Sample Room Health Run

Hello! For the sake of those who aren't following me on Facebook or Twitter, I've decided to post Sample Room updates here on my blog as well :)

So what's up at Sample Room today? 

Because beauty and wellness go hand in hand

Catch these three items at Sample Room's Health Run! These samples are all full-sized and non-VIP-member-friendly, don't worry :)

I want to try the Zenutrients roll-on oil, but it's already out of stock. Now hoping for a restock. There are still lots of CarbTrim and OraCare samples, though. Last time I checked, there were still 100+ CarbTrim samples and 20+ OraCare samples.

If you want to try these products, log in to your Sample Room account now while there are still stocks. Don't have any idea what this 'Sample Room' I'm talking about is? Find out more about it by visiting my following posts :)


  1. Lucky me, I was able to check out Zenutrients roll-on oil. But what I love is their carbtrim, I already tried it before I think its worth to grab :D

    Loving it!♥

  2. I am a member of the sample room but I haven't really tried it.. I don't know how! haha :p
    ♡ HerNameIsTrina ♡

  3. I'll be happy to help you out! Hihi. Feel free to ask lang. :))

  4. How's the Zenutrients oil? Oh really? Excited to get mine now :D

  5. I thought it's really a 'run'.. hahaha.. I miss you Miss Aya. I hope you can drop by my blog too. :)

    Btw, they restocked the roll-on oil. :) Got mine yesterday! I hope you get yours too! :)


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