Virginia Olsen 2013 Collection

A few weeks ago, mineral makeup brand Virginia Olsen launched their 2013 collection. If you're into mineral makeup and vegan brushes, then I'm sure you're gonna like what I'm about to share! 

So what does Virgina Olsen have for us this year? Here, take a look! 

Five new (and super soft!) synthetic makeup brushes and 10 new shades of eyeshadow (6 matte, 4 shimmery). Add these to Virginia Olsen Minerals' already wide selection of products. They've got face makeup (foundations, concealers, blushes, primer, finishing veil), eye products (eyeshadows, eyeliners, eyelash enhancer) and makeup brushes. Visit to view the complete list of VO products :)

Click *here* to read about VO's past (holiday) collection.

Now, let's take a closer look at the newest products from Virginia Olsen Minerals, shall we? :)

First up are the makeup brushes.

L-R:  Angled contour brush, short shader brush, precision pencil brush, sculpting brush, flat top brush

There are five new brushes in the 2013 collection - an angled contour brush, short shader brush, precision pencil brush, sculpting brush, flat top brush. These really soft brushes are made from premium-grade materials and can be used with wet or dry products. The bristles are made of taklon, and the ferrules are made from recycled aluminum. 

Natural bamboo handles with VOM logo

These brushes have been available at VO's site for a few weeks already. I've been using the short shader and the sculpting brushes non-stop since I got them. The short shader brush is perfect for my small lids, while the sculpting brush makes contouring a whole lot easier! I'd like to try the flat top brush soon. Flat top brushes are my favorite because they're so versatile and can be used in many different ways.

Now, the eyeshadows.

Top two rows are matte shades. Bottom row, shimmery.

There are 10 new shades of eyeshadow; six of which are matte, while the other four are shimmery.

Matte shades

Colors that are perfect for spring and summer. And pigmented, too!

Shimmery shades

Even though they're shimmery, they're still easy to wear, in my opinion, because they're not too sparkly. The sheen is just right for me.

These eyeshadows are going to be available at VO's site this May, so stay tuned. Among the ten shades, the following three are my favorites.

Lilac Lust (shimmery)
Sphinx (shimmery)
Prom Night (matte)


Got new products to try! Thanks, VO! :)

Expect to see Virgnia Olsen looks soon. I've got a couple of posts lined up for you :)

With fellow bloggers and Hazel of Virginia Olsen
(photo from Virginia Olsen's Facebook page)

So which ones are you liking? Oh, by the way, you can use coupon code VOAya to get a 10% discount on your purchases from!

Visit Virginia Olsen on Facebook and @Virginia_Olsen on Twitter for product and promo updates :)


  1. I havent tried any VO products but Ive been wanting to try it. The colors of the matte eyeshadows appeal so much!


  2. Parang ang ganda ng mga brushes. :)


  3. I really like their brush!!! sooo soooft parang Sigma brush na! :D

  4. get the flat top brush na rin, aya! you'll super love it as well <3

  5. Love their brushes talaga! <3 Panalo :)

  6. Right? Prom Night is my fave from the matte shades :)

  7. Maganda talaga, super soft pa like their other brushes :)

  8. Yes! And very gentle on the face :D

  9. Prom Night + Ibiza = dies because of the prettiness of it.

  10. i so love virginia olsen! i have puppy love, pumpkin and ibiza. very pigmented but im not impressed of their packaging though..


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