Virginia Olsen Minerals Fantasy Collection

Been hearing a lot about mineral makeup brand Virginia Olsen Minerals lately. Last week I was finally able to check out some of their products. Yey!

Brand description (from VOM): Virginia Olsen is 100% natural, paraben free, bismuth & talc free, and pure mineral make-up suitable for women of any age, ethnicity or skin type. Our formulations are calming to the skin, making them ideal for women prone to sensitivities; and being fragrance-free, they are particularly compatible with delicate skin, giving a sheer, natural, flawless coverage. Further, our makeup unlocks the therapeutic properties of zinc oxide and the natural sunscreen provided by titanium dioxide.
Virginia Olsen Minerals' products include face primers, foundations, concealers and color correctors, finishing veils, blushes, eyeshadows, eyeliners, an eyelash enhancer and makeup brushes. Visit their website *here* to view the complete product list.

I'm sure you all have heard of mineral makeup already. It's not really a new thing. There are a lot of brands that carry mineral makeup products nowadays but not all of their products are really what they claim to be, as I've learned from VOM Marketing Manager, Ms. Jirbie Go.

Ms. Jirbie, Virginia Olsen Minerals Marketing Manager,
introducing us to the brand and the products
However, with Virginia Olsen mineral makeup, what you see in the ingredients list are really the only ones the products contain. VOM mineral makeup products are claimed to be 100% natural and recommended even for people with sensitive skin.

Now let's take a look at their products! :)

For the coming holidays, Virginia Olsen released the Fantasy Collection.

The Fantasy Collection is a set of seven iridescent and shimmery mineral eyeshadows.

T; L-R: Moonlight Star, Lover's Moon, Crescent Moon
B; L-R: Stardust, Tinkerbelle, Fairydust, Kryptonite
(Photos from Eyah)
L-R: Crescent Moon, Fairydust, Tinkerbelle
Oh, no, no, no. Don't be fooled by how they look in the jar! You won't be able to appreciate the iridescence of these gorgeous shades without swatching them :)

T; L-R: Crescent Moon, Moonlight Star, Lover's Moon, Stardust
B; L-R: Tinkerbelle, Fairydust, Kryptonite
My swatches don't even give justice to the gorgeous-ness of these shades.

L-R: Kryptonite, Fairydust, Stardust, Tinkerbelle,
Crescent Moon,  Moonlight Star, Lover's Moon
(Photo from Eyah)
See? The actual colors of the eyeshadows only show up when swatched. Just look at Tinkerbelle!

It's yellow-beige in the jar but it's really a pink-purple duochrome shade when swatched. How, right??? Wow-worthy.

The eyeshadows are indeed smooth, and I like how they aren't too shimmery. My top picks from this collection are Tinkerbelle (of course!), Fairydust and Crescent Moon. The Fantasy collection is a limited-edition collection, by the way. So better check them out at VOM's website now.

Virginia Olsen also has a lot more eyeshadows, ranging from matte to shimmery..

There are a total of 49 mineral eyeshadows (including Fantasy shades). I only got to see some, and these were the ones that caught my eye.

L-R: Plum-lovin', 24 Karat Gold, Jirbie
Jirbie up close

Ah, lovely! There are lots of super nice shades but only got to take photos of a few. Virginia Olsen eyeshadows can also be used as eyeliners and highlighters and can be used foiled for a more vibrant effect.

Here are some of VOM's other products.

Foundations, primers

Virginia Olsen Minerals also has a Green Tea Mineral Collection. This line features products formulated with green tea, rice and bamboo silks and cranberry powder for skin nourishing, toning and healing.

Some products from the Green Tea line
Products from this line include primers, a mattifying base, finishing veils, rejuvenation and pore-minimizing powders.

To help achieve perfect mineral makeup application and give a natural and flawless finish, Virginia Olsen also has makeup brushes.

T; L-R: Angled eyeliner/brow brush, concealer brush, contour/blush brush,
blending eye brush, eyeshadow brush, total face brush
B: Kabuki brush
There are a total of seven brushes, all synthetic, super soft and not scratchy at all.

And last but not the least, the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer.

(Photo from Eyah)
This product claims to give naturally longer and fuller lashes. According to VOM, you can expect full results in about four months. I've heard of a couple of eyelash enhancers from other brands, and they're all pretty expensive. This one is not an exception but it's less expensive than those from more popular brands. I've seen some reviews and photos from Sophia users, and they're all quite impressive. I have short and thin lashes, and I'd be very happy to try this product out if I had the chance. *By the way, Virginia Olsen Minerals is one of Saladbox's partner brands, and they're including something awesome in their upcoming December boxes.*

Have you tried any of these products before? I'm listing all my top VOM picks now and getting ready for some online hauling. Tinkerbelle and the blending brush are in my list, of course!

The launch was held at Virginia Olsen's office at Greenhills.

Char and I swatching and looking serious
(Photo from VOM's FB page)
Iya, the lucky winner of a Sophia bottle, with VOM Marketing
Manager, Ms. Jirbie (L), and Marketing Assistant, Hazel (R)
Got these products!

Moonlight Star mineral eyeshadow
Hide-a-Pore Light
Shady Lady mineral foundation
Terra Cotta mineral blush
Eyeshadow brush

I'm so excited to use these, especially Hide-a-Pore! Alam niyo naman ang kintab ko :P - Follow me on Instagram!
Bloggers (Char of, Iya of, Ayzee of, Eyah of, Genn of and me)
with Ms. Jirbie ( and
Hazel (

Thank you so much for the invitation, Ms. Jirbie, Hazel and the whole VOM team! 

Visit for more details about the products mentioned. VOM's also on Facebook and Twitter! Follow them for updates :)


  1. lovely shades! feel like being a fairy! :)

  2. Super! Hahaha sabi nga ni Genn, kulang na lang daw fairy wings!:D

  3. Too bad we were not in the same group but I was glad to meet you last Saturday. Maganda talaga si Tinkerbelle :)

  4. Did virtual shopping sa site nila. Want Tinkerbelle! :)
    And brushes! Hope hide a pore works for you. Review ha? :)

  5. nice shades... it's just that loose shadows aren't for me. I keep messin it

  6. Packaging pa lang ang ganda. I'm now browsing more of their products sa site nila.

    ~ Sweetstrings

  7. I checked the prices of the brushes. They aren't that expensive! I wish they have a stippling brush. I'm also curious about the Hide-a-Pore Light that you got. Are you going to make a review for it?

  8. Food Taste and RecipeNovember 21, 2012 at 4:45 PM

    I love make up and I want to put some when I am in the office. I think I should consider Virginia Olsen the next time I plan to buy eye shadow.

  9. love to try that! haven't been wearing mineral make up too much but ill give this a try :)

    The Bargain Doll

  10. I love the colors but I think they're too shimmery for my taste! :) The brushes look so soft, tho!

    Always a good review, Aya!

  11. I like satin ones. I don't use very shimmery e/s often but these are so pretty :) And yes, the brushes are really soft! Thanks, Ishna :)

  12. Let me know when you have! I'd love to hear your thoughts on them :D

  13. Yey! They have lots of gorgeous shades, ranging from matte to shimmery. :D

  14. Right? I think I'm gonna get the blending brush next! I will post a review of the Hide-a-Pore once I've tried it :D

  15. True! I like the square shape of the jars. Very unique for mineral makeup :)

  16. I do too. Hahaha so messy. But the shades are lovely :D

  17. I'm hoping it would too! Will test it pa. Daming products lined up for testing :) Ganda ng Tinkerbelle, super! :D

  18. Yeah at least we met last Saturday! See again soon, I hope :)

  19. Super duper wide range ang shades nila.. and the shimmering effect are cute.

  20. The green tea line is interesting :)

  21. My office mate Mai will go gaga with these... si mineral makeup girl yun e.. Thanks for sharing aya.. IMY

  22. Hahaha tell her about VO! :D MYT!

  23. Super nice ng iridescence ng holiday e/s! I'm not much of a fan of super shimmery e/s but I like how these ones aren't so shimmery. Keri naman :)

  24. I love eye shadows but then, I only use light brown which is good for daily use. hehehe. I am really amaze with the limited edition eye shadows. especially the tinker bell,it's like magic. hahha parang magic lipstick lang eh? I want to try soon but for now, I'll just make inggit inggit with you guys. ;)

  25. True! Nagttransform si Tinkerbelle! Hahaha :D

  26. Haven't tried VOM products, but they sure look pretty! :)


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