's gonna be a LOT of people. I planned to go there early, but it's hard to wake up early on a Saturday! I thought since we'd be arriving after lunch, there would be even more people. To my surprise (and delight), keri naman the number of people when we got there. The lines at the payment area were still long, but I didn't have much trouble looking around. I've seen worse. Haha. I mean, have you seen Trinoma, SM North or SM Mega during sale season???

Now I'm sure you're wondering how great the deals were. Well... that day, women's shoes were all for 999 Php per pair, kids' shoes were on a buy-1-take-1 deal for 499 Php, if I remember correctly. Men's shoes, no standard price - it varied depending on the design. I saw some for 900, some for 1200 Php. Also, I learned that they even lowered the sale prices of some pairs from Day 1 to Day 2!

Here are just a few of the stuff they had there. There were lots more, I just wasn't able to take ninja shots of everything. Heheheee.

Naturally, the wedges area was my first stop!

There were a lot though not all designs were available. I wish their more fasyown designs were available too. I liked what I found, anyway, so nbd.

Got these three pairs for a little over 3k, but if bought at their original price, these would cost more or less 10k in total! Now I get it why Crocs fans go crazy during Crocs sales!

Did you go to the Crocs Mega Sale too? Share your haul by commenting below! :)

Disclaimer: Items were purchased using a voucher provided by the brand.


  1. The wedge is nice! I have three pairs of Crocs so far, and my first one was used to death. Hehe. Not all Crocs shoes are comfortable though because I sometimes get blisters, and callus. The last one I bought from HK is very comfortable though. It looks like a doll shoes, with neon pink soles. :-)

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing. These are my first ones! Heehee. The sneakers are so comfy. The wedges, though... I'm still breaking them in.


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