Unboxing: 'Life in Colour' Elite BDJ Box (Colour Collection-Exclusive)

Too soon for another BDJ Box unboxing? I don't think so! :)

Aside from the monthly BDJ boxes, BDJ also releases an elite box every few months or so. An Elite Box  (1880 Php) costs a little over thrice a regular BDJ box (580 Php), but the former's filled with much more beauty goodies and is worth even way more than the sub fee.

The latest Elite BDJ Box is a Colour Collection-exclusive box, which features 16 full-sized makeup items. 16! Wow, right??? And oh, this is also BDJ's first all-makeup Elite issue. Can I say 'Yey, makeup!' one more time?

Now, let me show you what's inside the latest Elite BDJ Box.

Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream
Colour Collection Age Defying BB Cream
Colour Collection Colour Intense Eyeshadow Trio
Colour Collection Colour Intense Blush-On Duo
Colour Collection Colour Intense Powder Blush
Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks (Satin and Matte)
Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipsticks
Colour Collection Lip Therapy with Argan Oil

A few of these items, like the Whitening BB Cream and the Vitamin E Lipsticks, I had already tried even before getting my box. Let's talk about each one quickly.

Whitening BB Cream and Age Defying BB Cream
The whitening one is my current fave BB cream! So happy to get another tube!
I've yet to try the age defying variant, though.
Colour Intense Eyeshadow Trios
These are actually quite pigmented but powdery. I can't get over
how nice the middle shade from the Terra Cotta trio is <3 (see swatch below)
Colour Intense Eyeshadow Trio in Ivy Blooms, Terra Cotta, Gypsy Rose
Colour Intense eyeshadows
Colour Intense Blush-On Duo and Powder Blush
Also pigmented (enough for my liking, anyway) but powdery.
Colour Intense Blush-On Duo in Desert Rose
Colour Intense Powder Blush in Rosy Affair
Colour Intense blushes
Vitamin E Satin and Matte Lipsticks
I had already tried Kissmark and Red Wine before. I loved the formula of the satin shades and the
 long wear time of the matte shade. Excited to try Cerise because
it looks like it would be a great everyday color!
Vitamin E Lipsticks in Cerise (s), Kissmark (m), Regal Red (s), Red Wine (m)
Review and swatches of CC Vitamin E lipsticks:
Vitamin E lipsticks
Ultimate Wear Lipsticks
At first I thought I wouldn't like these because they appeared sheer on my swatches, but lately I find myself
reaching out for Plum Promise a lot. The bold shades look intimidating in the tube, but they're actually pretty wearable (at least, for me), maybe because they're not as opaque as the Vitamin E lipsticks.
Ultimate Wear Lipsticks in Love Me, Kiss & Tell, Hot Summer, Plum Promise
Ultimate Wear lipsticks
Lip Therapy with Argan Oil
Because I go through lip balms really slowly, I don't think I'll be able to use this
anytime soon! I'm expecting big things from this, though, because of the argan oil.

And that's it for the makeup. But those aren't the only items in the box! BDJ also included a two-layer acrylic organizer! Yeeeey!

The arrival of this organizer is so timely! My dresser is in dire need of a makeover. My kikay-things are all over the place because I have nowhere else to put them in. Yey for additional storage space!

The Elite box is valued at around 6000 Php, which is more than thrice the 1880 Php subscription fee! Sulit! I just wish the powder stuff were less... powdery. But over-all, I'm still pretty happy with the contents of the box. Give me a Colour Collection eyeliner and a mascara, and my Colour Collection kikay kit would be complete!

If you want your own Colour Collection-exclusive Elite BDJ Box, send an email to with the subject BDJ Box Elite now. Only few sets remaining! Visit and @BDJBox on Twitter and Facebook for more info!

Now, if you'll excuse me. I gotta go organize things ;)

Disclaimer: Box was received for free, but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products inside it.