FOTD and Tutorial: New Moon-Inspired Makeup (Jane)

New Moon is not my favorite among all the five movies in the entire Twilight saga. But don't get me wrong. I don't hate it. I just don't like it as much as I like the others like Breaking Dawn Part 2. Anyway, the other day, I re-watched the entire Twilight series and got inspired by Dakota Fanning's character Jane's makeup in New Moon to whip out my brushes and play with my eyeshadows.

My Twilight-inspired eye makeup

Jane's borderline gothic makeup, which is expected of a member of a royal vampire coven, is far from my usual neutrals but still really... appealing.

Li'l miss Lucy Diamond, all grown up!

After 'researching' (hi, Google!), I learned that her eye makeup in the movie was basically a defined silver-gray-black smokey eye that flared up at the outer corner. (If you want to recreate Dakota Fanning's look here exactly, click *here* for a how-to article.)

I didn't aim to recreate her look down to a T, but I did try to at least create a black-to-silver gradient and line my eyes a bit more heavily than I usually do. Naturally, the look I came up with was a toned-down version of hers. Hihi.

Less black, more brown.

To see how I did this, just keep reading.

For the face, I used:

San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation (02)
Landmark Artist Studio angled flat top brush
Hayan Korea Face Silky Powder
Marionnaud N30 large powder brush

I just poured a small amount of foundation on the back of my hand, dotted that all over my face. 

To spread and blend the foundation, I used my fave angled flat top brush. After that, I lightly powdered my face using a large fluffy brush.

For the brows, I used:

Etude House Easy Brow Pencil (04)
Landmark Artist Studio angled liner/brow brush
In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour
Marionnaud N9 Premium angled liner/brow brush (spooly)

I first outlined my brows to my desired shape using a brow pencil, then I filled them in with the darkest shade from the In2it brow kit.

Now for the eyes, let me be a bit more detailed.

1. I primed my lids first with the ELF Eyelid Primer.

2. Using one of my favorite eyeshadows from San San and a crease brush...

San San eyeshadow (Deep Earth Brown)
Landmark Artist Studio crease brush

...I lightly traced the contour of my eyes.

3. Using a matte black eyeshadow and a short eyeshadow brush...

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow (Blue My Mind - matte black shade)
Virginia Olsen short shader brush

...I darkened the outer two-thirds of my lids.

4. Using the same brown shadow and crease brush from earlier, I blended the harsh edges and slightly darkened up the crease even more.

5. Using a clean, flat eyeshadow brush...

Pinkies Collection eyeshadow (Gray)
Virginia Olsen eyeshadow brush
Beauty Cosmetics pencil brush

...I applied a silver-gray shadow on the inner half of my lids, overlapping with the black shadow I put earlier...

...and blended the harsh edges using a clean pencil brush.

6. Using a big blending brush and my current fave blending color...

San San eyeshadow (Natural Air Sienna)
Charm blending brush

...I softened the crease color a bit.

7. I applied the same black shadow from earlier on my lower lash line as well, making the line thicker near the outer corner.

8. Using a black gel eyeliner and the brush that came with it...

Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner
Landmark small smudge brush
Marionnaud N37 pencil brush

...I lined my upper and lower lash lines. Then I smudged the liner on my lower lash line and smoked it out using a pointed brush.

9. Then finally...

San San eyelash curler
Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

...I curled my lashes and applied two heavy coats of black mascara.

Finished eye makeup!

Finally done with the eyes! Whew! Applying makeup on monolids is not easy.

For the cheeks, I skipped the blush but went ahead and contoured my cheeks using the brown eyeshadow from earlier.

San San eyeshadow (Deep Earth Brown)
Virginia Olsen sculpting brush

Virginia Olsen's sculpting brush is perfect for contouring noobs like me! If you order from, you can get a 10% discount by using the code VOAya upon checkout.

And finally, for the lips, I used a matte brownish red lipstick.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick (Mirrored Mocha)
Add 'blur' effect for more drama! HAHA

Here's the final look.

Next time (meaning 'when I feel brave enough'), I'm gonna skip the brown and darken this up even more. I need a good matte black eyeshadow. Does anyone know where I can find (an affordable) one?

Now the only thing left to do is put on red contacts. Since I don't have any, I'll just use the next best thing - Photoshop. Haha!

Now that's more like it! Can my eye pass for an eye of a bloodthirsty vampire now? Hahaha.


  1. Great FOTD! I love new moon. Your FOTD is indeed Jane-inspired. :)

  2. Finding a good black eyeshadow had also been my problem in the past. I like black eyeshadow from dollface cosmetics' avante garde palette though. But if I really want it really black, I use my dried-out ELF gel liner as eyeshadow as base for the black eyeshadow.

    I like dakota fanning at twilight too. I'm not that crazy about the castings but I think she's perfect as jane.

  3. Cool! Love the colors and the blending as well. :) Avon na yan! :)

  4. Thanks, Clai!! Yes, haha. Submit ko na now na. Hahaha

  5. Ohh, let me know if you find one! The only good matte black I have here is from the MAC trio pictured above. I'm looking for something even richer in color that's locally available and affordable. Something like MakeUp Geek's Corrupt.

    And yes, I think Dakota Fanning is perfect for the role as well!

  6. natawa ako sa add blur effect for more drama! Ganda aya! you used black pero it doesn't look strong.. Gawd I love dakota fanning.. But I feel like she is totally a different person now from what I've known her when she was a little kid.. And I feel like medyo kamukha nya si amanda seyfred. (tama ba spell?) Probably bec of the eyes. :)

  7. Thanks Eyah! I need a black nga na super rich eh. Para bonggang smokey eyes naman. Saan kaya meron? And oo nga no, medyo magkahawig nga sila! Forever kong di malilimutan yung role ni Dakota Fanning sa I am Sam. Nakakaiyak un. Ang liit liit pa nya dun. haha

  8. I love the silver to black transition. Achieve na achieve!

  9. The photoshopped version looks so much like Jane's eyes, good job! I think you shouldn't ditch the brown even if you go bigger on the black next time. Jane's eyes have some brown on them, too :o It has more depth, I think.

  10. Love it! Sis Aya i did not get to see u this weekend, hinahanap ka namin ni Mhisha :P

  11. Yey, I'm glad you think so! And yeahhh, you have a point there. But maybe I'll just go easy on the brown next time. I think I applied a bit too much here. :)

  12. Thank sis! Ohh yeah, I didn't go eh. Birthday weekend ng sister ko. Sayang we didn't get to meet!

  13. Gina May J. MungcalJuly 31, 2013 at 8:43 PM

    Aya bagay pala sayo maging vampire hahaha! Anyway very nice tutorial good luck on your Avon challenge sana makapasok ang gang ;)

  14. Love it sis!!! Achieved! New moon is not my fave among the series too. parang pinaka down na movie siya :)) Sobrang lungkot ko on this part but I so love JANE! Dakota for the win!

  15. PERFECT!!! :D And I just have to say this, ang ganda ng lips mo sis!!! hehehe :D

  16. wonderful tutorial!! weee medyo learned something new here :D love this!

  17. aya!! may hawig ka kay katniss from the hunger games :D especially with that eye makeup ;D

  18. Yeey! Thank you Rhea! Mirrored Mocha is one of my all-time favorite shades talaga :D

  19. Yey! Thanks, Genzel! Oo nga ang sad kasi niya. And honestly parang yun ung most 'boring' na part for me :(

  20. HAHA! Thanks, Gina! Sanaaaa :D

  21. Hahahah! Di ko makita kung saang angle. But thanks, Hazel! Actually yung next fotd ko is a J.Law-inspired look!

  22. oh nice :) pwedeng sya peg for October Halloween esp with the red contacts ^^

  23. Right! It would look awesome with full costume. Hihi Thanks, Shayne!

  24. may alam akong super rich na black I just forgot about it.. urgh.

  25. Sisingit lang, pero try Corrupt by Makeup Geek :)

    Ooh & I love that movie..

    Yun lang.. ^_^

  26. Love this FOTD Aya, will definitely try this :D

  27. Yup, that's what I have in mind din. Though may really subtle sparkle yata yun, but the color is really intense <3

  28. Oo nga yata pero hindi mashado halata...

  29. I'm loving this look so much Ayabelles~ Bagay syo ang dark smokey look. Sa super black matte e/s naman, I'd recommend Flormar's quad in Smokey black, meron din in brown na I know you will love. IMY~

  30. Thanks Gennnn!! Texted you pala. I removed Viber muna. Hahaha.

    Will check out the Flormar shadows!! :)


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