Visiting Holika Holika at SM Fairview

I don't know if you've heard, but Korean makeup and skin care brand Holika Holika has recently opened their first branch here in the Philippines. 

Honestly, I wasn't too familiar with the brand before visiting their store. I only heard about it from Jen of frmheadtotoe's videos, where she used the Wonder Drawing Dot Liner, a three-pronged eyeliner pen, which I found really interesting.


Anyway, when I heard from my favorite beauty bloggers that Holika Holika had just opened their first branch here at SM Fairview, I promised to pay it a visit, especially since SM Fairview was just a 10-minute ride away from me! Went there a few weeks back with my friends Eyah and Gina.

Let me show you some of the things that caught my eye!

Greeted with their selection of lovely nail polishes! Packaged in potion-esque bottles!
Lovely pink-purple-blue chrome shade! I'll come back for this :)
Makeup removers
CC cream
Moist Cushion BB, which reminded me of the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion
Powders and blushes
Love Fantasy Blusher
Lipsticks, glosses and tints
Heart-shaped lipstick, which reminded me of my favorite Avon lipstick!
Cute Dessert Time lip balms!
Mascaras, eyeliners and eyebrow products
Bubble foam cleanser that comes with its own facial brush

I'll definitely come back soon for some of these items, especially the nail polish! Have you tried Holika Holika products yet? Any suggestions on what to buy? Let me know by commenting below! :)


  1. Hi Ms. aya, how do you approach the attendants in a store if you want to take pictures of their shop or products (for blogging purposes) kasi nahihiya ako, because my friends and I tried once to take pictures in a store but they said no picture taking allowed. thanks.

  2. So jealous that you live near that place! I want to go back and buy more! :D

  3. Lucky you live near!! been hearing about this brand but it's toooo far! :(

  4. I was able to test that trident eye liner in real life. It *does* make winging out so much simpler. I can't put my finger on why, but there's a big difference!

  5. I hope that they'll open a branch near my place, their products are pretty interesting! The heart shaped lippie is so cute <3

  6. Hi, Arra! I ask them lang if I can take pictures. Pag tinanong nila kung para saan, sinasabi ko lang na ipopost ko lang sa blog ko sa internet or something. Like here sa Holika, pumayag naman so nakapagpicture kami. Oo nga eh, minsan may bawal talaga magpicture. Kaya nag nininja moves lang ako. HAHA secret lang natin.

  7. I'll go back and grqb that heart shape lipstick!, hahaha! Thanks for the tour :) im loving the brush i bought therr :)

  8. napa "ooooou" ako dun sa nail polish ^^ how much is the price range of their nail polishes aya? :)

  9. I saw this in SM Fairview yesterday! I love their shop as well as the store and stuffs! So cute nuh Ms. Aya?

    Followed via bloglovin and twitter by the way. ^^

  10. Yes! Will definitely come back :)

    Thanks my dear! Do you have a blog too? :)

  11. The one I featured here is ~P190, I think? Not sure how much their other polishes are. When I find out, I'll let you know :)

  12. Yiiiee! That's good! Text me lang when ka punta. Miss youuuu!

  13. Oooh yes, I'm sure they'll open more branches soon :)

    Super cute no? I have one from a diff. brand naman. I've been using it for years na but it still is heart-shaped 'til now :D

  14. Nice! I'm having trouble winging out my liner because of my eye shape. Forgetful me forgot to check this out while I was there at the store. Haha. Will do next time for sure!

  15. Aww. Let's hope they open more branches soon! :)

  16. Let's hope they open more branches soon! :D

  17. Yes po Ms. Aya. ^^

  18. Waaaaaaaaaaa! Ang ganda ng nail polish bottles nila! How much are they? I really want to buy some.

  19. angg cute talaga ng mga products nila nuuuuh? :)


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