L'Oreal Professionnel #WearYourColorProud

Before I share to you about my recent trip to the salon, allow me to quickly remind you about something awesome ;)

On November 11-15, 2013, L'Oreal Pro will be having a week-long #WearYourColorProud campaign, where customers of their partner salons* who get their hair colored are entitled to a FREE hair coloring service for a friend!


Kinda like a buy-1-take-1 thing. This such a great deal, if you ask me. So if you're due for a color retouching, then save the dates and bring your friends! Only a maximum of 20 pairs per salon per day can avail of this exclusive offer. Better come early!

For more details, visit my post here: :)

*L'Oreal Professionel's partner salons: Bench Fix Salon, Bang’s Tony & Jackey, Henri Calayag Salon, Philippe Tordjman Le Salon, Regine’s

Thanks to L'Oreal Pro, I was able to take part in this campaign with the winner of my L'Oreal giveaway, Dee Ira!

We got our hair colored at Tony and Jackey (SM North branch) last weekend.

Color I chose: L'Oreal Majilift 12.11
Coloring cream was applied to my hair, section by section,
then allowed to sit on there for several minutes.
Hair styling after washing off the cream
(Color looks way lighter here because the lighting is really bright.)
Dee Ira getting her hair styled!

The results?

Before: Dark brown from my previous hair coloring sesh, unretouched roots
After: Natural, warm brown
This is the 'lightest' I've ever gone in terms of hair color. Under really bright lighting, the color shows up lighter!

I love it! Thinking if I should switch to a slightly more brown brow product. Hmmm.

Before: Really black, never been colored
After: Dark brown
Since it was the first time Dee Ira's really black hair got colored, the resulting color wasn't too bright, but her hair really did lighten. I like how the stylist styled her hair after!

The #WearYourColorProud campaign will start in about a week. You can start planning your salon day-out with your friends now. Share your before and after photos too under the #WearYourColorProud hashtag, k? :)

For more info, visit L'Oreal Professionel on the following sites:
Thanks, L'Oreal Pro and Tony and Jackey! :)

Disclaimer: Service was provided by the brand and the salon for free but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the service.


  1. So pretty with your new hair color!! Love it on you, Aya! Can't wait to have mine tomorrow. Always fun meeting readers no?? ♥

  2. Your hair color is so pretty, Aya! Also had fun during my turn for a hair color makeover! :D Yay! :D

  3. Wee!~ Naka post ka na agad :) Ako mamaya pa lang. Ang light na ng color ng hair ko pero wala pa ko bagong photo :(

  4. Your hair is such a gorgeous colour! You really suit it

  5. Preeeetty <3 Ganda ng hair color aa. I like! Wanna try my hair colored too. I want brown na medjo blonde or light brown maybe.. but I'm still thinking pa.. XD

  6. I love the final result! You look gorgeous Ms. Aya! I love their deal as well, great! ^^

  7. Ganda ng hair, Aya! And the color suits you! :)

  8. ganda light lang.. wondering how it looks like pag sa sunlight :)

  9. Hi Aya, looking good and pretty! :) You look nice on those pretty light brown curls. Ang saya kasi you have your friend with you as well, bongga kapag may kasamang friend sa salon e.


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