No Pain, All Gain with Diana Stalder's Painless Facial

About a year ago, I posted about my skin care routine *here.* I pretty much still follow that simple routine but with different products now. In that post, I also told you my skin's 'history.' I had a lot of pimples back then (like way, waaaay back), and I was really insecure about my skin because of that. Thankfully, though, my face cleared up after a while. The products I used really helped. But one thing I had never tried was getting a facial. I didn't even know what facials were for (haha). Afraid of the pricking and the tomato-face that one usually gets after facials. I didn't know that facials could be 'painless' until I heard about Diana Stalder's Painless Facial service.

Diana Stalder is a face, body and skin care clinic that aims to provide quality skin care services and products to Filipinos. Yes, Diana Stalder is a 100% Pinoy-owned company. I actually thought it was a foreign brand when I first heard about it. FYI, Diana Stalder is named after the daughter of the company's founders :)

Aside from a wide range of body and face services (like basic facials, whitening, anti-aging, anti-acne treatments, body massage, hair removal), Diana Stalder also carries its own line of skin care products - all of which are manufactured by Stalder Laboratories Inc., one of the biggest skin care manufacturers in the Philippines. Visit their site *here* for the complete list of products and services.

Here are some of Diana Stalder's skin care products.

Lotions, toners, creams, sun-protection products
Jars - old packaging
Tubes - new packaging
Night gel, light cream
Many variants of soaps
Top: Old packaging
Bottom: New packaging
I'm glad they changed the packaging!

Diana Stalder recently launched their Painless Facial service, a general facial procedure that involves galvanic desincrustation. Galvanic desincrustation? I'll spare you the technicalities. It's basically a procedure that makes use of a direct electric current to relax the pores and soften the sebum and dry skin cells. The idea is that after desincrustation, the sebum and other blockages have softened already, making them easier to remove, hence a 'painless' extraction. You can learn more about desincrustation by watching *this* very informative video.

Fellow bloggers getting prepped for their facial
Products used for the facial
Make-up removal and cleansing,
followed by exfoliation and steaming
Galvanic treatment
The passive electrode that the client needs to hold during the process

The whole facial procedure takes 45 mins to an hour. Every step is timed, even the massage strokes are counted. Pricking is optional after desincrustation. I've heard that the treatment is best when followed by Casmara mask application.

My experience... (Note that I hadn't had a facial before this so 'til now I have no idea how painful a regular facial can get.) First, my face was cleansed and exfoliated. The whole procedure, even the desincrustation, was really painless. Didn't feel any discomfort at all. I was warned that there would be a tingling sensation during the process but the only time I felt something tingling and sparking was at the beginning when the therapist was (I believe) switching the current on. While the electrode was being moved around my face, I didn't even feel anything tingly. Dunno why :/ When the electrode was being moved near my hairline, I felt something like my hair was gently being pulled. Haha. I chose to go ahead with the pricking after the galvanic procedure. Now, that part was a bit painful. Actually, the painful part was when the sides of my nose and my right cheek (where I had an annoyingly huge pimple) were being pricked. The other parts like the top of my nose and my left cheek, not as much. So over-all, the extraction was not totally painless and, as I've been told, way less painful than that in regular facials. The pain was tolerable. I've never experienced regular facial (one without the galvanic treatment prior to extraction), and I think I don't ever want to. Haha.

But then again, the pricking part's optional. If you don't want to go ahead with it, your facial will be totally painless, thanks to the galvanic treatment :)

After the facial
After the facial, there were red spots on my cheek (thanks to the huge red pimple I had) and some on my chin and nose. Super paranoid me kept on asking Eyah if the red spots would really go away soon. I needed the assurance. Haha. The redness did disappear after about eight hours. Yes, I timed it. Kept looking at the mirror to check :}

It's been almost a week since I had my 'painless' facial, and I noticed that my pores appear smaller now so I guess that means the extraction was effective. Note that my skin is oily, and...

HAHA. Sorry, I just had to! Mean Girls is one of my fave movies ever :P

Want to experience a painless facial? Visit any Diana Stalder clinic. Price: P999. *Store locations here*

Diana Stalder team introducing the Painless Facial -
Ms. Mauie, Mr. Francis and Dra. Deanne
Thank you, Diana Stalder team! 
I learned a lot more about skin care that day! Thank you, Diana Stalder team!

With fellow bloggers
L-R: Ayzee, Sam, me, Eyah, Mitchie, Ana, Joyce and Genzel
More photos in my public album *here.*

The sparty was held at the DS-Svelte branch at Eastwood City.

Very spacious, relaxing and clean inside! Perfect for sparties! The rooms themselves are also very clean and well-maintained, you won't feel uncomfortable getting your facial (or any other treatment, for that matter) inside.

With Diana Stalder herself (L) and Ms. Dina Stalder (R),
founder of Diana Stalder

Diana Stalder's on Facebook and Twitter too, by the way :)

SPF lotion, toner, collagen cream, papaya kojic soap

Expect a post on these products soon :)

Disclaimer: Service was provided by the company for free but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the service.


  1. I had voucher for DS facial but I was not able to claim it. I'm glad you had good result for your facial.

  2. hihih... Atlast nakasurvive tayo sa alikabok pauwi after ng facial :) Favorite ko din si mean girl,, 'My nails bed sucks! I have man shoulders,,, oooommm.. I really had bad breath in the morning.." ahhahaha :)

  3. funny mean girls pic! hehe :) i haven't had a facial i'm curious!

  4. Hahahaha! I love that part! Pinanood ko nga ulit kanina eh para mascreen-shot ko 'to :D

    And yeah onga akala ko papasukin na ng lahat ng alikabok yung pores ko during the commute. Lalo na yung motor na nagbuga ng usok sa mukha natin. Haha

  5. Haha every time I hear 'my pores are huge,' I always imagine Regina George saying it. :D

    That's exactly how I felt before, especially when I heard about the painless facial :)

  6. I heard a lot of good reviews for DS in female network, and it has a good result for you, nice

  7. Nakakaintriga naman ito Aya, painless facial.. hihi. Ako kasi sanay na sa masakit na facial :))

  8. I've been to Svelte before and they really have excellent service. I didn't know they were under Diana Stalder. :)

  9. I have not had a facial since... I can't remember anymore! hahaha I don't like the pricking part.


  10. I actually learned something from this sis <3 I never tried going t0 Diana Stalder pa but maybe I'll try their services when I get to MNL. <3

  11. no facials for me yet.. hmmm.. how much sis magpafacial.. i have no idea. and im scared as h**l :)

  12. Super informative feature here, sis! I haven't had a facial in years, but after reading this I'm reconsidering a bit. :)

  13. I have never had a facial too! I don't know why. I guess I'm lazy to go to the derma and stuff and I'm kinda scared about messing with nature! :)) I have a GC for a facial but I'm putting it off. Maybe I'll have courage next year and hopefully, it will be as painless as your experience! I'm kinda worried about my pores na rin kasi so maybe I'll be forced to finally book an appointment :P

  14. Oh, forgot the mention. P999 for the painless facial :)

    Ako rin dati! Before the pricking, medyo kinakabahan ako. Pero tolerable naman :)

  15. Yeah, very good for my first ever facial :)

  16. You might enjoy this one, Chrissy. Pag na-try mo, let me know kung less painful nga talaga :D

  17. I think they're partner clinics or something :)

  18. Haha! Yeah, that's the part I was afraid of! :/

  19. I learned a lot myself! I hope you get to try their services or even their products soon :)

  20. Yey thanks sis! Try Diana Stalder if ever. Good service :)

  21. That's exactly how I felt before! Hahaha. Try Diana Stalder if ever. Good service, in my experience :)

  22. You had me at painless! I'm going to head out to one of their outlets as soon as I can. I've never had a facial because of the horrific stories my friends have been telling me. Now, I have an alternative- and something to brag to my friends about!

  23. omg!! this a great way so i wont be scared to my next facial again haha! indeed my pores is big also as the mean girls says! Looking for another clinic here in KL hope they have one as well! xx

  24. Ohhh I hope you get your painless facial soon :)

  25. LOL yeah, it's worth a try! :D

  26. I've never tried their facial. Maybe one of these days.

  27. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, i don't if i will be able to find Diana Stalder's products in my area, is it possible to order them online?

  28. Never tried before. Sounds interesting!


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