Back at Beauty and Butter!

The first time I got my nails done at Beauty & Butter was last year for the launch of Max Factor's new nail polishes. View my post about that *here.* In that post, I said that I would come back because I loved the colorful interior and the service. 

Beauty & Butter
SM Megamall

A few weeks ago, I finally came back with my friend Eyah for some pampering.

Beauty & Butter claims to be 'the hippest destination for fashionable nails and luxurious pampering.' Let me tell you  why I like getting my nails done here.

First is the colorful interior. Love, love, love it.

It's not difficult to relax inside.

You can even enjoy a movie while getting pampered. There are TVs on both walls for your enjoyment. We got to watch Battleship while getting our nails done. Hihi.

Front desk

Once you enter the salon, you'll be greeted by this large display of different brands of nail polishes, hand and foot care products and even a few makeup items!

Beauty & Butter uses nail polishes from OPI, Orly and SpaRitual, in case you're wondering. 

One of the newest addition to their nail polish selection are these Ruby Wing color-changing nail polishes. 

Unlike the common temperature-based color-changing polishes, though, these Ruby Wing polishes are solar-activated that change color once exposed to UV or sunlight. (Speaking of temperature-based color-changing polishes, local brand Bobbie has recently released some. Check out their Kaleidoscope collection.)

Ever since I saw Frmheadtotoe's video on color-changing polishes, I've been wishing for them to be available locally, so imagine my surprise and excitement upon seeing these. 

Beauty & Butter nail art display
Of course I didn't let my B&B visit pass without trying out these really cool nail polishes! The use of Ruby Wing polishes required an add-on of P60 (regular manicure was P180), but I didn't mind because I really wanted to try them.

I chose these two shades.

Sweet Rose  (L),  Desert Valley (R)

Sweet Rose, soft pink that changes into hot pink under sunlight, and Desert Valley, a chunky glitter polish whose base turns from clear to dark blue/purple.

As for the manicure, it's the usual old polish removal, trimming, shaping and cleaning. The whole process was painless, and the manicurist was very gentle on my hands. Beauty & Butter has nail dryers too (fan for regular polish, UV for gel polish).

Not that I needed the nail dryer. Seche Vite, the fastest-drying top coat I've used, was used as the top coat for my mani.

The results? Nails that change color!

Sweet Rose changes color from soft pink to a hotter pink, while Desert Valley's clear base changes to purple when exposed to sunlight. When it's really, really sunny, the hot pink and purple colors become even more intense! So cool.

Over-all, I enjoyed yet another visit to Beauty & Butter! I love the ambiance and the great yet affordable services. Aside from nail services, B&B offers facial, massage and hair removal services as well, but I haven't tried those yet. Visit their website for the complete list of services.

Oh, I wish they'd open a branch near me. Beauty & Butter, pleeeease open a branch at SM Fairview! Hihihi.

Do you like my crown headband? <3

Ending this post with a photo of mini-bottles of SpaRitual nail polishes!

Cute, right? :D


  1. Gina May J. MungcalJuly 31, 2013 at 8:50 PM

    Cute choice of colors aya! I wish I was there hehe. The color changing nail polish is now trending!! :D

  2. such a nice place! pls open in the south too :) i like both shades of pink that they used on your nails aya :)

  3. I'd love to try this color! and I'm curious about the yellow one that turns into orange.. hmm. since you're a chemist, can you explain to us how the color changing is possible?

  4. So many cool nail spas are opening up now, I'm glad I'm able to ditch my old rinky-dink nail salon. The newer ones are always of princess theme and this is the first funky spa I've seen. Wanna visit!

  5. this place looks so cool! just followed you on instagram too, mines @gypsywardrobe xx

  6. So true! They've been around for years already, but they've just reached our shores. Haha. As usual, late na naman tayo.

  7. Haha here I am wishing they had a branch up north naman. Super like the shades too! And that's the really cool thing about color-changing polishes. You get two shades in one! Super cool :)

  8. I wanna try that one too because the color change seems pretty 'drastic.' I actually wanted to try something with greater contrast that time, but Sweet Rose was just too pretty of a pink to ignore. And yeahhh hahaha I'm actually planning on writing a separate posts on color-changing polishes :)

  9. Right! And while I do love the color pink, I like that Beauty & Butter is not too... hurts-my-eyes girly and pink. Haha.

  10. Thanks, Maddy! Followed you back :D

  11. Wow! Super cool color changing nail polish for the win! Haha. UV activated? Awesome!

  12. I'm so intrigued with the nail polishes that change color! Parang mood rings lang. So cool :) Haha.

    And Beauty and Butter is everywhere! I mean on instagram, almost everyone posts about it - great marketing right there! Super quirky ng design nila - nice! :)

  13. I so love their interior! It's my first time to hear about their salon. Sayang they are too far from my place :( I hope they have it here in the south soon :D Kahit sa southmall sana :D

  14. waaaah! naintriga ako sa ruby wing na yan ah. Sana nga mag open sila dito sa Sm fairview. gah, ganda lang :)

  15. The polish is intriguing, I must try that soon. Love your nails, always. Haha

    I went to beauty and butter pero sa SM Cebu, I had my brows waxed there. I was so desperate to have them fixed dahil sa event. Haha

  16. OMG, Aya! Their interior's such a beauty! Gonna visit them soon fosho! :)

    My star-y life ♥

  17. So nice, no? Love it talaga!

  18. Hihi super cool!! I haven't tried their other services yet - puro nail services pa lang. How was your waxing session naman?

  19. Ohh yes, I hope they open more branches! South, north, everywhere. haha

  20. Yes, almost same ng principle ng mood rings, but mood rings ay temperature-based naman. So cool :D

    Oo nga eh, I love how they're active on social media too. Effective din naman :)

  21. Yes!! Have you tried the ones from Bobbie na? Temperature-based naman sila. Cool din :D

  22. Yup. Tried two colors (indigo blue and grey mod). Super cool! I just don't know how I'm going to take a picture... Hahaha.


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