Summer Nails

Okay, okay – I need to admit something. I like to classify myself as a smart girl. I don’t too easily get carried away by fads and magazines telling what will make me look and feel more beautiful, but something has – and that thing is gel nails. I'm obsessed... I can’t stop choosing my next colour or researching my next salon trip... I’ve even taken to researching kits to do them myself at home – this coming from the girl who CANNOT paint her own nails. It must be easier with gel, I tell myself picking out nail varnish from my hair!

So my first experience of gel was just three weeks ago. I was visiting my best friend in Wales and her mum organised for her nail therapist to come round to the house. Getting your nails done at home? AT HOME? This was amazing to me! Living in London, Hackney to be precise, there are plenty of nails places to chose from – some of them very cheap. However, I hate the smell. It can’t be very good for your health right, the smell is some chemically my lungs want to run out the door. I decided to go to for French on my fingers and three weeks later they are still looking fab.

This is remarkable to me – I love getting my nails done but it can be expensive and even when they are professionally done, I always seem to chip them. My nails are still shiny and chip free - perfect! Yet, what I love most about gels is that they harden my natural nails – I had overlays rather than extensions – and the particular gels I had, Bio Sculpture, actually nourishes your natural nail bed underneath whilst remaining strong and flexible. My natural nails are pathetic, pathetic I tell you. Most importantly, I have stopped biting my nails. At the grand old age of 28 I have stopped biting my nails. My nana is so very pleased.

Next time I'm going to go for a colour – red I think. I’ll also definitely be having my toes done before my holiday. As my hands now look super pretty for the first time in my entire life – you see I’ve been moisturising and wearing washing up gloves too – I decided I needed to adorn my fingers with something pretty. After a little research, I decided to go for a simple silver ring from Pandora, lovely.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post.


  1. Jasmine de la CruzMay 15, 2013 at 1:42 AM

    I've never tried a gel manicure before, but I wanna try it soon! Red's a great choice for your next color, it's such a classic! :)


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