Tutorial: How to Apply Full Nail Stickers

Hello! A few months ago, I showed you the nail stickers I bought from the local nail polish brand Bobbie in my post *here.* I really appreciate how Bobbie Nail Care tries to keep up with the nail trends like the crack and the magnetic nail polishes while keeping the products affordable. When I saw that they now had nail stickers, I just had to try them out. I had used small nail stickers before but not full ones (those that cover up the entire nail) like these. 

And I'm gonna show you how to use them in this post :)

Here's how the stickers look on my nails.

So read on to know how I did these nails! :)

I used the Stick-On Nail Polish from Bobbie. (Price: P84.75)

These are the sticker-type of decals. No need to soak them in water, no need to rub the design on the nails for transfer. For my tutorial on applying water nail decals, click *here.*

I got the Heart to Heart design. There were only two designs available when I bought it but I found out later that there were more.

Instructions at the back of the pack
The pack contains...

...the stickers, an orange stick and a small nail file. 

There are 16 stickers (two sets of eights) of different sizes.

Now to apply it, just follow these simple steps.

1. Fit the stickers on your nail and once you've chosen which one's the best fit, simply cut cut cut.

2. Peel the plastic backing film off the sticker. Note that there are two plastic films protecting the sticker. Remove the one below the design.

3. Position the sticker on your nail.

4. Once you've positioned it, carefully stick it on your nail while removing the other plastic film (the one above the design). Press the sticker on your nail firmly and smoothen it out as much as you can.

5. Get the excess sticker off your nail by filing it off your nail using the nail file. If you have long-ish nails, you can wrap a bit of the excess sticker on the tip of the nail as you file to make the design last longer on your nails.

6. Lastly, apply a layer of top coat to protect the design.

It was my first time applying full nail stickers, and honestly, I had a difficult time smoothening out the stickers on my nails. Once they stick, they're hard to un-stick without creating creases. Anyway, I'm gonna try this again another time. After all, practice makes perfect, right? ;]

To cover up the creases I made, I applied gold glitter top coat instead of a regular clear top coat.

I thought that glitters could somehow distract me (and anyone else who looks at my nails, for that matter) from the creases. Haha. And it was effective, in fairness! Very Queen-of-Hearts-ish ang design, right? :)

Since my nails were short that time and I wasn't able to wrap the tips, the design stayed on my nails for only a few days. Actually, I could already notice the tips 'chipping' a bit after a few chores and hand-washing. Next time, I'll try wrapping my nails' tips, see if it'll make any difference.

And that's it for this quick tutorial. Hope I was able to help those who would like to try nail stickers :)

Have you tried full nail stickers? What's the brand/where did you get the best ones you've tried? Do let me know in the comments, ok? :)

Have a nice weekend!


  1. ahihiihi ang ganda, i would never have thought na may crease un taas kasi perfect un glitter appication. im still a konad girl, pero maganda nga to for full nail design. i like my nails short kasi so im afraid na baka madali mag chippppp pag short nails lang..anyway at first i thought na leopard design siya, so cutteeee

  2. Tamang tama I receive 2 nail stickers last christmas.. my only prob is super liit nng nails ko mas mdami pa yung itrim ko kesa magagamit ko haha :)

  3. Me wantsss! yan, pde na ko magnail polish using the stickers :)))

  4. kailangan ko yata to coz madaling magchip-off ang polish ko :p haha!! :) nice post btw!!!

    The Bargain Doll

  5. galing! will buy nail stickers nga! i used the one na babasain pa of some sort. well it took me so much time para magawa but in the end, hindi ko rin naayos. lol this looks a bit easier to do :)

  6. Ah water decals naman yung natry mo. Wanna try those too (yung full) :D Try these! Stickers lang talaga no need for water :D

  7. Thanks! Try it! :) Just make sure to put on a really good top coat para tumagal sa nails :D

  8. Try mo rin :) Stick stick lang. Hehehe

  9. Aww haha pero at least tipid ang paggamit mo. Pwede 2 nails sa isang sticker haha. Kaso hirap gupitin ng perfect match sa nails pag ganun no? :)

  10. Na-ha-hassle-an ako sa stamping eh but maybe I should give it another try. Cute ng design no? Haha Queen of Hearts talaga naalala ko. They have florals din :)

  11. uu yun din iniisip ko eh baka yung pag trim naman mahrap sakin.. dami kong prob ano ba yan.. maliit paa tapos maliit kuko hahaha :)

  12. Yey!! This is really just what I needed! I tried to buy nail stickers before but they ended up looking sloppy. Now all I need is to buy a new nail file :) Thanks sis!

  13. How cool! Nakita ko na rin ito eh. I'll get one next time. Great post Aya.


  14. Cuteee! Eto na talaga halos ginagamit ng iba for their nails eh. XD
    Will definitely try these cool stickers next time! :D I hope Watson or HBC have it. :)

  15. Ang cool nmn! I used to use the nail decals, the one u put on water like tattoos pero oftentimes napupunit. feeling ko it's just the low quality kasi unbranded, the one's from divi...I noticed na this is much more thicker and stronger compered to those. They are even shinier even without putting the top coat yet. Would really love to try them!

  16. Try these! So affordable lang. I haven't used full water decals before pero I can imagine na mabilis nga mapunit kasi binabasa eh. I've used ung small water decals pa lang :)

  17. Yey! Let me know kung ok sayo :D

  18. No prob! Hope you like them too :D


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