2013 Birthday Haul

Hey, everyone! Last month, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Here are all the stuff that I got for the month of May :)

Warning: Long, picture-heavy post ahead :)

Most of my May purchases were unplanned, but I was still pretty happy with them because a lot of the things I got, I had been wanting to get a hold of for quite some time now.

Let me talk about them quickly. :)

First is this customizable personal palette from Wild Peach cosmetics. I had been wanting to get one for the single eyeshadows I got early this year (*haul post here*)

Wild Peach Cosmetics Personal Palette - P280
(Black and pink dots with glossy finish)

I ordered this from Wild Peach Cosmetics on Facebook. It's the 'Black and Pink Dots (Glossy Finish)' personal palette. Now my single eyeshadows have a home! Yey :D

Next are some more things I was really excited to find - Essence products! Been hearing a lot about Essence lately. Imagine my surprise and excitement to see an Essence counter right in the middle of SM Fairview's Department Store beauty section! 

Essence Colour & Go nail polish in Absolutely Blue - P99
Essence Colour & Go nail polish in Party Princess - P99
Essence Gel-Look Topcoat - P129
Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops - P149
Essence Fix & Matte Translucent Loose Powder - P259

First thing I picked up was the Fix & Matte powder, which was recommended to me by my blogger friend Gie. Loving it so far! Great oil control power! Thanks, Gie! I also got a top coat, a couple of nail polishes and their 'dry drops,' which claimed to help nail polish dry in just seconds. Over-all, I'm happy with my first Essence purchase. Will tell you more about them in my future posts :)

Next are these basic brown eyeshadows from Pinkies Collection.

Pinkies Collection eyeshadows in Skintone and Brown - P70 each

There were no free single pots available that time, but I didn't mind because I now had my Wild Peach palette.

The next ones are repurchases. These are items that I loooove and have been repurchasing for years now.

The Face Shop Base Coat - P95
Etude House Lip & Eye Makeup Remover - P198 (review here)
Etude House Nail Polish Remover - P98 (review of old variant here)

Next is yet another something that I was so excited to get. I had been searching for a dupe of MAC's Expensive Pink eyeshadow. I Googled, of course, and came up with two choices - Wet N Wild Penny and NYX Wildflower. I chose to go with Penny because it's a closer match, and it's the one I was able to find more easily. I found it on eBay, and coincidentally it's being sold by one of my favorite eBay sellers, jnlink777. And you wouldn't believe how much I got it for!

Wet N Wild eyeshadow in Penny - P57 on eBay

Don't be fooled by its size in the photo, though. It's just a really small pan. Anyway, para hindi sayang ang shipping fee, I ordered a couple more items. These WNW Chrome polishes caught my attention. Naturally, I searched for swatches online first. I saw this post then immediately chose my favorites. I wanted to get all shades, but I managed to resist the temptation. Haha. 

Wet N Wild Chrome Nail Color in
I Got a New Com-Pewter and Hog-Quartz School -  P52.25 each

Look at those shade names :D

Next is this Girl Stuff nail polish that I got when I visited the Girl Stuff booth at SM Megamall.

Girl Stuff nail polish in De Bronce - P100

It's just a sheer neutral shade with a little twist :)

Then when I visited Landmark, I saw this makeup brush cup holder again after many months. Finally.

Noconi makeup brush cup holder from Landmark - P309.75

I wish there were more designs, though. Oh, and in case you're wondering, it's out of stock again last time I checked :/

Next are some gifts from my HBC family.

Body Recipe Milk+ Body Wash - P100
San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Brown and Black - P85 each
San San Pressed Powder - P92
San San nail polishes in Purple Breeze, Lavender Blush and Warm Blue - ~P37 each

I chose to get a body wash (so far loving it), back-ups of their eyeliner pens, a pressed powder and nail polishes. 

And as if those nail polishes weren't enough, I bought four more, plus a nail lightener/strengthener when I visited the Trinoma branch. I saw the San San holiday nail polish collection for the first time! (I know, right? Late much?!) Hindi ko kasi 'to naabutan nung ni-release sila late last year. Good thing they're still available at the Trino branch.

San San Holiday Collection nail polishes in Purple Topaz, Midnight Opal and Velvety Garnet - ~P37 each
San San nail polish in Purple Glam (2nd from the right) - ~P37
San San Lightening/Strengthening nail polish - ~P37

I also got some false lashes so I could practice my falsies application skills.

San San false eyelashes - P20.75 each

What I like about these lashes (aside from their price) is that they're not as long as most falsies. I prefer shorter ones like these because they look more natural on my small eyes.

And last but not the least are these samples that I got for free from Missha and Kiehl's.

I didn't expect to receive an email from Missha PH early that month saying that there's a surprise waiting for me. Apparently, they give their newsletter subscribers product samples on their birthdays. Cool! I didn't know about that when I signed up. The Kiehl's samples, on the other hand, I got for free from my BDJ planner coupon. Now I have lots of samples to try!

Aaaand that ends my huge May haul. I don't think I'll be buying nail polishes any time soon. Wait, scratch that. Because every time I say that, I end up buying even more. Haha.

I hope you stay tuned for swatches and reviews :)

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts on them by commenting below, ok? :D


  1. Belated happy birthday! That customizable palette definitely has my attention. Been wanting the Unii palette but it's just not affordable. :D

  2. love your haul! I have the wild peach palette as well!same lng! too bad we don't have pinkies collection here in Iloilo!!

  3. Thank you, Pammy! Yes, I wanted to get a Unii palette too, but it's too expensive for me. This Wild Peach palette is a great alternative! And it's available locally :D

  4. Yey! Loving my Wild Peach palette!

    Aww sayang, I heard Pinkies has great products (BB cream, foundation...). I've only tried their eyeshadows, though :)

  5. Belated happy birthday, Aya! Love the Wild Peach customizable palette! <3


  6. wala pa pala akong gift sayo oh my gosh! I'll buy a gift on you on my payday! :) belated happppyyyyy bday! Would you know how much is the Body wash? :)))) Medyo naaddict ako sa body wash lately.. and binili ko din yung essence na translucent powder because of gie..hhehe e:D

  7. Thanks, Gel!! Parang gusto ko nga i-try magdepot ng eyeshadows pero naaattach ako sa packaging kaya parang di ko kayang sirain. Hahaha!

  8. Haha thanks, Eyah!! Wag naaaa, ang dami mo nang nabigay sakin kaya! Hehe. Oops, forgot to post the prices pala. P100 yung body wash. Ako rin adik na sa shower gels and body wash! hihi

  9. Weee I love the brush cup holder from Landmark!!! ♥ Cutesy! Nice birthday haul, Aya!

  10. you have so many sansan polishes. im so inggit T_T

  11. So cute your make-up brush cup holder.:) Belated happy birthday aya.

  12. Belated Happy Birthday, Aya! So sad that we werent able to meet at the M&G. Still not over it. :)

  13. Belated happy birthday, Aya! :) Love the haul! And I've been meaning to get the brush holder din. You're right, they should come up with different designs no? :)

  14. Belated Happy Birthday, Aya! God bless! :)

    Love love your haul. The Wild Peach customizable palette is the highlight. I also love the Essence purchases and the gifts you received from HBC. I saw the brush holder when I went to Landmark. Sigma yung naalala ko sa kanya. Too bad, di ako pinayagan ni bf na bilhin.

  15. i liooove ur haul aya! i have those sansan holiday nail polishes. haha naalala kta whenever i buy nail polishes.:)) naks special mention!happy ako u liked it! yaaaaaaaaaaaay! will get na nga the wild peach palette na nga!:)

  16. i love everything! specially the palette and brush holder <3
    Happy Birthday sis Aya, parang kilan bday mo hehe
    ~ Please join my On Going GIVEAWAY 7 Winners! :)

  17. Congratulations sa brush cup holder at dun sa palette holder! I know matagal mo ng inaasam asam sila, hehe! :D Belated happy birthday, Ayabells!! :) IMY! Let's meet soon! :))

  18. Belated happy birthday :) I'm so jelly of everything. This is a GREAT haul!

  19. Thanks, Arnie! Been waiting for that to be on stock again :D

  20. Went crazy lang on the polishes. I didn't even need any more but I still bought them :/ Haha

  21. Hahaha! Apir! And ang mura ng mga WNW products nila :D

  22. Thank you! I wish it came in other designs din :)

  23. Thanks, Yette! Oo nga eh :( Hope to see you soon, though :)

  24. Thanks, Bing! :) Yup, ewan ko nga ba bakit isa lang ang design. They have other ones, yung mas plain tapos may purple pa kaso not sold individually. May kasamang brushes na. Sayang.

  25. Thank you! Yeah, yung brush cup holder din ng Sigma ang original na nasa wishlist ko. Then I saw yung sa Landmark. Perfect :D

  26. Thank you! Aww too bad. Hope you get your hands on some soon :)

  27. Gieee! Hahaha of course, ikaw pa!

    Natetempt ako magdepot dahil sa Wild Peach pero naaattach ako sa packaging, di ko kaya sirain. Haha

  28. Yey! Thank you sis! Ang bilis nga eh, parang kakapost ko lang dati nung 2012 birthday haul ko. Hahaha

  29. Hahahaha! Tama ka dyan! Di na kasi bumalik ung free palette sa Pinkies eh, ayun. Thank you! Let's :)

  30. Thank youuu! Super happy with this haul talaga! And the best part is that I didn't have to spend a lot for it :D

  31. Please please please do a review of the essence top coat and drops!! I want to see the results hehe

  32. belated hapy birthday dear =) ilove your hauls!

  33. I'll review the dry drops! It really does help dry nail polish :) The top coat is just like an ordinary top coat for me, though. But will continue to test pa :)

  34. Oh thanks! I'm looking for a fast drying top coat kasi like Seche pero cheaper version hehe. Reviews say na super fast drying tlga siya.

  35. Belated Happy Birthday!
    Love the Wild Peach customizable palette!!

  36. Thank you! I love it too :)

  37. belated happy birthday aya, you dont look 23 you look younger ^^ and thanks for linking the review on the etude eye make up remover. i checked it out cuz i've been thinking of buying a new one, in a diff brand, bec im not satisfied with the one that i have now. etude is cheaper pa :)


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