Hair Talk: From Straight to Not-Straight

Let’s talk hair today. 

From straight to not-straight

It’s been a while since our last hair talk!

Along with my makeup, my hair is one of the things that I take time to spend on every morning before I head out. My hair is naturally straight-ish. (Ish because my hair is not flat-straight but it is not exactly wavy, so I can't really classify it as either.) 

Straight or wavy?

As far as thickness is concerned, I guess I can say my hair is pretty normal. I mean, my hair does not fall flat on my head, but it still is not super thick (just a bit *wink*). 

Thick or not?

I've only had maybe three hair treatments done so far so my hair isn't too damaged yet, but my hair tends to get really dry and frizzy, especially during summertime and when I forget to apply conditioner.

When I was still a kid, I always wanted to have super straight hair. I remember even using a long face towel as my ‘wig,’ attaching it on my head using a headband and pretending I had long, silky, shampoo-commercial-straight hair. Haha. I had no choice! My mom used to give me these Willy-Wonka haircuts. I was too young to object.

Years passed, and things changed, including my hair dreams. When I was in high school, I found wavy hair (straight at the top, wavy/curly at the bottom) more appealing. Since then, having wavy hair had always been a dream of mine. 

A couple of years ago, I bought my own hair straightener, which I could also use to dry and curl my hair. I enjoyed using it for the first few times, but I just did not have the patience to spend so much time on my hair everyday, even if it meant getting the wavy locks I had always dreamed of. Also, I was scared of burning my hair to death by heat-curling it too often.

But my dream did not end there. I still wanted to know how to achieve wavy hair easily and without the need of special tools, if possible. I came across a lot of YouTube tutorials on curling the hair using different techniques. The braid and the bun techniques were just a couple of the techniques I tried. They did work, but my hair just couldn’t hold curls for several hours even with hairspray. I also tried creating a DIY sea salt spray to achieve beachy waves, but I failed.  

About a couple of months ago, I got the chance to get my hair permed. I was so excited about this hair transformation but scared at the same time of the maintenance. 

L'Oreal X Tony and Jackey perming session

My perming session went really well (I’ll tell you more about my hair makeover in a separate post.), and I loved the results so much. I've finally achieved my dream of having wavy hair! The maintenance is taking a lot of adjusting to, though. Like a lot. Back when I had straight-ish hair, five minutes were already enough for me to fan-dry and comb my hair. Now, I can’t just wash and go. If I want my curls to be all defined and pretty throughout the day, I need to follow a certain routine, which involves blow-drying my hair while scrunching and twisting and applying curl-defining products at the least. I’m not yet a pro at it, but I’m starting to get used to this new routine of mine. 

After my perming session did I just realize that having and maintaining curly or wavy hair was not that simple. Well, for someone so used to having straight (ish) hair, that is. It’s definitely not a wash-and-wear type of hairstyle! But I am very much willing to take a few more minutes of my time to spend on my now-wavy hair because I love, love, love it.

For those who want wavy hair too but scared of ‘committing’ just yet (haha), clip-on hair extensions are a good option. Those who want longer locks too, either wavy or straight, but are too impatient to wait for their hair to grow can pick from the many kinds of extensions available nowadays like the 16-inch brazilian hair from .

If you think you can handle the maintenance already, then you can just head to your favorite salon and get a perm. I got my hair permed at Tony and Jackey, Makati branch (style: L’Oreal Korean Gangnam Style)!

Love my Gangnam curls!

Again, I'll be telling you about my perming sesh in another post soon! Hope you stay tuned for it.

*Some pics were cropped from friends' Facebook photos :)


  1. You look amazing! :) i love how you look with curly hair. So pretty =D
    I have naturally curly hair so I've always wanted it to look straight. Now i"m becoming less judgmental of myself and started to find ways to tame my hair and be happy with what I've got :P

  2. You look so different with your hair parted at the middle! I got my hair recently digipermed and don't like it. The curls are too tight, yours look really nice :)

  3. I so love your new hair <3 The curls are perfect, they look natural on you. I've tried perming my hair before but I didn't like it and ended up cutting my hair into bob :D

  4. Love the curls, Ms. Aya! So prettyyy! ♥
    I also used towels for my "wig" when I was a kid also and pretend that I have mermaid hair hahaha!

  5. I love it! Gusto ko din sana magpaperm pero feeling ko di ko carry ang maintenance... Hihi. Madami bang products kelangan? And I remember the Willy Wonka haircuts! But mas malala ung haircut ko kasi full bangs at straight na straight ung cut across so tawag namin dito is the bao look. Haha.

  6. I love the result Ms. Aya! You look awesome! ^^

  7. Love the curls bagay sa iyo Ms.Aya.. :)

  8. wow.. it looks good on you miss aya :) i sooo looove itt <3

  9. What's up with people and curls?! Haha. I feel so left behind. *straight hair not-so-forever* :D You look so pretty and you know it dear Aya! :D

  10. I love your hair curly! You look even more gorgeous now, sis! :D

  11. it looks really pretty on you aya :) its very playful and a bit flirty which is nice. i also had that willy wonka hair cut when i was a kid haha. siguro uso sya before. when you get a hang of your new hair hope you can post the hair care routines and products you will use ^^

  12. natawa ako sa willy wonka hair.. All I thought that having a permed hair is easier than straight hair hindi pala kasi maintenance talaga dapat since its going to make your hair extremely dry. As for me eversince I have thick dark brown wavy hair :) Sobrang init pag summer laging gusto ko magpakalbo :)

  13. I love tony and jackey! though their a bit expensive I think they simply got these great styles which I super love♥ I love your hair >.<


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