Nisce Update: Woman of Glamour

A few months ago, I posted about beauty and skin clinic Nisce Skin 'N Face (read my post *here*). Nisce Skin 'N Face offers a wide selection of facial and body services and treatments like facials and derma services, body contouring, skin whitening, massages, manicures and foot scrubs, waxing and threading, lash perming and more. Dami, no? :) Derma and beauty clinic, spa, nail salon, etc. in one! They also carry their own line of skin care and makeup products (for women and men) to help us take care of our skin without spending a lot. They also launched their online store just a few months ago.

To celebrate a decade of success in bringing out the glam in every woman, let's get to know one of the important people behind the brand - skin expert Marie Antoinette Nisce, the vice president, chief aesthetician and head trainer of the Nisce Skin 'N Face.

As an aesthetician

Marie Antoinette is a graduate of aesthetics at Cosmoprof Academy in Singapore. She is a certified Singapore and UK aesthetician and a member of the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (CIBTAC) in London, England. She has also received an International Beauty Therapy diploma from Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI).

Her goal is to bring home the expertise and give treat to Filipinos afraid of expensive beauty cuddle. Marie Antoinette personally looks after and trains personnel to maintain the highest quality service they established.


In line with her career, Marie Antoinette talks on how she was brought up to be an icon in skin care. “I grew up playing everyday in my mom's dermatology clinic in La Union. In the early 80's she was the pioneer of dermatology in Northern Luzon that's why she really had a lot of patients,” Marie Antoinette shares.

“Naturally when I was a kid, I dreamt to be a dermatologist just like my mom. When I was in college I realized I don't want the Pathological side of dermatology but instead I was so interested in the ‘beauty’ side only. This is because one of my characteristics is somehow being Obsessive Compulsive, that I always want seeing beauty, symmetry, order and perfection,” she added. 

She also relates that being an aesthetician is what she is meant to be. She loves to see clients having clearer and more beautiful face every time they visit the clinic.

Aesthetician beauty secret - revealed

According to her, she has hypersensitive skin that is why she uses mild yet effective Nisce beauty products. Her top cleanser choices are Vitamin E Soap or Whitening Soap, depending on her skin needs for the day. For toner and cream, she uses Papaya Cucumber Toner concentrating on her T-zone and put Vitamin E cream with SPF 30 at day time. For night regimen, she uses Papaya Cucumber Toner and NISCE Peel White Cream. She would also recommend Moisturizing Lotion with natural colloidal Oatmeal or Eye Gel with Vitamin K for those who have the same skin type as hers.

Aside from which, her favourite Nisce relieving treatments are Facial Cleaning with sensitive repair paper mask rich in collagen, facial with gold mask to prevent pre-mature fine lines and wrinkles which is recommended every two weeks, Diamond Peel with intensive facial cleaning every 28 days, once a month Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for a smooth and hair free upper lip, lower lip, chin, legs and underarms, Combo Anti Aging & Whitening treatment for the face and neck that uses the Duolift machine from France to whiten the face and neck, prevent pre mature signs of aging and detoxifies the skin by draining out the free radicals, and the Contour using Multi-Polar Radio Frequency every month to maintain the slim contour of her face and body. 

To approaching more glamorous years

People usually think that entering beauty clinic is just luxury. One good thing about Nisce Skin 'n Face is the excellence in their service and the affordability. The team always aims the best for the client by providing friendly price only Nisce offers.

A little piece of advice from the woman from a family with a common goal of bringing out the glam in every client is to visit trusted facial clinic to maintain radiant, smooth and healthy skin monthly. “I recommend getting your monthly facials and ask the best treatments and products that will suit your need," she said. 

Nisce Skin ‘N Face is looking forward to be the best beauty and wellness clinic choice in Asia-Pacific in five years. With their 18 branches nationwide, Nisce is likely to be at it. They sustain the demand of quality service for already a decade now and counting more years to come.

For updates and more information on Nisce's services and products, follow @Nisceskin on Twitter and like on Facebook :)


  1. Matagal na ba to? parang nakita ko to na nitry ng ate ko before nung bata pa ko, but I'm not sure kung ito nga

  2. Great blog Aya! very informative ;) I've been a customer of NISCE and I can say they have the nicest staff and very helpful! They really take good care of their customer! Like for me since malapit na yung wedding ko nun..btw it's NISCE in SM Megamall.. :)

  3. Medyo. 10th year na nila nung 2012 :)

  4. Thanks Jhelai! Great to hear that you enjoy their services :)

  5. san yan? i've just been to a derma center before to have my zits injected kasi ayoko magpaprick pag di sa derma ko, e an layo ng derma ko! effort magpunta, im considering switching facial centers na tuloy.

  6. Aww. Try Nisce. I haven't tried their facial services pa, though. They have branches sa following locations: SM Megamall; SM Pampanga; SM Dasmarinas; SM Molino; SM Rosales; SM Baguio; Marquee Mall; Robinsons Otis; Ali Mall; CSI Mall La Union; Nepo Mall Dagupan; TN Building, Urdaneta City; SM Southmall, Solenad II, North Harbor Point, Subic


  7. I've been using Nisce products since 2009 and I'm satisfied with the affordability and effectiveness. Equally or even more effective but less expensive than the branded ones.


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