Colour Collection's Hot Summer Hues

What do you look for in a lipstick? 

Me, I look at the shade first. Is it wearable and flattering? I gravitate towards nudes, my-lips-but-better pinks, dark berries, and brownish shades. I stay away from shades that are too coral, peach or orange because they tend to gray me out.

Next thing I look at is the pigmentation. Is it sheer or opaque or somewhere in the middle? I'm not a big fan of sheers because I have unevenly-colored and pigmented lips. I want something that can really cover. Same reason why I don't like lip stains. 

After that I look at the finish. Is it matte, satin, moisturizing or frosty? I, for one, prefer mattes and satins over glossy and frosty. Frosty shades tend to make lip chapping more obvious, and glossy/moisturizing ones don't usually stay on for long. Matte shades are generally more transfer-proof and long-wearing. But while matte shades are indeed longer-wearing, they also tend to be more drying on the lips.

Satins and 'creamy mattes' and anything similar are my current favorite types. They provide just the right amount of shine, glide on smoothly on the lips, and have decent wear time. 

The Colour Collection Ultimate Wear lipsticks are both pigmented and long-wearing, and the finish is great too. Been reaching out for them a lot lately!

I've talked about these lipsticks before in my post *here.* Like I said in that post, I thought these lipsticks were pretty sheer at first upon swatching on the back of my hand. On my lips, though, they showed up pretty well! Been liking them since. And the slim packaging makes them easy to carry around in my makeup bag.

Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipsticks (5 newest shades)
L-R: Angelic, Headturner, Bellissima, Queen Bee, Temptress
There are eight classic shades, ranging from neutrals to bright pinks to dark berries. And recently, five new shades have been released, just in time for summer.

Swatches of the newest 5 Colour Collection Ultimate Wear lipsticks
L-R: Angelic, Headturner, Bellissima, Queen Bee, Temptress

I'll tell you more about these in another post, but I'll tell you this now - these lipsticks are pigmented and long-wearing! These, especially the darker shades, can stay on my lips even after eating and drinking (even after eating ice cream, I swear!). The thing about these is that they leave your lips stained somehow, so the colors don't fade too easily. And the finish is just right for my liking.

Here are the swatches of all the Colour Collection Ultimate Wear lipsticks that I have. I have 10 out of the 13 available so far.

L-R: Naked Peach, Love Me, Angelic, Kiss & Tell, Headturner, Plum Promise, Bellissima, Hot Summer, Queen Bee, Temptress

What do you think? Any of these shades interest you? Yes? Then it's your lucky day because full-sized tubes of the five newest shades are still available at Sample Room last time I checked! And for only 95 points each, so they're non-VIP-friendly. Hurry, there are only a few stocks left!

My current faves are Plum Promise, Angelic and Temptress. Have you tried these yet? Hope you're liking them as well :)

Now, congratulations on reaching this far! Heehee. You now have a chance to win your very own lip products from Colour Collection!

Prizes are:
2 of the new Ultimate Wear Lipsticks (Bellissima, Headturner)
1 Vitamin E Satin Lipstick (Red Wine)
1 Lip Therapy with Argan Oil
To enter this giveaway just:

Comment on this post with your full name and email address, and let me know what your favorite shades of lipstick are and why they're your fave.

- If you're on FB, Twitter or IG, you can share/repost this giveaway photo along with your full name and answer to the question above for more chances of winning! Make sure to tag me @codenameaya and use the hashtag #codenameayagiveaway, so I can track your entries, k?

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- Giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.

Announcing the winner in a week or two :)

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Disclaimer: Products featured and the giveaway prizes were received for free, but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products.


  1. Aiko Borja

    My Favorite Lippies are from Colour Collections din! my favorite shades are

  2. sherry ann gole cruzMarch 17, 2014 at 11:49 AM

    sherry ann gole cruz
    my favorite shade of lipstick is more on red and peace color because i think they compliment my color and makes me feel more confident!

  3. Aiko Borja

    My Favorite Lippies are from Colour Collection too! my fave shades from them are Vintage ( Matte - Coral ), Pink Paradise ( Satin - Pink ) and Red Wine ( Creamy Matte - Brick Red ). i really like them because it is pigmented and has contain Vit.E plus budget friendly :)

  4. Bianca Padilla

    I swear by rosy, shimmery nude lipsticks. This shade is not only my summer necessity, it's great for daytime wear and perfectly enhances my skin color.

  5. Judy Ann E. Chio

    My favorite shade of lipstick is red because it doesn't just make me feel confident, it also makes me feel sexy. ;)

  6. Rabia Akhter
    My Favorite Lippies are from Colour Collections Queen bee its pretty shade ;)

  7. Fati Recede

    My favorite shades of lipsticks are peachy, corally and nudes :)

  8. Cat Quiambao

    i'm not really a lippie kind of girl... i could go out of the house with just my bare lips or a lip balm with sunscreen...but on special occasions, and some days where i feel a bit girly, i love to wear plummy pinks... i find that it suits me... i have the Colour Collection in Head Turner and i really love how it looks on me... i also love deep dark berry shades... they just look so vampy... i would love to try Colour Collection's deeper shades too!

  9. ma.theresa de guzman retita

    favorite shades: vintage (matte-coral), red wine (creamy Matte-Brickred), pink paradise (satin-pink)

  10. Not joining but I just want to comment about the awesome swatches you made. :D Just availed the Angelic shade at Sample Room a few days ago too and can't wait to try it. :D

  11. Jennifer Ramos

  12. Name: Jennifer Ramos

    email add:
    my favorite shades of lipstick are red and coral because I feel that they reflect my personality

  13. Rhania Chang

    i want nude shades =) it compliments my skintone as well =)

  14. Kat ciolo
    ig: beyloveskat

    My fav lipstick colors would be pink and red because it brings out the beauty and confidence in me! Pink lippie makes me look jolly and red gives fierce to my face! 💄💋💄

  15. Abigail clet

    My favorite shade of lipstick is fuchsia necause it gives me a fierce look and classy but it still remain feminine and also it brightens up my skintone thats why i love this shade.

  16. Name: Norissa Chavez

    My favorite shades of lipsticks are on the peach or coral side like Belissima and a hot pink shade because it gives me confidence just like the Queen Bee shade.

  17. Abigail clet

    My favorite shades ade fuchsia and red because it gives me a strong , classy and gorgeous look when im wearing it. Whenever i wear that 2 shades i feel like im a queen amd the most beautiful girl in the world

  18. Connie Rose Gabor

    My favorite shade of lipstick looks a lot like colour collections's angelic. This shade looks light on the lips. Just dab it on your lips and spread it using a lip brush (you can also use your finger) to achieve the MLBB (my lips but better) effect. This shade is perfect for daily use in school or at work if you're after a natural/no-makeup makeup look.

  19. Janice Que
    My favorite lipstick shades are pinks and corals because it complements my skin tone very well :)

  20. ma.theresa de guzman retita

    favorite shades: kiss&tell,headturner,love me

  21. Ma. Irene BautistaMarch 22, 2014 at 3:41 PM

    Ma Irene Bautista

    My fave shade of lipstick is the bellissima coz it certainly says who I really am. It seems it says that Simplicity is Beauty. It definitely suits my personality.

  22. Victoria Alcantara

    My favorite shade is temptress because it really tempts others; boys to attract and girls to also buy the same! Indeed, A shade that is really an attention seeker! :)

  23. Belle B.

    I love reds and plums the most. But there are days that I need my nudes too.

    For reds and plums, I love them because they just brighten my face a lot with just a swipe. No more extra effort needed. For nudes, I just want to even out my lips but not too noticeable. :)

  24. Nina Villapando

    Based form the photos you have shared my favorite would be Bellissima. It suits my personality, it's simple and natural. It's not too mugh for a daily use and not too little too. I like lipstick that looks natural on me. And I am waiting for the delivery of my purchase in Sampleroom. I ordered this shade because I really fell inlove the first time I laid my eyes on it. :)

  25. Lean Diwa

    From this brand I like the Love me for the nude shade cause I can wear it everyday then the Headturner hmmmmp... who doesn't love pinks? *Girly girl* then lastly I really like the Plum Promise cause I also find dark shades lippies very nice on my lips cause it makes me look like mataray and nakakaputi heheh :D

  26. Jennifer Aguirre

    Its really hard to choose because I only got to try one, that is Colour
    Collection HeadTurner. But I must , staying power is impressive lasts
    for hours and keeps my lips moisturize. Hope I got to try the other
    shades :)

  27. Lovely Joy V. MercedMarch 29, 2014 at 10:41 AM

    My favorite shade is natural/nude because i like the natural, feels like i don't have make up on but i do look.

    Joy Merced


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