L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod, the Newest Revolution in Hair Care

If you're thinking that you can't style your hair using heat without compromising its health, then you might want to check out the newest revolution in hair care, L'Oreal Professionel's Steampod services!

L'Oreal Professionel, the world's number one professional brand, teamed up with Rowenta, the world leader in household appliances and inventor of steam iron, to create a revolutionary tool - the Steampod.

The Steampod is the first hair smoothing iron that delivers a continuous stream of pressurized steam from a built-in steam generator. It can be used not only to straighten and smoothen the hair but also to style (like curling) and give it texture and movement, for repaired and nourished hair with sealed ends and brilliant shine.

What's the steam for? Well, the steam gently opens up the hair cuticles to help the active ingredients penetrate into the hair fibers for a more effective treatment, and it heats the hair gradually to prevent shocking your hair and damaging it. Moreover, the steam helps smoothen the hair cuticles, sealing the ends for a flawless finish. Best part? No 'burnt hair' look here unlike in regular straightening treatments!

Of course, the hair care products used in the treatment is just as important as the tool itself. L'Oreal Pro also introduced their first Pro-Keratin steam-activated product range to accompany the Steampod services.

These products contain Pro-Keratin that helps reconstruct and strengthen the hair for long-lasting straight and shiny hair.

Now let's talk about the two Steampod services that are currently available - Keratin Steam Bond and Keratin Steam Care.

Keratin Steam Bond - The first steam smoothing service with Pro-Keratin for long-lasting, shiny and straight hair; effect is permanent, or at least it will be evident until new hair grows. It's kind of like rebonding but a different kind of iron is used (Steampod). Price: P6000 (short hair), P7500 (long hair)

Steam bonding treatment
(Click to enlarge)
  • Ultimate Straight Smoothing - straight and silky look until the ends of the hair
  • Natural Straight Smoothing -straight and shiny look with a more natural movement (hair will be straightened in bigger sections)

Keratin Steam Care - Gives an anti-frizz smoothing effect that can last up to three days. Price: P1500 (short hair), P2500 (long hair)

Steam care treatment
(Click to enlarge)

These Steampod products and services are available first at Bench Fix salons, one of the fastest-growing salons in the country.

I was lucky enough to experience the steam revolution a couple of weeks ago when the Steampod was launched, thanks to L'Oreal Professionel and Bench Fix Salon. The launch was held at Bench Fix Lab, Glorietta 4.

L'Oreal Professionel and Bench Fix managers
with the Bench Fix Steampod specialists

Now let me tell you about my Steampod experience :)

I chose the Steam Bond service, hoping that my naturally wavy (ish) hair would become straighter and more manageable. By the way, I had never gotten my hair professionally treated before this. I colored it twice using one of those DIY foam coloring kits (see post *here*), and that's it. 

Before the treatment, my hair was assessed by the stylists. 

Then it's time for the treatment. First, my hair was washed using the X-Tenso Care Nutri-Reconstructor Shampoo and then blow-dried. After drying, my hair was spritzed with the X-Tenso Care Ultra Protective Pre-Treatment.

Then the X-Tenso Moisturist Smoothing Cream was applied on my entire hair, section by section. After that, my hair was rinsed and dried for the second time.

Amount of cream used for my hair (L) vs. that for Ina's ( hair (R).
She has way longer hair, obviously ;]

Then it's time to straighten! My hair was straightened using the Steampod. To keep my hair's body, my hair was straightened in bigger sections.

Steampod in action

After straightening, the Neutralising Cream was applied and left on my hair for about 10 minutes.

Then my hair was rinsed for the last time and treated with the X-Tenso Care Intense Nutri-Reconstructor Masque. After that, my hair was blow-dried, and Mythic Oil was applied for additional smoothness and shine.

The whole Steam Bond treatment took 3.5 hours. And I believe the Steam Care process takes about half that time. The result?

L: My hair before steam bonding
R: My hair after steam bonding

Soft, silky smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair! Doesn't look 'rebonded,' right? Doesn't look burnt nor dry at all. Here are some photos taken with flash so you can see how shiny my hair was after the treatment.

My hair at its straightest! 

With Ms. Myla, the stylist who worked on my hair :)

How's my hair now? Well, for reference, here's my hair before the steam bond treatment. One month before, to be exact.

One month BEFORE the Steam Bond treatment.
My hair looks really dry here.

And this is my hair two weeks after the treatment.

Two weeks AFTER the Steam Bond treatment.
My hair looks healthy and shiny now.

Two weeks after the treatment and it's still smooth, soft, shiny, and it's more manageable but not flat! But since I don't know how to blow-dry my hair to perfection, I just usually leave it wavy at the ends.

For maintenance, I use these two products.

So those wanting to straighten/smoothen/style their hair without damaging it further, why not pay Bench Fix salons a visit and join the steam revolution? :) L'Oreal Pro has an ongoing contest, too. Follow @LOrealProPH and @BenchFixSalon on Twitter and tweet them with hashtags #hairrevolution and #steampodipadminigiveaway to get a chance to win an iPad Mini! The contest has been extended, I believe. Follow L'Oreal Pro on Twitter and Facebook for updates! :)

Disclaimer: Service was provided by the company for free but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with it.


  1. Hahahaha di talaga tayo makamove on sa dami ng moisturist nten hahahaha.... See you soon!!

  2. I could really use a treatment like this now. And it's great na it doesn't look super straight na parang walis. Your hair still has body nga. natural na natural. :)

  3. Wow, your hair definitely looks silky and full of life! When it comes to hair, you shouldn't really think twice in spending since some damages are irreversible. Unlike the typical results from rebonding process, your hair doesn't look flat at all. :)

  4. Yes! That's the description I was looking for - parang walis. Hahaha.

    And yeah, I was actually afraid at first because I thought my hair would become straight but flat. Thankfully it didn't end like that. Give it a try? :) I heard that L'Oreal's coming out with new Steampod services soon :D

  5. I agree! That's why I always got scared of getting my hair rebonded or colored professionally before. I love how the Steampod straightened and smoothed my hair while keeping it looking natural and not flat at all :D

  6. Hahaha yesss! See you soon! :D

  7. Ganda ng effect sayo. Parang natural lang yung bagsak. :)

  8. wow i wonder if you can actaully buy that somewhere yourselve so you steampod at home nlng haha i saw some bloggers and i guess a lot of you been to this event and i am happy that you guys looks awesome! xx

  9. Ganda nga ng effect! It's over my budget but my hair badly needs a good treatment right now!

    You look really awesome. Loving the healthier, shinier and healthier looking hair on you. :)

  10. Aya, I love the hair! Ang ganda ng effect. :)

  11. Sounds very promising. I've heard about Steam Bond and read good reviews about it. Your hair looks sleek and shiny, btw. :)

  12. Thanks Kath! Sayang wala tayong mga photos together :(

  13. Thank you! It really made a difference on my hair. :)

  14. Yup I had a great time! My hair needed some pampering hahaha

  15. Di ba? hindi talaga mukhang "rebonded" :)

  16. You look so fresh. Another breakthrough hair treatment :)

  17. if only i had straight hair :)) u look fab btw ;D

  18. Envious! Pano pag permed hair? bwal na? akala ko nabibili yung mismong iron ihihih.. so prang treatment sya right?

  19. Your hair looks so amazing! ^_^ I love seeing new products being launched!

  20. Pwede Steam Care sa permed hair, I believe. Pag Steam Bond, di ko lang sure. Para siyang combination ng straightening/smoothing and treatment :)

  21. Thank you! I do too, especially if they're as promising as this :D

  22. ah parang braizillian ek ek pala.. :)

  23. Hi aya.. may tanong ako. tingin mo kay eeffect sa frizzy and dry hair ung steam bond? kasi gusto ko sana i try kaso baka masayang pera ko kung ndi naman eepekto diba? Thanks. :)

  24. Meron, Rielle! At least, based on my experience. Kasi may pagkadry yung hair ko and medyo frizzy sa ends before this treatment, then after magpa-steam bond, super soft nya and manageable and healthy-looking. Shiny tingnan but not 'oily'-looking. :)

  25. question lang...dba after 3 days bago pwede basain ang was it nung nabasa mo na ??? panu mo pinatuyo elec
    tric fan ba o blow dry ?


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