Seche Vite, the World's Finest Top Coat, Now in the Philippines

It's official! The famous Seche Vite and other Seche products are now available in the Philippines!

Sech Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

I first came across Seche Vite years ago through my favorite foreign Youtubers' videos. It's the most raved about top coat I know of and is even dubbed the 'world's finest top coat!' I had been wanting to get my hands on this top coat for years. And my wish has finally been granted! Seche now has an official distributor here in our country :)

Seche Vite, which means 'dry quickly' in French, is indeed the perfect name for this top coat. I've tried this product, and it does dry really quickly. It claims to top-dry your nail polish in 90 seconds, and it delivers! It's the fastest-drying top coat I've used. It's not called Seche Vite for nothing! 

Seche Vite is just one of Seche's many products, though. Seche also has different kinds of base coats and nail care products. The brand has even branched out and released their own line of fast-drying nail colors, too. Here are some of Seche's other products.

Seche base and top coats and nail colors
Seche Base
Seche 'Perfect Nail' nail care range
Seche Vite, Clear and Restore
Available in larger sizes for professional use
Seche Nail Lacquers
Available in 45 shades, from soft neutrals to pastels to dark, vampy shades
(not all pictured)

I got to try Seche products for the first time during their launch about a couple of months ago.

Pampering session at Lulu Nails and Dry Bar (@ilovelulunails) with Kath (

For my first ever Seche mani and pedi, I went with these two shades.

L: Casually Cool for my fingernails
R: Magnifique for my toenails
Such pretty colors!!

Seche Casually Cool - solid sky blue shade
You know how much I love blue on my nails, right? This pretty light blue shade went on a little streaky, but the manicurist was able to smoothen the finish out using Seche Vite.

Seche Magnifique - metallic fuchsia shade with a purple sheen

This shade, on the other hand, is something I normally wouldn't go for, but I was drawn by the lovely purple sheen that shows up once light hits the polish! This particular shade went on more smoothly and evenly and stayed on my toe nails for a little more than a month without chipping! I was quite impressed. I didn't really wear closed shoes much that time, though. But still.

By the way, I loved Lulu's really cozy seats and posh interior! I'll tell you more about my Lulu nail spa experience in another post ;)

Seche products are now available in the Philippines through Beauty Kingdom, which is Seche's official distributor here and a one-stop shop for all your nail art needs. You can find Beauty Kingdom at 168 Mall, or you can just visit their site to order. (Prices when ordered via their site - Seche top coat, base coats and Perfect Nails nail care products: ~P280-P380; Seche nail colors: P322) For the complete list of prices, click *here.*

If you want to get a Seche mani and pedi done, you can go to Lulu Nails & Dry Bar as well. Seche plus lots of other high end nail polish brands are available there! Visit for more info.

So excited to tell you more about these products. Hope you stay tuned! :)

For more info, visit

Disclaimer: Products were received for free, but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products.


  1. this looks interesting, aya. another nail product to try! :D


  2. I want to try this! Right now I'm satisfied with my Revlon Top Coat. I'll check the links :) The seats look so comfy nga!<3 sayang lang ang layo niya :(

  3. I love the sky blue shade on your nails! I'll check this product out.

  4. The blue one looks so pretty! I'll definitely drop by Beauty Kingdom when I visit 168 mall! :)

  5. Wow kainggit naman you're always a part of these events! Hehe. Would love to try this tlga!! :)

  6. wohoo! :) this is such a happy post :D thanks for including the links to their online shop. PS. i hope you can post a entry of your nail polish collection aya :) im really intrigue i feel like you own an entire closet of nail polishes ^^

  7. Seche! Prang gusto ko nung rebuild something. Yung nail care nila may smaller size ba nun?

  8. Super love ko na ang Seche Vite, I swear! Try it din, Gel :D

  9. Super posh! And yung top coat, super fast mag dryyyy! :D

  10. I do too! I love blue on my nails <3

  11. Remind me to do the same! Hahaha.

  12. Next time we see each other, I'll let you try the super fast-drying Seche Vite! I love love love it. Baka magustuhan mo rin :D

  13. Hi Shayne! Great news no? Although I wish mas accessible ang main store nila.

    Ok, I'll try to post a photo of my current collection! Kahit on Facebook lang. Di pa naman closet-full hahahaha. But I'm running out of storage na. haha

  14. Nail care walang mini eh. Pero yung Seche Vite and Seche Base meron :) 0.125 ml lang, around P150.

  15. Oops, not Seche Base. Seche Clear pala.


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