Haul: Sample Room Orders 14-17

I just realized that I hadn't posted my latest Sample Room purchases here. So here goes!

My most recent order includes a Vidal Sassoon restock and a couple of items from Sample Room's 12 Days of Christmas campaign.

Finally got to try the famous Bifesta cleansing lotion. I tried the cotton pad sample first and was wow-ed! The Sappe drink, I've already tried too. It tasted delicious! But I'll have to buy more to see its effect. The VS treatment, I've yet to try.

A few weeks before that, I ordered the Vidal Sassoon Base Care series (shampoo and conditioner) when Sample Room released a bunch of VS products.

Ah, I loved both of these items! Definitely repurchasing! And because these worked really well on my hair, I decided to order the treatment as well (see first photo) when SR restocked.

I also purchased the Celeteque makeup cleansing wipes.

And guess what. I loved it as well!

This next order was something I was so excited about!

Why? Because I had been planning to buy the Charm Pretty in Pink brush set for months now! How timely, this offer. This run featured products from Beauty & Minerals, by the way.

I also received the following as a member of SR's Bloggers Circle.

New Moringa-O2 therapy oil along with Moringa-O2 soap, lotion and toner (restocks) 
ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution facial wash and collagen cream 
Shiseido Ibuki facial cleanser and moisturizer 
Digestics probiotic food supplement
CarbTrim tea mix
OraCare mouthwash

Those are just some of what Sample Room released for the last quarter of the year. Most of my great finds for this year, I got to try through Sample Room. So thank you, SR, for a great year! Can't wait to see what's in store for us in the coming one!

Feel free to share your recent SR haul posts/photos by commenting below, ok? If you haven't tried ordering from Sample Room yet, then visit the following links to start! Trust me, you won't regret it :)


  1. wown sampleroom goodies overload!

  2. Hihi yes!! Great first year for Sample Room. So many good releases :)

  3. Awesome haul, Aya! I'm interested with the shiseido skin care! I hope they're still available in SR!

  4. I also got that Charm brush and I love love love it. As in I'm using it everyday!


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