Our Past, Present and Future with Snoe Beauty

It's been a year since I was first given the chance to try Snoe Beauty Inc.'s products. And yes, I use Snoe products 'til now. That just goes to show that I was right when I said in *this* post that Snoe was yet another brand to love. You can check out all my previous posts about Snoe by clicking *here.*

Snoe is a local brand that creates and distributes products ranging from skin care to fragrance to makeup and even makeup accessories. Yes, Snoe is proudly Pinoy! It is one of the brand's aims to come up with products that will help address our different skin problems and cater to our different skin types and concerns.  Snoe tries to create their products using high-quality ingredients and keep them reasonably-priced at the same time. That way, we get value for our money. Snoe also tries to come up with new products every month! With that and the cute packaging and catchy labels of their products, you definitely won't get bored.

One of my favorite Snoe products is the *Hair Heroes Extreme* which I've already posted about *here.* I am sure that I am not the only one who likes this product, or any other Hair Heroes variant, for that matter.

Anyway, Snoe recently held an event where they introduced Snoe's newest and future products.

Before that, though, we took a walk down memory lane and looked at Snoe's past products.

Whitening masks, Emu Cleanse, S Skin BB Cream, Handy Candy Lip Color,
beauty bars, body scrubs, body softeners, body spritz
Well-raved Poudre Extraordinaire, Beso Balm, Glam Jam lip and cheek stains
The sunblocks, of course. SunTervention (SPF80), Here Comes the Sunblock (SPF45)
Foaming sanitizers and hand washes!
Hair Heroes! Aptly named!

Founder and CEO of Snoe, Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz mentioned that they will be phasing out some of their products soon. No word on what products exactly, but don't worry! We were assured that this change would be for the better. :)

Then we were introduced to Snoe's present products. Here are some of them.

Awesome Poresome
Daily Pore Minimizing Kit and Microdermabrasion Retexturizing Polish

"A daily strategic attack on misbehaving pores."
Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Cleansing Oil Shampoo
"Ultra mild and rich in oils that moisturize and restore the strength of hair without
weighing it down. Restores the integrity of hair fibers, repairs damaged
hair, smoothens ruffled cuticles and unwinds
tangles to prevent breakage."
Hyper Function Fond De Teint + Serum
"Lightweight foundation that gives skin perfect coverage, skin healing
 ingredients, antioxidants and broad-spectrum sun protection."
BBfied HD BB Pigment Mix
"Transforms your favorite daily facial cream or lotion into a
BB cream, tinted moisturizer, foundation or concealer."
Parallel Pigments CC Cream
"Has skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients.
Aims to provide more effective color correction."
Deep Cleansing Acne Wash - "Maximum-strength cleanser that is safe and gentle to use everyday. Removes dirt, oil, and impurities." Back Acne Spray - "Fights body blemishes and purifies skin from head-to-toe for an acne-fighting advantage wherever you need it." Daily Maintenance Acne Fading Gel - "Acne-fighting treatment that controls breakouts, unclogs pores and restores clarity. Helps eliminate surface bacteria and gently exfoliates."
Mattifying Acne Toner - "Refreshing, mattifying dual phase toner that instantly refines and purifies
as it eliminates shine and controls oil for hours."
Past, Present & the Future Eye Wrinkle Serum
"Anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness eye serum."
Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care
"Oil-infused rich and creamy lip color in the season’s hottest hues. Hydrates,
nourishes and revitalizes the lips while delivering long-lasting color."
Poudre Phenomenon Pore Erasing HD Powder
"Translucent powder that sets foundation and mattifies skin. Softens
the appearance of skin imperfections and fits all skin tones."

The packaging and the label are still fun and catchy as ever! I've just started using some of these products, and I'm actually liking a few already.

More products!

Ahh, yes! More makeup!!! <3
*Click to enlarge*

We then got a look at the products that Snoe is now working on. Here are their future products.

Looks like Snoe's got more makeup in store for us in the coming months! Eyeliners, lip stains (which I'm so excited about!), brow stuff, more foundation/BB cream/base, more falsies! Yes :D

Ms. Jen, Snoe founder and CEO, introducing their new and future products

Ms. Jen also introduced us to another project/brand they're working on, Peace Love Happiness & Cosmetics.

Ms. Nina introducing Peace, Love and Happiness
Basically, this is a company that can help one start his/her skin care/makeup business. If you want to start selling your own products, you can look to PLH & Cosmetics for help. Just let them know what products, ingredients and effects you want, and they'll help you customize your own products! They can do small-scale production too.

The people behind Snoe and PLH want to change people's view on local products for the better, hence the PLH project. They'll try to help others jump-start their own businesses and make sure that they come up with high-quality products. Visit *PLH's Facebook page* to learn more about this :)

So you see, Snoe Beauty is really growing. And you can really see how serious they are about their vision that "Snoe will be a Filipino market leader in cosmetics. Our vision is to be the biggest Global Filipino brand."

Thank you so much, Snoe, for the invitation to this very fun event!

With the Snoe team - Snoe founders Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz and Ms. Gen Enriquez-Gerodiaz,
Ms. Lenny and Ms. Nikki
My commute buddies that day, Genn, Janine, Eyah, Iya, Jhelai and Jen :)
Saw lots of familiar and new faces there! View all our photos in my public album *here.* So many photos, I can't post them all :)

Got to take home new products to try! 

I'll post reviews once I've used them enough :)

Follow Snoe on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated with their new releases, promos and sales!

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  1. wow full size of CC creams and POUDRE? love it. They're so generous to you ladies :D

    Nice meeting you here Aya.

    I love the pore erasing HD Powder. super effective for oil control. :)

  2. Sana gawin na nila yung future :D

  3. Nice to finally see you there! Loving that one so far too :D

  4. kapag naubos na isipin kong bumili ng malaki. Effective e. :)

  5. I've loved Snoe from the start and I'm so glad to see it growing. :) Like you, I also like Poudre Phenomenon. Medyo messy lang in the packaging but I still like it. I also love their lipsticks coz they're soo pigmented! :)

  6. Love ko yung foundie nila so far! :3

  7. What shade gamit mo? Ako rin, so far liking it :D

  8. I'm liking the lipstick as well! I chose a natural pink shade. Will go a bit darker/bolder next time :D

  9. I have a lot of Snoe products on my FB timeline, I just don't know where to buy it. I thought it was an imported brand. Glad to know it is made in the Philippines.


  10. snoe has great products :) naghahaup pa talaga yung friend ko para magstock sa bahay ng snoe :) yay mas madami na ang products nila \(^_^)/ more to come!!!

  11. Yes! And there are so much more that's coming soon :D

  12. excited for your reviews sis. :)

  13. It seems that they have good packaging..Wanna try this Snoe products also.

  14. would like to know the price range of snoe :) first of all i like their packaging (parang retro vintage) and i think the products are good :)

  15. They do! And catchy labels. That's one of the things Snoe is known for :D

  16. Yey! Don't know which ones to use first. Hahaha

  17. Makeups overlooooad!!!! ♥ I've always wanted to try out the products of Snoe! Cute packaging, too!


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