Haul: Great Deals

Don't you just love great deals? That's also one of the reasons why I like going to beauty bazaars and expos. You can spot many great deals there. And who doesn't love discounts?!

Kleancolor nail polish in 134 Holo Pink - P80
Sassy 2-way nail art tool in black and white - P37 each
Bobbie nail polish in Touch of Beige - P35
Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lipliner in #5 - P98
Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in #2 - P128
Beauty Cosmetics goat hair blending brush - P90
Beauty Cosmetics synthetic blending brushes in purple and pink (travel size) - P50 each
Beauty Cosmetics goat hair crease/pencil brush (travel size) - P90

For example, about a month ago, I went to the 2013 Cosmetologie Fair and saw Kleancolor's promo. Nail polishes sold for only P80 per bottle! Regular price, I think, is P150. I went crazy over their holo shades, but unfortunately the shades I really wanted except for the pink one were out of stock that time. Took advantage, still, because the discount was almost 50%, and I didn't know where else Kleancolor was available locally. The pink shade's also really gorge!

And that's the only thing I got during Cosmetologie. LOL. Swatches here:

Here are some more nail products I got. Not from Cosmetologie and not discounted although still pretty affordable.

Then about a week after that, Celine and Eyah invited me to come with them to World Trade Center again for the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar. I actually had already decided not to come, but I'm so glad I still went! Why? Because Beauty Cosmetics had a booth there, and their brushes were on sale!

Synthetic blending brushes for only P50?! They're actually travel-sized brushes but I didn't mind. Perfect timing too, because I was looking for good but affordable blending brushes. I bought an extra but in a different color so I would have something to use as a 'cleaning substitute.' I also bought a larger, natural-haired blending brush as a cleaning substitute for the similar one I had here at home. Lastly, I got a small (also travel-sized) pencil/crease brush for my small lids because I didn't have one like it yet. 

Talk about great deals, eh? These were the only things I got during the bazaar, but I'm really happy with them already ;] Thanks, Celline, for the free bazaar pass!

And lastly... some essentials from my recent trip to Etude House - lipliner for my mom and brow pencil for me (not discounted, but also affordable ;P).

I was supposed to repurchase the Easy Brow Pencil in #4 which I LOOOOVE, but I decided to try this retractable and angled one instead. Heard it's also good :)

I couldn't find an exact shade match, though. This shade #2 (gray-brown) was the closest match I could find to my Easy Brow Pencil shade which was #4 (light gray). As much as possible, I don't use brown brow pencils anymore because they look unnatural on me. Good thing this Drawing Eye Brow shade #2 is not too brown for my liking. I'll post a review of both brow pencils soon :)

That's it for today's post! Share your greatest discount stories by commenting below! :)


  1. envy you on the blending brushes.. super affordable!!!! =/

  2. Waaa Aya buti kapa nabili mo ung eyebrow pencil from etude house laging oos un eh gusto ko rin matry un :<

  3. Waaaaa! P80 for a Kleancolor nail polish?? Waaaa!

  4. april hollie arnadoMay 9, 2013 at 11:19 PM

    so want to try those beauty cosmetics brushes, especially the goat hair ones! they blend shadows better than the synthetic bristles and it's super duper cheap! I want!

  5. I am looking forward to the brow pencil review. I like that it has a slanted line :) nice! hope it matches ^_^

  6. It has a hint of brown in it but not too much so I can still make it work :) Will try to post it soon :D

  7. They're also available online. Regular price na, though. But still pretty affordable.

  8. Yup! Had a great time at their booth, choosing which brushes to get. If I had more money with me that time, I would've gotten some of their face brushes (which were on sale too). Waha.

    Re: EH brow pencils... I do too! Have to say, though, that right now I think I love the Easy Brow Pencil a little bit more than the Drawing Eye Brow. But they're both great :)

  9. Nako, I went to a lot of EH branches pa just to find the closest match sa shade na hinahanap ko. OOS sa most branches na napuntahan ko. Limited lang yung shades. Didn't want to get naman yung masyadong brown. Good thing it was available sa SM Fairview branch. Hehe

  10. Right?? But they're still pretty affordable even in regular price. The synthetic travel-sized ones are P100, I believe :)

  11. Nagamit mo na yung blending brushes?! sana next time magsale ulit :) I love it :) that etude brow is my favorite kaso madali sya maputol sakin, hindi ako nakakaubos lagi kung napuputol so I always buy the refill just in case :)

  12. Yup, nagamit ko na. Very useful nga :)

    Ah yeah, yun nga kinakatakot ko, baka maputol. So maiksi lang pagtwist ko pag ginagamit ko para hindi mabali. :)

  13. Update: Naputol na yung Drawing Eyebrow ko kahit ko naman siya nalaglag and gentle lang ang paggamit ko. Siguro nayugyog masyado sa makeup bag ko. Haha lagi ko kasing dala.


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