Review: Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks (Sheer, Satin, Matte)

Ahhh, it's been a while since I posted my last review. My previous one was published one and a half months ago pa. I can't even... Uggggh.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the Colour Collection lipsticks that I got recently from Sample Room.

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Colour Collection Vitamin E lipsticks come in three finishes - sheer, satin and matte - but they all come in the same packaging.

Simple and classic black and gold combination. The case is not too bulky for me, the whole tube feels pretty light, and it can easily fit in my makeup bag. I have no major complaints with the packaging, but I was pretty bummed that one of the lipstick bullets (the matte one) broke off from the base the moment I first used it. I'm not sure if that happened because of a packaging problem, but I heard a few others complain about the same thing with the same matte lipstick! Hmmmmmm ;-\

L-R: Pinkish Nude (Sheer), Red Wine (Satin), Kissmark (Matte)

Let's take a look at the shades one by one.

Colour Collection Vitamin E Sheer Lipstick - Pinkish Nude

Pinkish Nude is an everyday kind of peachy pink shade.

I wouldn't exactly call it just 'pinkish' because it looks more peach than pink to me most of the time. Nonetheless, it's a low-maintenance shade that's good for everyday, and it gives my lips with just the right amount of shine.

I, for one, am not a huge fan of sheer lipsticks because my natural lip color is uneven. I prefer something that can cover well. I was really surprised, though, that Pinkish Nude, which was supposed to be a 'sheer' lipstick, could deliver decent opacity in just two coats! It glides on the lips with no problem, but it has a tendency to settle on dry and flaky parts of the lips after a while. It has a moisturizing finish (but not too oily nor glossy), making the color transfer easily. The color fades after eating and drinking, so I always make sure to bring it with me for retouching purposes. I get around 2-3 hours of wear from this before reapplication is needed.

On my lips: Colour Collection Vitamin E Sheer Lipstick in Pinkish Nude

Colour Collection Vitamin E Satin Lipstick - Red Wine

Red Wine is a deep red shade that looks quite intimidating in the tube.

But because its shade is on the darker side, it can define the lips really well.

It has a satin finish, which is my favorite type of lipstick finish. It's fully opaque in just one coat, but I apply two by default. The color doesn't transfer as easily as the sheer one, but it's not transfer-proof either. It stays on my lips for a good several hours if I just leave it be. It does fade after eating and drinking, though not totally, so I reapply after a meal. If I don't, I'll be left with a darker lipline, which does not look attractive.

On my lips: Colour Collection Vitamin E Satin Lipstick in Red Wine

Colour Collection Vitamin E Matte Lipstick - Kissmark

Kissmark is a bright pink that I honestly find quite hard to pull off.

It has a tendency to make me look gray or ashy, so I make sure to wear it with foundations or BB creams that have a strong yellow undertone.

This has a semi-matte finish and is opaque in 1-2 coats. It's not as creamy as the other two, but it is just creamy enough to glide on the lips without tugging them. It tends to settle on lip cracks and become flaky, though, so I always exfoliate my lips before using this lipstick, but it's not really drying. Not as drying as the EB matte lipsticks, at least. Wear time is impressive. It can stay on my lips for at least 6 hours. It transfers, yes, but not as easily as the other two. It fades a bit after eating or drinking, but it's still pretty much there. Bottom line: It's long-wearing but not transfer-proof.

On my lips: Colour Collection Vitamin E Matte Lipstick in Kissmark


L-R: Pinkish Nude, Red Wine, Kissmark

Here are photos of me wearing these lipsticks.

On my lips: Pinkish Nude
On my lips: Red Wine
On my lips: Kissmark

Thumbs up:
  • Not drying on the lips
  • Contain Vitamin E that keeps lips moisturized
  • Great pigmentation, even the 'sheer' shade is opaque enough for my liking in just 2 layers
  • Sheer and satin shades glide on smoothly on the lips; matte shade is creamy enough not to tug the lips
  • Decent to long wear time for satin and matte shades
  • No unpleasant scent
  • Affordable at P330 for 4 g of product

Thumbs down:
  • Kissmark broke after I first used it - And no, I hadn't dropped it or anything.
  • Kissmark tends to make me look ashy
  • Sheer shade transfers easily (which is expected of it, really, as it has a moisturizing finish)
  • Not widely available - Only available through Tupperware Brands dealers

Pinkish Nude is the one I reach out for the most among the three because it's the most wearable shade, but I like Red Wine too for special events or when I'm feeling more... serious (haha). Kissmark, I'm not a big fan of just because it tends to make me look ashy, but I do like how long-wearing it is because of the semi-matte finish. I wish these and other Colour Collection products were more widely available so I could check out more shades!

Oh, and by the way, I recently got more shades of the satin lipsticks! Will share the swatches in another post :)

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Share your thoughts about them by commenting below! 

Disclaimer: Products were received for free, but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products.


  1. I LOVE YOUUUU! ♥ *random outburst of love* HAHAH :D

  2. Kissmark really looks good on you Aya! :)

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  3. Ang cute ng Kissmark paired with your green top. :)

  4. Yey :) Oo nga eh, in that particular photo, ok yung Kissmark. Most of the time mukha akong gray pag suot ko un :/

  5. Thanks, Jenniya! Weird, coz it's my least favorite shade. Maybe I'm just not used to wearing bright lip color :)

  6. Oh, medyo nadisappoint ako. It doesn't look as matte as I hope. And the bullet breaking? That sucks.

  7. i love pinkish nude on you! :) I tried one of their hot pink lipsticks before the one in the white tube and I was pleasantly surprised how pigmented and nice they are <3

  8. Ganda nung pinkish nude and red wine. bagay sayo

  9. I think Kissmark is one of those shades that looks nice on its own but needs a really flawless, almost unnaturally perfect base for it to look good on other people. Or not? What do you think? :P

  10. we have the same experience with these samples of Colour Collection lippies. my Kissmark also broke. at first i thought it was too bright but eventually i just get used to it and thought i can pull it off. but it was too drying for my lips. i gave away my Red Wine because it has more brown than red (i like true red or those with blue undertones). and my favorite is the Pinkish Nude. only it doesn't last that long.

  11. the kiss mark really looks good on you :)

  12. I love the pinkish nude, though I would love to have the matte version of it., Kissmark looks great on you because of your fair complexion. Thank you for sharing all these!


  13. Yep, it's not super matte. I recently got another tube of Kissmark. Hopefully, this one won't break like the other one did.

  14. Ohh wow, I should check out their other lipstick lines then :D

  15. I love Red Wine and Kissmark! My faves :) Red and pink shades never fail.

  16. The kissmark is something I would prefer of all the shades kaso parang... the fact na madali siyang masira... Errr.. Hehe.


  17. OH MYYY.. nice shades! I like Red Wine and Kissmark the most!! :D bagay na bagay sayo siiis <3

  18. Kissmark is a pretty shade of pink! And it looks lovely on you! :)

  19. Kissmark is a pretty shade ha, but I want it more to be matte-er. :)

  20. My friend love this lipstick! You look great in pinkish nude Ms. Aya! ^^

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  22. I super love the Pinkish Nude! (yeah, it is peach! Haha). It is my everyday lipstick! and I love that it is non-drying :)

  23. pretty shades you got those three shades are actually 3 of my basic lip color must haves :)

  24. omfg, i'm such a sucker for lipstick!!! Love these!!


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