Spring/Summer This Year Gets All Grown-Up

With the runway season now behind us, the spotlight is moving away from the glitz of the catwalks and onto the looks that will be hitting the high street over the coming months.

Amongst the sheer fabrics, belt-like crop tops and a return to ‘90s style’ (an oxymoron, surely?), the majority of trends that featured in the recent spring/summer collections were surprisingly mortal-friendly. Shining through the more bizarre highlights of the season were the elegant pencil skirts, revamped suits and a resurgence of monochrome mania, all of which offer that sometimes elusive combination of real-life practicality and catwalk-worthy style.

This more grown-up approach to fashion is perhaps indicative of the experience and maturity of the current power players in women’s design. At 69 years old, the recent return of Jil Sander to her brand after an eight-year absence sparked both huge excitement and anticipation in the fashion world as it waited to see if the designer could produce pieces current enough for women today.

By the first outfit of her spring/summer show, however, all doubts were well and truly silenced. Slicing through the sugary-sweet pastels and delicate florals more typical for this season, her ultra-minimalist designs remained true to the ‘onion look’ that initially made her name and reaffirmed her ability to head a brand for the modern woman.

Sander’s ethos is as simple and clean-cut as her clothes: to design elegant, versatile pieces that complement the lifestyles of intelligent, confident women of all ages. With hard-working female celebs already snapping up her new collection, it appears Sander’s philosophy looks set to similarly take the high street by storm. Monochrome tones and sharp lines are already dominating the rails and promise a host of delights for women seeking stylish, timeless and comfortable pieces that serve work and play with equal effortlessness.

So, to make like Jil Sander and get the look that will have you feeling both office and catwalk-ready, now is the time to hit the high street and invest in some of her staple trends. Why not try something monochrome from the new range of ladies’ tops at or go classic with some sharp tailoring? Either way, by sticking to Sander’s mantra of chic, simple design, you’ll be sure to stay bang on trend throughout the spring/summer season.