Haul: Back at HBC

Dropped by HBC yesterday just because I haven't dropped by there in a while. I picked up a few of their newest products. 

San San HD Foundation in Natural - 195 Php
San San HD Concealer in Natural - 105 Php
Blending sponge - 70 Php

I also restocked in nail files (my fave disposable nail files are HBC's), powder puffs and other tools. Oh, and I was supposed to buy backups of my fave San San eyeliner pen, but it's out of stock. Sad. The one I'm currently using is about to dry up. 

One of the reasons I dropped by was to buy their HD foundation, which I've heard a few raves about. I liked the previous San San foundations I've tried, and I have a feeling I'd like this one as well. 

And the packaging is way better than that of their other foundations, ha! (Look, it matches my nails. Haha.)

San San's HD line has three face products, if I'm not mistaken. A foundation, a concealer and a two-way cake, which all come in three shades (Olive, Beige and Natural). Aside from face products, there are also lipsticks, I think.

San San HD face products

I remembered I had run out of liquid concealer a few months ago, so I picked up the HD concealer pen as well. 

I also saw their new blending sponges. Picked one up just because I have never tried using one before. 

Oh, and by the way, the San San Soleil summer collection is out again! I liked the matte foundation from the line, which I got 2-3 years ago when the Soleil collection first became available.

It's a really full-coverage BB-cream-ish foundation, but it's got high SPF, so it appears a little light on the skin, color-wise. 

San San Soleil moisturizing lipsticks
(Just ignore the shade names. Those box holders are from the HD lipsticks.)

Aside from the foundation, there are also  three shades of lipsticks from the Soleil collection. I have reviews of both foundation and lipstick (from waaay back); come check them out *here* and *here.*

That's it for my mini haul, guys! Typing this while I'm on my way to work. Hihi. 

Have you tried these products before? Share your thoughts on them by commenting below :)


  1. I need to visit HBC the soonest :) I want to try the HD Foundation too. I'll be looking forward for your review, Aya :) I will buy the sponge as well.. very affordable. I will also check out the Soleil Line of HBC. thanks for sharing :)

  2. I like the foundation! And I also LOVE their eyeliner pen. I keep repurchasing it!

  3. haven't tried these yet sis.. let us know about the blending sponge ha :)

  4. I'll def blog about it if I find the time! Thanks dear :D

  5. Yey! That eyeliner is awesome! It stays on my oily monolids 'til the end of the day <3 And super affordable kaya I keep coming back to it :D

  6. Will sure do! I've tried using it na, pero once pa lang. Will test pa further in the coming days :D

  7. How does it fare with sweaty and oily skin? Most bases melt off my nose :(

  8. I have all the HD products of SanSan and I love how affordable and good quality those make ups are! :)

  9. Is the concealer a twist type? It's really cheap, it got my eyes! Hahaha

  10. OMG 70 pesos lng ang sponge!?! will visit HBC now na! hahaha
    It's been a while na sis Aya, I miss your blog. hehe

  11. Wow ang mura nung sponge!! Buti meron na ang HBC yung ibang may beauty blender/sponge kasi ang mahal buti na lang nabasa ko ung post na ito bago ako bumili nun.Thanks for your post :)


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