FOTD: Charcoal Brown

This is a very, very, very late post. I took these photos waaaaaay back in September 2013 but never got to post them here. Huhu. But that doesn't matter because I still sport this look 'til now! Well, you know me! I've never really been creative with my eye makeup. Haha.

This post is dedicated to my one of my favorite eyeshadow shades so far - Charcoal Brown from HBC-San San's Create Your Own line (*my review of that here*).

This is my go-to look for events or whenever I'm feeling some color on my eyes. It's super easy to do, no fancy blending required, so it doesn't really take too much time in the morning when I'm rushing.

Ok, this is embarrassing, but I cannot remember most of the products I used for this. Haha. I mean, this was from almost two years ago! I probably used either Colour Collection's BB cream or Ever Bilena's cream foundation and topped it off with powder for the base. I know that's San San Rosy Blush on my cheeks and Wet N Wild Megalast in Bare It All on the lips. Like 99% sure.

On my brows, I'm pretty sure that's Etude House's Easy Brow Pencil (shade #4), topped with In2it's brow kit (third shade).

Now, for the eyes, my favorite San San Charcoal Brown eyeshadow on the main lid area and Deep Earth Brown to blend the edges. I'm sure I used the San San black eyeliner pen for the upper lashline, and a very light swipe of In2it's gel eyeliner pen for the lower lashline, but I can't remember what mascara I used. Haha this is such a fail of a post.

Anyway, what I love most about Charcoal Brown is how multidimensional it looks.

It's like a brown version of gunmetal that kind of helps me 'cheat' a little by making me look like I used more than one shade on my eyes.

It's a really gorgeous metallic brown! And it's only 50 Php, can you believe that? Well, it was 50 Php a year and a half ago. I haven't had time to check its current price. If you know, do share in the comments! :)

That's basically it! This is one of the three looks I sport most often. If you see me at an event, this is what I'd probably look like. I switch up the lips, depending on my mood, of course. But the eyes are pretty much the same every time. I'm so boring, IKNOOOW, right? Haha.

Oh, and I miss my permed hair :(

Here's a more recent take on the same look. Same eyeshadow, same lipstick.

Took these using my phone, and look, the Charcoal Brown seems to have a greenish sheen in these photos!

Charcoal Brown is one of my most-used eyeshadows. I have many favorites from HBC, but this one makes the Top 3!


  1. Their CYO Eyeshadows cost 63 pesos already! I'm so sad I waited so long to buy Deep Earth Brown.

  2. Aww. Thanks for the update! Still pretty cheap, but that's still a 13-Php increase :( Were you able to get Deep Earth Brown, though? That's also one of my faves from that collection :)

  3. Gah, it looks like so much fun! And wow, that umbrella is amazing! Have to stalk Sample Room for updates...


  4. sis.. ang ganda naman! :) if there'll be 4-5 shades from this line.. ano ano favorite mo. haven't tried this yet. very limited kasi shades na nasa Mercury malapit samin.

  5. Wow, Charcoal Brown is nice! I'm tempted to get one, although I almost never use eyeshadow. I always get Deep Earth Brown, though, and use it to fill in my eyebrows. The only thing I hate about these eyeshadows is how easily the lid breaks off.

  6. This looks like a gorgeous color and it looks lovely on you sweetie. I used to try these HBC products when I first started out.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  7. Hmmm, def Charcoal Brown, Deep Earth Brown, Emerald Green, Yellow Topaz! Hope matry mo rin soon. :)

  8. Ooh good to know Deep Earth Brown can indeed work for the brows too! So far I haven't broken off a lid *knocks on wood,* but the label's already rubbed off the ones I always bring in my makeup kit. :)

  9. Thank you! It is gorgeous, I love it so much! I haven't had time to drop by HBC recently, but I used to stop by there a lot. They have really good products there despite the very affordable price range.

  10. It was indeed! Cool umbrella, right? I'll update on Facebook once I see the sunbrella back in stock :)

  11. I love how simple this look is! No muss, no fuss, and it kind of remind me on Kono's look on Hawaii Five-0. If these shadows are sold at HBC, I'm very tempted to drop by.

  12. Oh, yes, in my opinion, it's better than most drugstore eyebrow pencils out there. It gives even coverage and doesn't fade despite sweat and oil (unless, of course, you wipe your brows!).

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