Haul: Year-End (Part 1: Shoes and Watch)

Hope you all enjoyed the long-but-I-still-wish-it-were-longer holiday vacation! We just stayed at home to rest and eat. A lot. Hahaha. Well, at least, I did. 

Anyway, I got quite a few stuff recently, and most of them were shoes. 

Let me share to you the fashion items I bought the last quarter of 2013. Part 2 will be all about my makeup and nail polish purchases, so stay tuned for that :)

Before I show you the shoes, let me show you one of my major purchases last year - a watch. I never had been picky about the watches I wore. I used to be happy with just those 99-peso watches you could get at tiangges. They're so cheap, I could buy a couple at a time and use them alternately para hindi nakakasawa. They all didn't last long, though, and each lasted only up to about a year or two. Figures. But as I've said, I didn't mind because they're so easy to replace. I didn't even bother to get their batteries replaced. Mas mahal pa yata 'yung battery kaysa sa relo mismo. Hahaha. It was just last year when I realized that maybe it was time to outgrow my P99-watch phase and wanted something longer-lasting and more classy. Of course that would cost more, but I thought of it as an investment. Purchase a good-quality watch now, so I wouldn't have to buy a new one every year.

I got drawn to the Tomato watches I saw at their site and immediately visited a branch (Trinoma). That's when I saw this...

Tomato Time watch set
It came in a box and with five straps and five bezels.

Ah, it's perfect! I can change the look of the watch to match my outfit or the event I'm going to - from casual to dressy. Here are a couple of my favorite strap-ring combinations.

Cool, eh? It's like I got many watches for the price of one. Haha.

Now, the shoes.

Parisian Basic - slate gray round-toe pumps
On sale for P350
These are one of my favorite purchases this year! Every woman needs a basic pair of pumps :)

Australian - neon orange almond-toe pumps
On sale for P399
An impulse purchase (hey, it was on sale!) but also one of my faves. The color is shocking, yes. I didn't even know why I bought neon orange shoes. Haha. Oh well, my wardrobe could use a little color, anyway. 

Suki - gray peep-toe platform wedges
Not my favorite purchase. I love the design, but these are a little too loose at the back. They fit well on the front, though. I tried them on before buying, of course, but they didn't feel too loose back then. When I got home and tried them on again, though, I realized I was mistaken. I've tried using heel grips but they didn't work. Any suggestions on how to make these fit nicely?

Parisian - beige-gold peep-toe wedge slingbacks
These are comfy and perfect for Sundays! Dumihin nga lang :/

Australian - cream peep-toe bow flats
I bought these because I needed another pair of flats for work. Para 'di naman pare-pareho suot ko araw-araw! Hahaha

Parisian - purple foldable flats
Ahh, I can't stress enough how important foldable flats are in my life! Ever since I got my first pair, I've been on the lookout for more. These are so comfy and are a lifesaver after a whole workday of wearing heels! They came with a clear plastic pouch, too.

Solemate - gray-black sandals
Another basic item. My only other pair of sandals needed replacing.

Solemate - beige flats
Another pair for work. Flats para madali mag-commute.

And that's it for Part 1 of my year-end haul. Stay tuned for the makeup part. Didn't get much beauty stuff, but they're worth sharing ;)


  1. parisian and solemate buyer din ako! love their flats and swak sa budget.

  2. Shiela Marie CalzadaJanuary 8, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    Shoes is <3 fav ko din po yang australian matibay talaga!!!

  3. Not a fan of Tomato watches. I bought one back then, and it didn't last long. Parisian shoes are my fave esp. because they have Plus size. I have a humongous feet. Hehe.

  4. That's one huge shoe haul! I love Parisian and Solemate too. The size is just right for me. Parang 7 and a half ang size 8 nila and that happened to be my size.

  5. I think they restocked it coz I just got naked peach just now and it was the last one! I'm excited to receive it in a few days.

  6. wow lots of shoes!:) I got a similar style of the grey-black sandals from sole mate. Only mine is silver and pink from Lebunny :D

  7. feeling ko need ko na ng pair sa solemate. i really need flats pero i cant stop buying heels. help! xD


  8. Super ok yung solemate no? Di ko inexpect na ganun sya ka comfortable. Parang may bedroom sleepers feel sya. Even yung mga naka bogo.

  9. ooo really im very picky when it comes with shoes, will try this brand mukang super inexpensive pa ung items :)

  10. Righhht? :D One of my fave purchases from last year!

  11. I actually planned on buying just a few pero pagdating dun at nung nakita ang mga sale, nako. Hahaha

    Happy new year!!

  12. Yes, super comfy!! Hihi. And I like na dumadami na yung designs nila ngayon :D


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