Review: iWhite Korea Skin Whitening Vita Moisturizing Facial Wash

Hey, hey! I'm back to tell you more about another product from iWhite Korea. I've already posted about the iWhite moisturizer, the whitening pack and the facial cream before. Now let's talk about the Moisturizing Facial Wash. 

Description: Deeply cleanses, removes excess oil and eliminates skin impurities without drying the skin.

Active ingredients: 
  • Mulberry root extract - helps whiten skin for a more radiant complexion
  • Panax ginseng extract - helps revitalize and improve skin condition
Also contains: Water, glycerin, stearic acid, myristic acid, lauric acid, cocamidopropyl betain, hydroxyethylcellulose, allantoin, potassium hydroxide, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, tocopheryl acetate, PEG-75, propylene glycol, methylparaben, triclosan, polysorbate 20, sodium lactate, ascorbic acid, disodium EDTA, fragrance

I'm not too picky when it comes to facial washes. I just want something that lathers up and cleanses well without drying the skin. And the iWhite facial wash does just that. 

The packaging is as simple as it can get, just like the packaging of other iWhite products. The product comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube that's sealed upon purchase. 

The product itself has a creamy consistency. It lathers quite well, which I like. Like what I've said in an older post, I am aware that foaming isn't really the sole measure of a cleanser's power and effectiveness (my chem professor told us that in class), but I can't help it! The lather helps make me feel that my face is indeed being cleansed thoroughly. I know, I know. I should not judge a cleanser by its lathering abilities. Haha.

This does lather well enough for my liking. Does it cleanse well enough, though? The answer to that is yes. It leaves my face feeling fresh but not dry and tight at all unlike some strong cleansers I've tried. But I still use moisturizer after this for added hydration. 

As for the whitening effect, I can't say much. I didn't notice any significant difference in my skin tone after finishing two tubes of this. Skin lightening isn't my major skin concern right now, though, so I don't really mind, and maybe that's also why I didn't notice if there's any diff. 

Thumbs up:
  • Cleanses well enough
  • Doesn't dry my skin out
  • Has a subtle pleasant scent
  • Lathers up well
  • Doesn't irritate my skin in any way
  • Leaves my face feeling fresh
  • Affordable - Priced at P18 for 10 ml of product (sachet) and P139 for 70 ml (tube)
  • Widely available - Available at leading department stores and drugstores

There's nothing much that I don't like about this product, though I can't say much about its whitening properties. If it really does whiten, then good. If not, I'd still use it because it's a good facial cleanser. 

And isn't it so nice that iWhite products also come in sachets? That way you can try them out first and see if your skin would like them before purchasing in full size. Oh, and look at the new sachet design of iWhite products. So cute, eh?

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Disclaimer: Product was received for free, but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the product.