Unboxing: 'Kawaii Essentials' January-February BDJ Box

I just realized something. This (yeah, this post you're reading right now) is my 500th post on this blog! Milestone! Heeheeeee. To everyone who keeps coming back to this blog despite the lack of posts recently... thank you so much! I want to let you know that I am trying my best to post more often because I miss doing this so much!

Ok, back to business. Received this huge BDJ Box a couple of weeks ago. Isn't this cute??? Definitely goes with the kawaii theme! And let me tell you, BDJ started the year right in my book with this all-full-sized run filled with products from Mandom Philippines, makers of Bifesta, Pixy, Heroine Make to name a few.

Let's see what's inside.

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (Sebum)
Lucido-L Treatment Oil (Perm)
Lucido-L Styling Milk (Airy)
Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence
Pixy Eye Shadow (Sorrel Brown 02)
PixyBlush On (Brown Tea 02)
Pixy Coverlast Compact Powder
Pixy Two Way Cake Perfect Fit

I don't know if I've shared this here on my blog yet, but I love love love my Bifesta makeup remover!

I just finished my second bottle recently. Not only did this come in perfect timing, but the variant Sebum is also the one I use. I'm really happy it's in this month's box. Oh, and by the way, I also love Bifesta's new eye makeup remover!

Up next are hair products from Lucido-L.

I believe I've already tried the treatment oil before. My friend Eyah gave me a bottle back when my hair was still permed. It did help soften my hair, but I was too lazy to use it regularly. When it comes to hair, my routine is pretty simple - shampoo then condition. If I'm feeling masipag or on bad hair days, I use hair serums. I find it hard to add more steps to that routine because I'm always in a rush every morning. Heck, even conditioning takes time. I don't even style my hair anymore and just leave it as is after air-drying and combing. I guess I could use hair treatment products at night, but I don't always wash my hair at night, and I really don't want to put any type of product on dirty hair. Anyway... the idea of a 'styling milk' interests me, though. Might give that a try tomorrow.

Next is a sunscreen gel from Sunkiller.

A water-based sunscreen? I can't wait to try this out. Honestly, I am not a regular sunscreen user. Maybe this can change that. After all, it claims to be water-based and lightweight, which are two of the things I like my skin care products to be as much as possible. And I don't often see water-based sunscreens.

Last but not the least are makeup from Pixy!

I have tried the Perfect Fit compact, blush and eye shadow duo before but in different shades. The only Pixy item I haven't tried here yet is the Coverlast compact (is this new?). Will use this once I'm out of my current powder, which also happens to be from Pixy.

And that's it for the first BDJ Box for 2015. Thanks to BDJ for giving us full-sized items this time! Ahhh this box is valued at around 2700 Php, making it worth more than four times the 580 Php fee if you subscribed to get it! Excited to find out what BDJ's got in store for us in the coming months. Visit to subscribe!

*My Pixy favorites here*

Disclaimer: Box was received for free, but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products inside it.


  1. Everything looks great :) I love the fact that you received full sized items in it!

  2. Whoa! Those are a lot of products and they do look kawaii! ^^


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    I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥
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  4. Congratulations on your 500th post Aya! I admire consistent bloggers like you. :)

    I have already tried one Lucido L hair product. I bought the blue one, for holding the waves longer. And i was amazed coz it really worked. And the smell is so pleasant!

  5. Thank you so much, Ishna! Cool that it worked for you! I tried the yellow one yesterday for the first time. Not sure what I think about it yet. I have to use it a few more times to see. Hope it's good as well :)

  6. Nice, right??? That's why I'm always excited to open jumbo BDJ Boxes! Heehehe


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