Caronia Expressions Collection

It's that time of the year again! You know what I'm talking about. Starts with the letter 'S' and ends with 'R'? Haha. Have you guys been enjoying the first few months of summer? My nails surely are because they get to wear fun, bright colors! Summer, after all, is the perfect time to experiment with colors.

Speaking of colors, local nail polish brand Caronia has just released their summer collection - the Caronia Expressions Collection! :)

This collection features a trio of light and cool colors that you can mix and match - Rosy Glow, Blue Chill and Fresh Mint.

I believe Blue Chill is an old shade, but Rosy Glow and Fresh Mint are both new.

L-R: Fresh Mint, Blue Chill, Rosy Glow

Let's take a look at these shades one by one.

Rosy Glow is a soft pink color with a hint of purple. 

Rosy Glow

This is actually my favorite shade among the three in this collection. I love the color a lot!

Blue Chill is a frosted pale blue shade. 

Blue Chill

It's the only frosted shade in this collection. Honestly, I like the color a lot, but I'm not much of a fan of the streaky frosted finish. If you've tried Caronia Pink Frost and Mint Frost, Blue Chill has the exact same finish as that of those two. But like I said, I like the color - it looks very refreshing, doesn't it?

Fresh Mint is a light green shade.

Fresh Mint - light green

I thought at first that it looked like Kiwi from last year's summer collection, but after comparing the two side by side, I realized that Fresh Mint was actually lighter and softer while Kiwi's way brighter.

The color pay-off of these polishes are great, in my opinion. The formula of the two solid colors is on the thicker side but not really too thick. They're still easy to work with and not streaky. I usually apply at least two thin coats to get a nice even finish. The frosted shade, on the other hand, has thinner formula. It goes on smoothly on the nails, but it gives a streaky finish so I have to apply it carefully.

I really like the colors from this collection - colorful yet easy to sport because they're soft! And I think they'd also go well together! Remind me to create a nail art design using these three, ok? ;)

Visit to see the full list of nail polish shades Caronia has. Follow Caronia on Facebook and Twitter as well for promo and contest updates. Caronia holds online contests from time to time. Why not join for a chance to win Caronia gift packs? :)

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Disclaimer: Products were sent by the company but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products.


  1. I love them all! I want to get too. Ganda sana ng Blue Chill but then like what you've said, it has a frost finish which I also don't like. :(

  2. Rosy Glow, I want! Lakas maka-pagirl. :)

    I agree with Clarisse. Ganda ng lightbox. Super ganda lagi ng photos!

  3. Gellie Anne AbogadoApril 30, 2013 at 12:43 PM

    Rosy Glow very girly! I'm so getting one! :P


  4. Di ba ang ganda ng Rosy Glow? I like the hint of purple in it :D

    Thank you! Pahirapan nga magtake ng photos minsan, but thankfully Picasa and Photoshop are here to help. Hahaha.

  5. Go get na! Oo nga eh, ang ganda ng shade ng Blue Chill. Just not a fan of the finish.

    Thank you! DIY lightbox lang siya. Huge plastic box, white cartolina and three lamps :)

  6. The colors reminded me of my very 1st time in experiencing Spring in California. Reminded me of the flowers that are everywhere and in the backyard of my aunt's house.

  7. Gondo ng shots! Want lightbox na rin! :((

    Me likey Fresh Mint the most! My kind of green :D

  8. I'd like to try rosy glow! nice pink shade ♥

  9. This collection is really nice :) It doesn't look too summery to me though, but more like spring. Anyway, I love the color of Rosy Glow! It looks pretty on your nails/hands too. Wish I can pull off something with a purple undertone (it tends to make my skin look dark?), but I think I'll grab a Caronia Rosy Glow on my next trip to the dept. store. Baka magwork :D

  10. Ooohhh. I want Fresh Mint! Fave ko dati ung Kiwi pero medyo bright siya pero Fresh Mint looks softer nga.
    Ask ko lang kung ilang watts ung lamps mo? Hihi. Fail kasi ung lightbox wanna be ko e. Hihi.

  11. the rosy glow is a subtle pink na perfect sa work! grabe your nails are so ganda!! :D i envy you :D

  12. Rosy glow looks like a really pretty pink color that anyone can wear. I like that it's muted. Kaso parang popular din maxado. Sana hindi out of stock when I get it.

  13. Bet ko si rosy glow.. malakas makaitim ng daliri sakin ang frosted :D

  14. Now that you mentioned it, yeah, the colors do look garden-ish together.

  15. Thank you! DIY lightbox lang siya. Huge plastic box, white cartolina and three lamps. Gawa na :D

    I like Fresh Mint din. I like how soft the color is. Not too bright. Kering keri :)

  16. Di ba? I like how soft the color is :D

    Hmmm, nako di ko na alam eh. Haha kasi nung binili ko ung lamps nakaattach na yung bulbs, di ko na natanong kung anong W. Regular bulbs lang naman sila. Not too bright :)

  17. Let me know if you end up liking it! I like that shade a lot. I like the hint of purple it has :D

  18. Di ba? Very nice shade! Thanks, Rovie! I had my nails don sa salon a few days before I took these photos kaya medyo maganda pa itsura ng nails ko dyan. Ngayon pangit na ulit. Hahaha

  19. Actually I haven't seen Rosy Glow and Fresh Mint at department stores pa. Not sure of the exact release date. I hope you get your hands on it soon :)

  20. May mga frosted na maganda, iba yung pagkafrosty pero yung mga ganito, medyo not a fan ako. Pero ganda pa rin ng color mismo :D

  21. Ooohh okee thanks! Hehe. Try ko din tatlong lamps gamitin. Baka gumanda din pics ko.

  22. No prob! One for each side, one sa taas. Then I retouch na lang the lighting sa Picasa/Photoshop. Hope that helps :)

  23. The soft purple and green are really cute colors.
    Now I´m following in FB, Bloglovin´and GFC
    I hope your follow me back in those three

  24. april hollie arnadoMay 2, 2013 at 7:27 AM

    really pretty pastel shades!

  25. the rosy glow looks pretty!!!

  26. Wow, the colors are really lovely. <3 Maybe I should try Caronia. (^_^)

  27. The shade of Rosy Glow and Fresh Mint are lovely! So perfect for spring/summer.
    I haven't tried them out yet, though, because I'm afraid that it won't look good with my tan


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