FOTD: Jennifer Lawrence-Inspired Makeup

I've said this a hundred times. When it comes to eye makeup, I almost always go for neutrals. I don't usually sport colorful or even smokey looks. Lately, though, I find myself reaching out for darker and more colorful eyeshadows.

Here's a look that's inspired by Jennifer Lawrence's go-to 'dark eyes, no lips' look.

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I didn't really have anywhere special to go to the day I sported this look, so I didn't go very dark on my eye makeup and just kept the black soft.

For the face, I used:
Celeteque Multi-Benefit BB Cream
Hayan Korea Face Silky Powder (Natural Skin Tone)

For the eyes, I used:
ELF Eyelid Primer
San San single eyeshadows (Deep Earth Brown, Blackground, Natural Air Sienna, Silver Ash, Vanilla Bean)
San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Black)
Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara
Etude House Easy Brow Pencil (#4)
In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour

San San single eyeshadows
*Review here*

To create this simple black-brown smokey eye, I...
  1. Applied Deep Earth Brown on the crease and on the outer eye corner
  2. Applied Blackground on the main lid with a short shader brush, then blended the color onto the brown on the crease using a clean blending brush
  3. Blended the harsh edges using Natural Air Sienna and a fluffy blending brush
  4. Applied Silver Ash on the inner eye corner using a small and stiff eyeshadow brush
  5. Lightly highlighted my browbone using Vanilla Bean and a fluffy eyeshadow brush
  6. Lined my eyes using a black eyeliner pen
  7. Curled my lashes and applied mascara

For the cheeks, I used:
San San Cheek Blusher (Rosy Blush)

For the lips, I used:
Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lipliner (#2)
San San Lip Color Duo (Pink Pout - frosty pink gloss)

And that's pretty much it for this look!

More makeup looks featuring San San eyeshadows coming soon :)

Oh, and speaking of Jennifer Lawrence, I am soooo excited to watch Catching Fire this November! SUPERRRR.

AND if you reaaaaally want to transform into Jennifer Lawrence just by using makeup, then you better watch Promise Phan's Jennifer Lawrence Transformation video!

She nailed the eyes!!!! 


  1. Ang galing! Shocks, kelan na nga ba ang hunger games, naiinip na ako.

  2. Oh my gosh ang ganda!!! And i love the shape of your eyebrows!

  3. November 22/23 yata? I'm superrrrr excited na rin. Huhu ang tagaaaal.

  4. Love this!! Sobrang kamukha mo si Jennifer Lawrence! I think the hairdo made it really pop!

  5. You so look like her!:) awesome makeup!

  6. aya you cheekbones are so nice, i want to be friends with them hahaha ^^

  7. Oh God! Sooo pretty♥
    I love those eyes, simply dramatic even without false lashes and your lips looks soo natural♥

    Loving it!♥

  8. Yey! And thanks? Haha! I tried to copy her usual up-do. I need to keep trying pa para todo achieve na. :D

  9. HAHAHAHA! Thank you! They wanna be friends with you too ;)

  10. Thank you!! I was actually planning on putting on falsies for this look but decided to skip. I'm not a pro when it comes to falsies, and I didn't want to ruin the eye makeup. And yes, that's my most natural lip combo! Nude lipliner + light pink gloss :)

  11. When saw the first picture, I already knew you were using Celeteque bbcream. It has that parang reddish undertone(?). Can you do a review of that bbcream pretty please?

    And I dunno if it's the angle of the camera, pero your face structure is somehow similar with Jennifer Lawrence pala. I can't wait for Catching Fire na rin! I'm excited for Finnick and Johanna.

  12. Jennifer Lawrence nga! Wow I love this look, kuhang kuha mo yung color combination!

  13. Yes, I like the coverage and consistency, but the shade seems a little... off? Ok, I will try to post my review here too :)

    Ahhh super excited na ako to watch Catching Fire! I had other actors in mind to play Finnick and Johanna, but I'm still really excited to see Sam Claflin as Finnick! And to see the clock arena <3

  14. wow! you've definitely improved sis. looking great!

  15. Wow, you look gorgeous sweetie, I love your eye makeup and your skin looks so flawless <3

  16. Thank you for this sis!
    I don't know how to put on my make up!
    So this one's really informative!!
    Bagay sa outfit shots ko!
    I've been following you for a long time now!
    And happy to be one of your readers!

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  17. Thank you, too! Glad you found this helpful. I'll be posting more tutorials soon :D

  18. Thank you, dear! I love this eye makeup very much too. I should sport it more often. hihi

  19. I can never pull of dark smokey eye look. But you definitely look great. WIll definitely try this :)

  20. Hollieeee! Thank you! Still practicing! Pagdating sa blending, ikaw talaga idol ko. hihi.

  21. Not yet used to sporting dark-ish looks, but I do like how they define my eyes more. Will try wearing them more often! :D

  22. You should. You look great ^_^

  23. I'm a fan of smokey eyes, and your look is just perfect! :)

  24. This is such a nice look! It's smoky and dark, yet still subtle and very wearable. Love the nude lips too! I think I'll try to wear something like this tomorrow when I go malling with my sis. It's been sooooo long since I last wore eye shadows! :)) Laging pa-eyeliner eyeliner lang. XD

  25. very jeniffer lawrence nga! i love it! inspired ako mag ganyan look tomorrow :D hihi

  26. I love dark hues in you! They make you look more sophisticated! And great quality on photos. :)

  27. I love JLaw!! Nice look Ms. Aya you did a great job! :D

  28. Simple yet smoldering. Ikaw na! Haha

  29. Yey, thank you! I'll try to sport this more often :)

  30. Yey, go go :D It's fun playing with eyeshadows pala, especially after a long no-makeup-makeup period. Hihi.

  31. Hihi yey! You'll look pretty naman with any look :)

  32. Thank you so much, Kumi! I'll try sporting dark-ish looks more often. And yeah I found a spot outside where the lighting is nice. Awkward lang pag may napadaan while I'm taking my FOTD shots. Hahaha

  33. Love her too!! Thanks, my dear! :)

  34. Pero ikaw pa rin talaga!! Hahaha thanks, Sam :D


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