Review: Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

I used to be easy to please when it came to mascara. But ever since I got to try this mascara that I'm showing you, well, let me just say that I've become more picky. 

I'm sure this isn't new to your ears. Maybelline's The Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara is one of the brand's most popular mascaras, along with The Falsies, and it's my fave mascara so far. 

I got this way back when Maybelline had a 30% discount on their items. I figured that would be the best time for me to try the well-raved mascara. After all, I did like The Falsies

The packaging is pretty simple. The tube is not too bulky, it's easy to carry around in my makeup bag. 
The brush is also curved like that of The Falsies, but this one's a little larger. 

I do like curved brushes because I find that they grab more lashes at one swipe and help hold the curl and fan my lashes out. 

Now onto my fave part - the before-and-after photos. Here's a comparison of how my lashes looked without and with one and two coats of The Magnum. 

*Photos taken a little less than a week after opening the mascara tube. The formula of the mascara at that time was still on the wetter side.*

T: Curled, bare lashes
M: With one coat of The Magnum
B: With two coats of The Magnum

Wow was the first word I uttered upon seeing for the first time the effect this mascara gave my lashes. One coat gave my lashes noticeable volume and length while keeping the look clean. Another coat gave more length and volume, but it started clumping and flaking a little. But like I said in my previous posts, I don't mind a little clumpiness on my lashes. My lashes could use the volume. 

With two coats of The Magnum

This was the longest my lashes had ever been!

I look like I'm wearing falsies here, ah. 

And to test its claim of being waterproof, I tried washing my face gently with just water while wearing this. 

After gently washing my face with water

And though some of product came off, most of it stayed put. And no flaking, no smudging! I was impressed. 

My only gripe about this is that it dried quickly in the tube, just like The Falsies did. Maybe it's the way Maybelline mascaras are formulated? I'm currently using Hypercurl, and I'll see if that one would dry quickly as well. 

Here's what the mascara looked on my lashes a month after opening the tube. The formula was already drier by then. 

Still looking good after a month although it's already noticeably not as lengthening as it had been a month ago.

Thumbs up:
  • Gives noticeable length and volume; best lengthening mascara I've tried so far
  • Brush helps hold the curl and fan my lashes out
  • Dries quickly once applied
  • Waterproof, indeed
  • Doesn't smudge nor flake on me throughout the day
  • Washes off with oil-based makeup remover
  • Doesn't irritate my eyes
  • Affordable - Priced at 399 Php but got it for 279 Php during Maybelline's 30% off sale
  • Available at Maybelline counters in almost all malls I frequent

Thumbs down:
  • Appears a little flaky and clumpy after a few heavy coats (but this I don't mind so much)
  • Dries quickly in the tube

Overall, I love this mascara! It's the best in the lengthening department among the few I've tried. For everyday looks, one heavy coat is enough for me, but for special events, I do two. I'll definitely be repurchasing this!


  1. Hi! Which of the Maybelline mascaras do you like the most? I'm currently using the Stiletto one and I love it but I'm thinking of trying the other kinds too :)

  2. awesome review! have you tried the maybelline rocket mascara? been so curious about that blue tube. hehe

    Random Beauty by Hollie


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