Tony Moly Alabang Town Center Branch Opening

Good news (esp. to those who frequent ATC)! Korean makeup and skin care brand Tony Moly has recently opened another branch at Alabang Town Center :)

ATC is far from my place. But I'm glad that there are Tony Moly branches at malls that I frequent like SM Fairview and SM North.

I was able to visit the new ATC branch a few weeks ago with my commute buddies that day, Eyah and Kat, and check out their new products (which I'll post about next).

One of their most popular products
Egg Pore Series - The Silky Smooth Balm reminds me of Humpty
from Puss in Boots dressed as a golden egg. Hihi ;P
BB creams and sun-protection products
We had to try out the vibrating puff, of course :)
An award-winning BB cream!
Skin care items, including some of the products from
their newest Aqua Aura collection
The famous TM gel eyeliners
The Paint Eye Pot, I've been told, is like Stila's Smudge Pot.
Backstage Paint Eye Pot swatches
Prestige Crystal Lipsticks and swatches
How cute is this lip scrub/balm? :)
And these lip balms?! <3 the peach one :)
And these lip glosses tooooo! So adorbs.
Peach-head, as I like to call it, beside its head. LOL.
Eyah and I found these two really cute. Had to take pics, of course!
Make-up tools - brushes, sponges, puffs
Nail tools
Ah, my FAVORITE section! Nail polishes! So colorful <3
Grape-scented nail polish remover

Read my post *here* to see the nail stuff that I bought that day! :)

Kath, getting a makeover

I always enjoy going inside Tony Moly stores because I find some of their products cute. Some even look cute enough to eat! Whenever I'm inside Tony Moly (or any Korean makeup and skin care store, for that matter), I always spend most of my time in the nail polish section. Korean brands have really nice and affordable nail polishes :)

While waiting, we munched on these delicious Tous Les Jours treats.

Everything. So. Yummy. Especially the blueberry macarons that,
I believe, were  exclusively made for the event. I hope
TLJ sell these in their stores soon :)
With Ms. Angel, Marketing Officer of Tony Moly PH
Thanks for the invitation, Ms. Angel! :)
With fellow bloggers!
T (L-R): Meoki, Dawn, Ina and Kath
B (L-R): Ms. Angel, me, EyahCelline
More photos on my Facebook album *here.* :)

Follow Tony Moly on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on their latest product releases, promos, contests and branch openings. Stay tuned for my post about TMs new products :)


  1. Awesome Aya!

    So far, been loving their brown sugar mask! ^_^




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  2. Thanks for all the gorgeous pictures. I wish there was a Tony Moly store here. eBay for me. Haha.

  3. Where are you located? :)

    Ah, yes, eBay has everything. Hahaha

  4. Thanks, Iya. Haven't tried that one yet (or any facial mask for that matter) :)

  5. I've heard of Tony Moly but I haven't tried any of their products.

  6. It's a shame I wasn't able to attend this event. Envy, envy!

  7. Wow! I haven't heard of the brand before but their products really look promising! :)


  8. I've heard their BB creams are good :) I wanna try the one with the vibrating puff :)

  9. Aww sayang! Next time! They're opening a branch at Market! Market! soon, I think :)

  10. Visit their store. Everything's so cute enough to eat there. Hahaha

  11. havent bought tony moly products before but they seem cool! love the swatch of the last lippie :)


    The Bargain Doll :)

  12. Tony Moly is one of my favorite Korean makeup brands! Too bad I missed this event so far kasi! hahah But I really, really wanted to attend!!! This brand will always hold a special place in my heart. :)

  13. Oooh sayang! Decided to go na rin since may kasama naman ako. Haha. Tony Moly's very easy to like! So many good products there :D

  14. I like that too! That and #6 :D


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