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I'm sure we all have experienced buying something then ending up not liking it. So frustrating, right? Even more frustrating when the product is not-so-affordable! That has happened to me loads of times already. Yes, reading reviews online helps A LOT in deciding whether or not I should buy something, but people have different skin types - what worked well on others wouldn't necessarily work well on me too. Most of the time, you can't really tell how good a product is until you've tried it yourself. This is where product samples come in. I like receiving samples because I get to try new stuff without the risk of wasting money. This way, I wouldn't feel so bad if the product didn't work well for me. If it did, I'd consider getting it in full size. 

Now, here's the good news - Sample Room is here! :D

Sample Room is the first beauty and lifestyle sampling website in the Philippines that banks on the power of free sampling. The Sample Room team believes that we should get the best value for our money. With that, Sample Room aims to help us find the best beauty products for us by providing us free samples to try and by sharing reviews of the products as well. Here we can read and learn about new products, try them out and share our experiences with them :)

I thought at first that Sample Room was just yet another beauty box subscription service, but I was wrong. Here's how it works.

See? No subscription fee. You just have to pay the shipping fee. You can earn points by sharing your thoughts on the samples you receive, and you can use these points to get more samples. Very unique concept, right? Also, unlike in beauty boxes where you won't know what the contents are until you get your box, in Sample Room, you are free to choose which samples you want to try among the ones available.

Sample Room is launching very soon - this month, actually - and I'm really excited about it! If you're as excited about this as I am, leave your email address at to get notified of the launching date and other updates. I've already signed up, of course :)

Sample Room's also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow them for updates :)

"Sample Room - motivated to make our every purchase worth it."


  1. Great Idea! :0 Thanks for sharing!


  2. wow this sounds awesome! not having to worry about not liking your purchases. :) thanks for sharing!

  3. i am definitely definitely signing up! So excited for their launching. I wonder what kind of products they have to be reviewed. :)

  4. True! That's why I signed up :D

  5. Me too! I'm excited to see the list of their partner brands :)

  6. wow! I want!! thank you for sharing :)

  7. will definitely try this. thanks for sharing! :)


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