My 'No Make-Up' Make-Up Look

Sometimes Most of the time, you'll see me wearing a natural makeup look. As much as I want to be fully made-up every time I go out (with fancy eyeshadow and all that), I just can't because I find myself almost always rushing my makeup application and lacking time to play with my eyeshadows and lipsticks. Haha. I have to work on my time management! ;/

Anyway, on days when I'm in a hurry, I skip a few steps in my makeup routine like applying full base and eye makeup. The result? A no-makeup makeup look! And when I say no-makeup look, I mean...

  • Even skin color 
  • Filled-in brows 
  • Natural(ish) pink color on the lips

In this post, I'm going to tell you about my no-makeup makeup look, which also happens to be my go-to look. I'll also be sharing what products I usually use for this :)

For the face, I just apply concealer on my undereye areas, on the sides of my nose, on my cheeks and around my lips. Just to even out my skin tone and cover up the redness. I like using a light liquid concealer and a flat-top brush for this. When I have a little more time to spare or when I need to look flawless, I grab my current favorite cream foundation and apply a layer of that on my face using a paddle foundation brush. I never skip applying powder on my T-zone and cheeks because I have oily skin.

Note: The products I used in the photos are marked with an asterisk (*).

Products usually used:
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer*
Ever Bilena Studio Finish Stick Foundation
4U2 Lovelight BB Powder*
Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire
Landmark Artist Studio angled flat-top makeup brush
Landmark Artist Studio foundation brush

As for my cheeks, I skip applying blush when I'm just wearing concealer topped with powder, but when I'm wearing foundation, I don't. Why? Because when I only have light concealer on my face, the natural redness of my cheeks still peeks through so I don't really need to apply blush.

Products usually used:
ELF Natural Radiance Blusher*
San San Age-Defense Blush On

I never skip filling in my brows. I use a brow pencil to outline the shape of my brows and lengthen the tail and brow powder to fill them in. Then I just blend away the harsh lines using a brow brush.

Products usually used:
Etude House Easy Brow Pencil*
In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour*
Landmark Artist Studio angled liner/brow brush
Marionnaud N9 Premium angled liner/brow brush

For my lips, I use either a tinted lip balm or a my-lips-but-better shade of lipstick.

Products usually used:
LipIce Sheer Color Changeable Lip Conditioner
Snoe Rouge Deluxe Lipstick in Vintage Rose* (my favorite MLBB shade!)

Hmm, after looking back at that list, I realized that I could actually live with just a minimum of four makeup items in my kikay kit - liquid concealer/foundation, powder, brow pencil and pink lipstick!

Aaaand that's it. You know me, I like playing things safe! By now you shouldn't be wondering why a no-makeup look like this is also my go-to look. Hahaha!

Share your no-makeup look tips and tricks by commenting below! :)


  1. liquid foundation or bbcream, face powder for oil control, cheek tint, and lipbalm or mlbb lipstick. Sometimes I use mascara or eyeliner. Never both for the natural look. I don't use concealer. Instead I use a lighter foundation for the area underneath my eyes and cheeks as a sort of highlighter - also my favorite technique because it's soooo subtle. Brows are left alone. I just make sure they're clean. It works you know. people really think I'm not wearing any make-up especially when I'm using a clear lipbalm!

  2. cge dahil 4 makeup lang ok ka na akin na lahat ng tira! hahahaah! :)

    oh nga noh you dont need blush on talaga kasi nagrorosy cheek ka naman talaga :) At parehas tayo pag aalis laging No makeup or yung usual go to lang kasi wala ng time.. petiks kasi ako pag mga 2 hours before pa tapos nagmamadali after 1 hour :)

  3. Mismo! Kahit sinasabi ko sa gabi na ganitong oras ako gigising bukas para I have 2 hours to do my makeup (lol), wala parin eh. hahaha

  4. Parang eyebrows and lips lang ang may makeup dito. Your skin is flawless na to begin with. I can't go for a no makeup look as of the moment. Irritated ang skin.

  5. april hollie arnadoApril 24, 2013 at 7:30 AM

    really love your skin aya, it's flawless! ^_^.

    Random Beauty by Hollie

  6. Gellie Anne AbogadoApril 24, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    I haven't been putting much makeup on because of work. Late na ako madalas magising. LOL But pag weekends at gimik time bongga dapat. Hahaha!


  7. Nice one. Looks fresh and clean. These days, I prefer the no-makeup look. Parang napapangitan na ako sa sarili ko pag naka-eyeliner. Eyeliner lang yun ha! Hahahaha

  8. You look so beautiful and clean. I love that's classic and feminine :)

  9. Thank you! I'm aiming for natural here :)

  10. Hahaha! Thanks! :) Ako naman, sa sobrang init tinatamad mag full-makeup. Mapapawisan lang din naman ako.

  11. Yes, bawi sa weekend! Hahaha

  12. Thanks, Hollie! Yung foundation lang yan. Hahaha

  13. My skin has been acting up lately rin. As much as I want to wear no makeup at all, minsan di keri dahil ang dami kong red spots :/

  14. That's my bagong-gising face. Haha


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