Unboxing: 'Truly Asian Beauty' April BDJ Box (Pixy-Exclusive)

How's your week going so far? I, for one, was so looking forward to this long weekend. My Monday was great - hassle-free commute, productive day at work, good hair and brows... It was great for a Monday. Tuesday, though, was... not as great. Super hassle commuting thanks to another technical problem in the MRT system. I drafted this post while I was on my way to work. I needed something to keep me busy during those three and a half hours I spent on the road. And I remember being super hungry while typing this, wishing I could just get to the office already so I could eat.

Anyway, let's rewind to a happier moment. Last Saturday, the April BDJ Box came in the mail. I had no idea BDJ Box had shipped the boxes already, so this came as a surprise. And I had no idea what this month's theme would be. 

Turns out the April box is yet another brand-exclusive box! This month, the featured brand is something new to me - Pixy. I hadn't heard about the brand before, so I immediately read the card to know more about it. 

Pixy is an Indonesian-based cosmetics brand that formulates their products using the best Japanese technology and ingredients to make sure that their products would suit Asian skin. 

Thanks to BDJ Box, we can now try the newest makeup brand in the country. The April box contains a set of base and color cosmetics, all in full-size. Let's take a look at what's inside.

Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in White Porcelain (445 PhP)
Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Matte Refill in True Beige (145 PhP)
Pixy Colors of Delight Blush-On in Passion Roses (285 PhP)
Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit Compact in Natural White (275 PhP)
Pixy Colors of Delight Waterproof Mascara in Black (260 PhP)
Pixy Colors of Delight Eyeliner Pencil (265 PhP)
Pixy Colors of Delight Silky Fit Satin Lipstick in Puppy Love (245 PhP)
Pixy Colors of Delight Silky Fit Semi-Matte Lipstick in Red Chili (265 PhP)
Pixy Colors of Delight Silky Fit Lasting Matte Lipstick in Peach Delicacy (325 PhP)

First impressions: Cute packaging, and the products are actually quite affordable!

Let's start with the base makeup. First we have the Ultimate Makeup Cake. 

Description (from BDJ): Can be used as base or as finishing powder
Has oil-absorbing properties to cut down unwanted shine

I love the packaging, the shimmery rose gold/dusty rose color of this compact!

Isn't this pretty? The prettiest compact I own! And the powder itself smells soooo nice! The shade White Porcelain is a close match, too. I'm currently testing this as a finishing and retouching powder. It's already in my makeup bag. 

Next is the UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit Compact. 

Description (from BDJ): For a smooth and long-lasting base
Contains two-way whitening squalene oil to prevent dry skin
Has SPF 15 to protect skin from sun damage

Cute, but I still like the packaging of the other compact more. The shade Natural White is a little too light for me, so I gave this to my mom to try.

Next is the UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Matte.

Description (from BDJ): Lightweight powder
Clinically tested to not trigger blackheads
Suitable for oily skin

It's just a refill, but it came with a sponge. This pan can be placed inside the Perfect Fit compact above. The shade True Beige is the closest match for me among the three. 

For reference here are the three shades. 

For the eyes, we have the Colors of Delight mascara and eyeliner. 

Description (from BDJ): Mascara: Coats individual lashes in its jet-black formula
Eyeliner: Perfect for everyday look
Can be used as is or smudged

I've yet tot try these. I'm more excited about the mascara, though, because pencil eyeliners, in general, don't work well on my oily monolids. 

Then we also have the Colors of Delight blush. 

Description (from BDJ): Gives off a natural flush for a sweet and innocent glow

The soft pink shade looks nice and natural-looking. 

A little shimmery, but I think I can pull this off (even with my oily skin).

Now on to the more colorful part - the Colors of Delight lipsticks. 

Description (from BDJ):
Satin: Creamy and hydrating formula that softly colors
Semi-matte: Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E for hydration
Matte: Long-wearing and pigmented; glides smoothly and doesn't tug the lips

There's satin, semi-matte and matte. So cute and girly, the packaging! Each finish has its own tube color for easier identification. Here are the swatches. 

L-R: Puppy Love (satin), Red Chili (semi matte), Peach Delicacy (matte)

So far, my fave among the three is Red Chili. I like its formula the most. Will talk about these in more detail in a separate post. 

And that's everything inside the April box. Overall, I like this month's box. I still haven't tried most of the items inside, but I'm excited to. And I like how everything's in full size! I base on the amount of product, so I consider the refill full-sized, too. I may not have known about this brand before, but that's the point of beauty boxes, isn't it? To help us explore and try new products! This box is valued at around 2500 PhP, which is more than four times the subscription fee. So you can say it is worth it!

If you want to get your hands on your own BDJ Box, go to to subscribe. June boxes are now open for subscription. Don't forget to visit @BDJBox on Twitter and Facebook for updates and contests!

Disclaimer: Box was received for free, but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products inside it.


  1. I actually feel bad that I wasn't able to get this box. But oh well. :/

  2. Aw...Pixy is from my country! It's so chep & pretty good! Try Pixy liquid eyeliner, it's super good! <3


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