Long Time No Zalora

It's been a long time since I last shopped at 5 months, to be exact. For those of you who are not familiar with Zalora, it's like an online department store. It carries items from many local and international brands - shoes, clothes, accessories, makeup, skincare items, nail polishes, fragrances, home decor and tools, sports accessories, and more. Zalora also offers free shipping, same day delivery and 30 days return policy. I have ordered from Zalora twice already, and both my orders arrived on time and in perfect condition. Read about my first Zalora purchases in my post *here.* :)

My first Zalora haul

I really, really like the shoes I got in my first order. And they fit perfectly, too. The first pair I got was on a 50%-off sale pa! :) That's what I like about shopping at Zalora - lots of sales and coupon codes. I also noticed that the website's loading more quickly now, making online shopping even easier. When I first shopped at Zalora, most of the items I saw there were fashion-related like clothes, shoes, accessories. I wished for them to carry more makeup. Now, Zalora carries more brands, and I'm happy to say, more makeup!  I even saw Urban Decay and Lioele there! They even have samples for as low as P50. Ugh, I'm so sad I wasn't able to catch those on stock :( I am still hoping that they'll carry even more makeup. Oh, by the way, I also noticed that the free shipping feature (which was available before for all orders, regardless of price/amount), is now only available for orders worth P1000 at the least. Well, all good things come to an end, don't they? Haha.

Anyway, I looked at my old Zalora wishlist and found a few stuff that I still wish to have. I also looked at the 'new' products available and added even more products to my wishlist. Here are the items that caught my attention.
Shoe Box studded wedges
Charlie Carry All Satchel
Celine leather wallet

Lioele Beyond Solution/Triple the Solution BB Cream
(I'm confused. The product page says it's Lioele Beyond Solution,
but the photo says it's the Triple the Solution BB Cream.)
Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm

Eyeshadow blending brushes

There are a lot more in my wishlist. I'm hoping to get my hands on these items soon :D

What's your favorite online shoping spot? :)


  1. Nainis ako nung nalaman kong di na free shipping unless P1000 above yung order mo. Tapos nung huli akong umorder, wala pang COD option kahit Metro Manila naman ako. Hahaha! Pero okay naman yung mga orders ko. Let's just say na mahirap talagang bumili ng sapatos online kasi iba-iba ang sizes across different brands.

  2. i love the brown satchel bag! instant wish list :P

  3. kakaorder ko lng last week sa zalora and super hassle free talaga kasi COD sila ndi kailngan mag load ng gcash sa labas.. hihi ako din my mga wishlist dami kasing magaganda na items nila and ndi ko nakita ung mga sample na bb cream nila sayang..

  4. True! I had a hassle-free transaction din before, pero through paypal naman. Click lang nang click. Hahaha. Sayang nga ubos na yung BB cream and primer samples :(

  5. They have it in other colors din! :D

  6. Di ba? Akala ko forever free shipping. Hahaha. Aww bakit daw walang COD? Fortunately, tamang size ng shoes ang naorder ko, didn't need to return/exchange. Hihi :)

  7. wah i want to try the pore balm >,<
    i tagged u in an award here:

  8. .initial transaction of ordering and having it delivered was so fast, but just to have it exchanged takes SO long. it's disappointing.

    i ordered my dress April 10 (Wednesday), got it April 11 (Thursday).

    i tried the dress on for less than a minute and sent an email right away that it was too big, so i'd like to have it exchanged to a size small. that was Thursday. thinking their service was fast, i waited for pick up 'til Saturday, but no, i had to call and found out that pick up was scheduled April 15 (monday)- that's FOUR DAYS gone already. then today, on the SIXTH day of waiting i get an email it passed quality control, and delivery of new stock would take FIVE to SEVEN MORE DAYS. wow. so exchange of item takes MORE THAN A WEEK/ALMOST 2 WEEKS?? so much for waiting. now i'm scared even the size small won't fit. why? 'cause that'll mean i'll have to go through the same thing again!! i'm SO disappointed. that return/exchange item 'within 5-7 days' is very misleading.

  9. Aww. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with their return-exchange service. By the way, have you received your item already?


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