Nutox Oxyfusion Now in the Philippines

I'll admit... I'm a little overwhelmed (but in a good way) by all these new foreign cosmetics and skin care brands that have arrived here in the Philippines. I mean, I'm happy they're all here now, and I want to try them all, but there are just so many that I don't know where to start!  

Anyway, among the many brands that have recently reached our shores is Malaysia's number one Bird's Nest anti-aging skin care brand, Nutox Oxyfusion

Restoring Youth. Restoring You.

Through HBC, Nutox Oxyfusion's exclusive distributor here in the Philippines, we can now experience for ourselves the miracle Bird’s Nest essence in restoring one’s youthful glow.

Bird's Nest? You might know it as an ingredient in Chinese dishes. Bird's Nest is actually an edible nest made of swiftlets' solidified saliva. This nest is said to be rich in proteins, amino acids and antioxidants, among others, making it a good, natural source of skin nourishing components. Regular consumption of Bird's Nest has been clinically proven to stimulate cell growth and renewal, improve complexion and promote skin clarity and tone. 

“NUTOX Oxyfusion is the first skin care brand that is capable of channeling the anti-aging benefits of Bird's Nest into your skin. The Bird's Nest extract in NUTOX Oxyfusion is dissolved to penetrate and spread deep within your skin to restore its youth.

So what does Nutox Oxyfusion have for us? A complete anti-aging skin care range of products that are especially formulated for Asian skin and suitable for all skin types. Here is Nutox PH's complete line of products.

NUTOX Oxyfusion Softening Pre-Cleanser - Removes makeup without stripping away vital moisture.

NUTOX Oxyfusion Wrinkle Away Facial Cleanser - Cleanses, whitens and protects against fine lines. Reganerates to reveal fresher and younger-looking skin.

NUTOX Oxyfusion Skin Refining Toner - Gentle toner and facial stimulant that refines and tightens pores. Revitalizes and tones skin.

NUTOX Oxyfusion Advanced Serum Concentrate + - Strengthens skin elasticity. Softens and hydrates skin. Exfoliates gently and reduces blemishes. Whitens and evens out skin tone.

NUTOX Oxyfusion Ageless Eye Refiner - Serves as a quick-fix to fill up wrinkles around the eye. Hydrates and restores moisture to the eye area. Reduces dark circles and puffiness.

NUTOX Oxyfusion Moisture Emulsion SPF 25 PA++ - Restores skin's optimum moisture. Whitens and improves skin suppleness and texture. Protects from UV rays.

NUTOX Oxyfusion Supernatural Night Repair - Hydrates, lifts and repairs to reveal moisturized and healthier skin. Maximizes skin cell regeneration during sleep. Removies blemishes and evens out skin tone. Has whitening properties for fairer skin.

NUTOX Oxyfusion Mini Travel Kit - Consists of travel-sized samples of the Advanced Serum Concentrate, Wrinkle Away Cleanser and Moisture Emulsion.

Nutox PH products are quite affordable too, with prices ranging from P200 to P600.

Here is the beautiful face of Nutox Oxyfusion Philippines, Ms. Monique Teruelle Manuel.

Ms. Monique with the HBC team and brand managers

Nutox Oxyfusion is now available in HBC mall-based outlets. Soon to be available in other HBC branches. 

With Ms. Monique, the face of Nutox PH
With Ms. Lorie, Kumi and Ms. Chi of HBC/NutoxPH
With Ms. Lorie and fellow HBC bloggers

More photos in my public album *here.*

*photo from Nutox PH's FB page*
Reviews coming soon :)

Ending this post with this cute candid shot of me and Kumi during the Q&A portion. Hihi.

*photo from Nutox PH's FB page*

Visit Nutox PH and HBC on Facebook and Twitter for more info and updates :)


  1. I hope these won't be too expensive as most anti-ageing lines are always pricey. I'm quite happy that HBC is their exclusive distributor as so far most products sold at HBC are affordable.

  2. Never heard of this brand! Thanks to you now i'm well-informed :)

  3. Bird's nest - yeah i agree with u that CHina came to my mind first. i didnt know that bird's nest could be really full of good compounds. anyway, it's like it has same packaging of Missha's BB cream making me to think that it is effective. lol!

  4. I have to check this brand out next time I visit the local HBC store. I got curious after you've mentioned the price range. ;)

  5. Their slogan "Restoring Youth" caught my eye, lol! Just got some samples, can't wait to try 'em... too bad I was unable to make it to the launch.

  6. I only know the consumable bird's nest products, so hearing that there's a line of bird's nest skin care is surprising. Anyway, I'd love to give Nutox's line a try. Will drop by at HBC some time this week :)

  7. Actually I didn't know about the 'edible' bird's nest. I only knew of the literal na bird's nest made from twigs. Haha. Hope you like their products! :)

  8. Aww too bad! I hope you like the products, though. I am liking the moisture emulsion - it's mild enough for my oily skin :)

  9. You too, Rhea!! Hope to see you again soon :)

    I'm liking the moisturizer nga eh. I'm using the sample from the travel kit. Pati the eye cream. Hindi sya heavy at all and ang ganda ng finish after i-apply :D

  10. I though at first it would be expensive because of the classy, high end-looking packaging. I was surprised to know the products are quite affordable naman pala :D

  11. Still trying out the samples I got. Will post about them next time. I hope they're really effective :)

  12. Price range: P200-600. Quite affordable, I believe :) I was surprised nga when I found out. I thought they'd be expensive because it's a Bird's Nest anti-aging line and the packaging doesn't look cheap.

  13. I love your outfit ant yung sandals na yan talaga ang cute. :) Anyway there are a lots of products and variations to try talaga.. this sounds interesting.

    I hope to see the reviews soon

  14. Thank you! Malapit na masira yang wedges ko huhuhuhuhuhu :(

    Im loving the eye cream! Not heavy tapos after a few minutes, ung finish niya smooth talaga na parang nagprimer ako sa undereyes. Haha

  15. Thank you! Malapit na masira yang wedges ko huhuhuhuhuhu :(

    I'm liking the eye cream! Not heavy and after a few minutes, yung finish niya super smooth na parang nagprimer ako sa undereyes. Haha

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  17. hi.. have you tried these products na?


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